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Meh. Nicely built trail. Views at the top were pleasant. But the road-crossings made this feel like I wasn’t really off the beaten path. I never found the ladder?! And I didn’t find the trail to be nearly as hard as others describe. I carried poles but never even took them out of my backpack.

on Royal Arch Trail

3 days ago

Awesome views

one of my favorites

3 days ago

This is a moderate intensity 3 to 5 hour trail depending on how rigorous vs. leisurely you want to be. I've hikded this trail in both directions. Ascending via Amphitheater is a steeper incline, and more gradual descent via Ranger and Gregory Canyon, compared to vice versa. I recommend this route if you're looking for a more challenging climb that's gentler on the knees coming down. There is plenty of shade and some open spaces. The view from the summit is beautiful.

This is a great hike if you are looking for a short and moderate to rigorous workout with great views. Ascending Mount Sanitas took me about 1 hour with several short water breaks. It is moderately steep and rocky. There is no shade 85% of the way up. Pretty views en route and at the summit. Descending through East Ridge was rough. I may have taken a wrong turn and ended up off the actual trail because it was loose rock almost the entire way down, pretty dangerous, and I ended up entering the valley trail further down.

Partly hard. But worth it to do it. The view from the top of the trail is fantastic.

A pretty constant ascent for most of the trail but the views are great and arch was so worth it! Though the elevation wasn't too high at the end, we had a little trouble with the altitude here since we're from the northeast (brought extra oxygen in case). Distance is not very long at all and was relieved that the descent was not super steep. Highly recommend this hike!

Great trail, but definitely a workout with lots of steep inclines and rocky terrain to climb up and over. We went clockwise starting on the Gregory Canyon trailhead in the parking lot and then meeting up with the Flagstaff trail. Saw some mule deer, but more importantly, heads up for bears! Not-so-little guy was greeting people at the parking lot towards later afternoon hours, so be aware. Also parking is very limited and there is a $5 fee if your not registered in Boulder or have a pass.

Rugged trail. Amazing views.

Great little hike. I would also agree that it's on the top end of easy. It is clearly bear country. Thick shubbery abound. Great forest areas. I saw a bear with her cub along the Connector. First time I saw wild black bears. Amazing experience.

4 days ago

Majestic arch!!!

Beautiful hike! Long one with heavily trafficked trail.

Good hike...go early as it gets busy with hikers. make sure you wear your hiking boots. it's a bit rocky in places.

Great hike. Some steep parts, but overall pretty easy!

this is a incredibly steep incline if you go via the mount sanitas trail route and not the valley. the valley offers no shade. the trail is steep and very rocky with a heck of a lot of stairs. there is no flat on this trail it is all up. parts of the trail were rock scrambling. dogs are welcome on leash and it's supposed to be a green tag trail. however every dog except mine were off leash and not all of them were voice recall trained. when I called out to people that my dog was not nice several had to run to grab their dogs. If you have a dog who has some leash aggression issues I would not take on this trail. many other trails in area with less dogs. this one has a lot and it was a Friday morning at 10 when we started!

great views at the top and was a great workout but I was in the mood for a moderate trail. I would have called this one difficult and I would have probably enjoyed it more had I been in the mood for a difficult trail that day

there is some shade offered the way of the mount sanitas trail and some nice stopping points to take pictures or chill.

I really enjoyed this hike! Nice views of the red rock formations, which you can climb on too. It's a lot steeper if you park at the Settlers Park trailhead; it's an easier hike if you do it from the Centennial trailhead.

Good workout, kinda shaded making it nice during summer heat. Great views from top.

Great and easy trail with lots of wildlife. Saw three deer, two bucks. Also, encountered two bears with a baby cub being one of them. Will post photos.

6 days ago

It is worth it! It is not easy. It becomes Very steep and small tight switch backs. Don’t give up at Sentinal Pass. After this it’s kinda brutal because the pass is a treat too. It’s just a bit further and worth the entire stair master. A very rewarding hike. Great workout.

6 days ago

Great hike. Excellent views. Moderate in difficulty. Wouldn’t consider it to be very hard. I would definitely do his hike again.

Great hike. Not for beginners. My husband and I (late 50s) took about an hour to hike to the top and about 40 minutes to descend. Beautiful view from the arch.

this was a great hike and it is steep and rocky but well worth it when you get to the top and see the beautiful view.

Easy hike and wildlife viewing opportunities. We saw a bear with 3 cubs and deer the day we went.

Tough, short, rocky hike with beautiful views of the city and the valley. Watch your footing as the path is rocky with a lot of loose gravel. Pretty busy and I went at 10:30 am on a weekday. When you're done, splash your feet in the cool stream near the entrance.

T U F F. But worth it. Go early to avoid the crowds at the top, trail is fairly simple to follow except for when it’s not.

It's a beautiful hike, but like others have said, it was definitely strenuous. The payoff when you get to the peak is definitely worth it! Don't get discouraged!

Amazing view at the summit. The last half mile or so is brutal for low altitude lungs. It was worth it though. Be forewarned, taking Greenman and back up via Ranger adds a couple of miles and some intense inclines to get back to the top. We ended up being gone for about 5 hours adding that loop. Take breaks and snacks. It's an amazing hike.

Just did this trail today and loved it! The views are amazing! The beginning is pretty easy but it is challenging at the end, but overall a great hike!

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