Was a beautiful Father’s Day outing!

Great walk. The amount of elevation could be challenging to quite a few - I'd rate a harder Easy.

Nice trail run, amazing views!

Great inclines, amazing view

Very safe and clean trail!

this hike does have a decent incline but it is absolutely beautiful! no shade so bring a hat and lots of water.

Perfect for an afternoon hike with the kiddos.

Great sunset views, we always see deer and well kept trail. I live very close and I can walk to the trail from my house so we do it a good bit. just wanna watch out for horse poop.

Its not a trail, its a groomed path in some cases within feet of homes. Kind of disappointing that I had to step off the 8 foot wide trail for people jogging 4 across. Still a good walk though- saved me some couch time at the hotel...

A fun and easy walk with wonderful views of Downtown and Littleton. Love this hike!

We loved the views. It is an easier hike than some of the other “easy” trails we’ve done in our early days in CO.

Excellent views and perfect for a quick hike.

Was a great little hike. Nice to get away and spend some time alone with God and read my Bible. Glad I made the choice of going out.

Perfect for an in town hike/stroll.

This trail is perfect for what it is - a short leisurely walk with some nice views close to south Denver. We love to hit this after work with the dogs to catch a sunset (pictures uploaded of some of the better ones). Obviously can't compare to real mountain hikes, but when you don't have the time to drive an hour into the mountains (or don't want to deal with the traffic) it's a great easy local option.

I have slowly fallen in love with this place over the last 9 months or so. It's a great little walk and has some incredible panoramic views of the mountains.

3 months ago

Decent trail for walking close to the south side of Denver metro. Even if it was a sunny day, it got quite windy out there and felt the cold.

Would recommend taking a short detour walks to the outlook points - which will give you a panorama of front range mountains, Denver downtown and nearby areas.

We saw two herds (3 and 4) of mule deers while on the trail.

trail running
4 months ago

It was nice snow trail run day! I would not do this trail in the brutal hot summer but nice to get another trail knocked off quickly.

5 months ago

Great lunchtime walk!

Short hike up and down the hills of Lone Tree. View of the nearby neighborhood from the top. Plenty of deer at the top as well. No trees at all. Nothing exceptional, nice to avoid I-70 and 285.

8 months ago

I walk the bluffs weekly. So fortunate to have this trail in my backyard. It is an easy hike but don't let "easy" full you. The front and back hills are pretty difficult. Great for kids and dogs.

Great views of the entire range from the lookout points along with Denver area and surround towns. Wide and good trail for jogging to taking non-hikers on a walk or for a good lookout. It's pretty urban but a nice stroll.

Bluffs Regional Park Trail was a pretty good trail. There were a few inclines but not many so it is a good one to take the kids. The only concern was that the area was a bit too urban.

Pretty easy trail, couple of inclines but they're pretty gradual. Nice views overlooking urban areas.

trail running
9 months ago

Couple of nice hills for training; great panoramic views of the foothills and downtown Denver. Couple of nice lookout points if you need a little breather and want to take in the views

Nice easy trail or walking path around the hill. you will have a good view of the city and a great place to catch sunsets. We use it for pack training close by and easy

Great walk. Good view of the city.

5 stars because it's close to my house and nice views.

trail running
10 months ago

Good place to go to start training for a trail race.

We were looking for a short hike close to DTC with views. We are from Tennessee was it was surprising to see zero tree coverage. However the trail is smooth and easy.

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