Hiked on 4/15. This was such a pleasant hike. I was looking for something easy but with a lot of distance so I decided to check out Mt. Margaret. The entire trail system is relatively flat, very little elevation gain which was great for a rest day or if you're looking to take the family/visitors out without being extreme I would recommend this trail. No snow on the trail either. There are not any outstanding views until you get to the end of Mt Margaret and it opens up a little with some great views. The detour to Dowdy Lake is worth the extra mile or so. However if you are taking the trail labeled as "Dowdy Lane" on here it goes through private property and it is clearly marked. I turned around once I reached the private property and found another way to the lake, I didn't want any conflicts with land owners. There were a LOT of hunters in the area, might be a good idea to wear brighter colors. Nice trail though, I will hike it again in late spring to check out the difference.