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Beautiful trail! Very rocky in many spots so made running difficult for a lot of this trail. Good hills and great views though!

Loved the view on top and the wildflowers on the way up. Not too crowded. Good workout for sure.

Beautiful view of the city and great for trail running if you hike counter-clockwise!

2 days ago

My friend and I did this hike today and we thought it would be useful to give a few tips.
1) make sure to bring an adequate amount of water
2) mentally prepare for a long, a very long, hike
3) an early start is ideal
4) when it gets hard, keep going!
After we completed the hike, it was a huge accomplishment. It’s well worth doing it (the view is awesome towards the top). However, we didn’t make it to the very top because we literally were attacked by flies; I think some died in my hair, if I’m being honest.

It was steeper with more boulders than I anticipated. Good day. Good hike. A lot of people on the trail.

4 days ago

5 days ago

Beautiful hike. Definitely not for beginners. The Mesa loop was very muddy.

5 days ago

Went yesterday with two friends and the dogs. It is a really beautiful trail even through our view from the peak was non-existent because it was a foggy/rainy day. The beginning is relatively gentle steady incline and then as soon as you hit shadow canyon trail, the climb up becomes more intense and is pretty consistently difficult until you get to the fork that takes you either to south boulder peak or bear peak. there is a pretty simple section of scrambling up to bear peak. Coming back down was almost as much of a leg workout as going up was a cardio workout. Really lush and beautiful.

Hike up to Mount Sanitas first to get your heart rate elevated, then loop down through Sanitas Valley as a cool down. I hiked it while it was overcast and rainy, and I didn’t mind the rain at all, in fact it made the hike more fun. Some of the trail was muddy, but still easy to traverse.

It’s a beautiful hike but the NCAR trail part was super muddy and slippery

I have hiked this many times... easy access, good views, several options to branch off.

8 days ago

Completed this hike yesterday with a friend. Starts out pretty easy, but quickly becomes advanced or as my friend put it, “It’s relentless.” This is definitely a glute, ham & thigh burner. Once you get to the top, you are rewarded with beautiful views. However, at the summit you have to fight off swarms of black flies! While the flies likely won’t last long, there was no stopping for a snack or meditation as the flies were aggressive. Instead of coming down the way we came, we decided to go down the north side via Fern Trail (I think). This was a MUCH steeper and sketchier hike down. Wish we were the wiser and went back the way we came. My knees haven’t forgiven me yet! This hike will challenge you both physically and mentally, but it is well worth it and prepare appropriately! Happy trails!

Beautiful day. Easy enough initial 3 miles and then it gets steep. We added on South Boulder Peak since it was just an extra mile RT. Flies on both summits we’re insane. Like I’ve never been swarmed like that before. Freaky but they chilled out once you climb down.

9 days ago

VERY difficult hike. Did yesterday, 5/9, started about 4:15 and was back down around 9:10. No joke of a hike. Had to take my time going both up and down because of the steep incline. Views are amazing. Will take me a few days to say it was worth it (my knees and legs are definitely feeling it right now). I think everyone should give it a try!

9 days ago

Fucking rad hike. Gorgeous views with lots of landscape diversity.

The hike itself is remarkable. A nice incline and a good day challenge. Not the biggest fan of the city overlook at the peak, but the trails leading up make up for it.

Beautiful wildflowers!

Only giving one star because I wanted to let people know that it’s closed today 5/9/18 for parking lot work. I’m sure it’s a lovely trail just a heads up!

10 days ago

This is no beginners hike. Very steep. I had to take multiple breaks. However the views are worth it but if you have bad knees don’t do this hike! Very heavy inclines.

Starts to get wild after the creek, dogs will drink water here. The dogs get thirsty

Took UTE to Boy Scout ... love this area !!

Good varied hike for first 3 miles in, steep climb in last mile or so

Excellent loop. 3 mike round trip - well maintained hike. Bring your dogs, water, and friends. Be careful of where to park as they hand tickets out like crazy. Hiking shoes or trail runners, you will fine. Steep, rocky, fun.

Great hike! Definitely moderate, great incline for a nice workout. I recommend taking the sanitas route first (go right at the starting junction). Gorgeous views the whole way, will definitely be back. No snow— perfect spring hiking conditions.

13 days ago

have done this hike several times. it's a fun quick that isn't too strenuous. beautiful views from many points, but the best is from the cave entrance.

a couple of notes:

1. from Feb through July there is a chain fence halfway up the rock wall. you can't get to the cave entrance during that time. Had I known that, I wouldn't have made the hike.

2. from the NCAR trail drop, down to Mesa trail, during spring it is common to see rattlesnakes on the trail. Be careful, step well over rocks and don't approach any snake!

I like the hike, the view was good if you like looking at Boulder. Made me realize I dont want to hike to see a city :(

I avoid Chattaqua area but somehow my GPS took me here when I was planning up to take another trail up in the Flagstaff. The trail went straight up until it intersected Saddle Rock trail. The trails are maintained well except for a couple of spots where the footing was not great. Also, there were only one log and the broken wood across the stream. I let my dog find a better place to cross the stream. And I was grateful for my waterproof hiking shoes.

Loved this hike - entered at the Mesa Trail from NCAR lot, ended up being between 8-9 miles for me (went the wrong way for .5 miles). All in all great hike, definite incline with a lot of switch backs but the view was worth it.

15 days ago

Did 5/4- didn’t make it the whole way because... it was hard. Seriously uphill 95% of the way. Once you get on shadow canyon, you enter into a beautiful forest that is nice and cool. Would do again but on a day when I had more energy.

4/30/18-an amazing hike and workout. I started at the NCAR trail, passed a rattlesnake at the beginning of the trail. Didn’t realize it was there until I heard it rattle, probably because my dog stopped to sniff it. I grabbed him right away and walked away pretty rapidly, I guess the trail in the beginning there is notorious for rattlers. Follow the Mesa trail and that will lead you to the Bear Peak trail. The first 4 1/2 miles is an intense incline 2800+ and the descend is pretty steep as well. Wear the right shoes for sure. It was almost 8 miles, i ended up going a little over 9 because I kept going straight when I arrived at the summit and realized I was supposed to go left instead. I met a wonderful couple with amazing dogs so it was ok that I veered off path for a bit. Beautiful views throughout the entire hike. I will definitely check in again, worth the intensity!

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