3 months ago

Been hiking to this lake for over 40 years and up until the past few years absolutely loved it. Prior to the past few years we would seldom see anyone else at the lake but now it's not uncommon to see over 25 people on a weekend - I attribute it to the massive population explosion Colorado's been experiencing and everyone posting their adventure on social media which is then exposing the lake to more people.

The fishing use to be incredible but these days you're only going to catch small to medium size fish if you're lucky. Noticed quite a few fish this past summer that had damaged jaws, if you plan on releasing everything you catch use barbless hooks otherwise don't put it back in the lake and eat it.

We've noticed that a lot of people are not cleaning up their casing when they are done shooting. No one enjoys shooting up there more than me and my family, we average at least 500 rounds every trip, but we always clean up our casings. This past summer my grandkids picked up an entire plastic bag full of expended 9mm and .45cal casing last summer.

One more thing, bury your human waste in the ground and not just cover it with rocks in the boulder field. All the terrain in the areas flows downhill to the lake and if you leave your waste on the surface it has the potential to pollute the lake.

Don't want to sound like a crusty old man but if you visit this special place treat it with respect so others will have the opportunity to enjoy it in the future. Enjoy!