Great views of mountains and city, did not expect that being right in the middle of the city setting.
It was nice to get a quick/challenging hike in, then go to lunch, then get grocery shopping done all in one trip!

We hiked this in the snow today and the compacted snow trail was easy to follow. Great views all the way around and the elevation changes added some challenge. The herd of deer was fun to see.

I really enjoyed this trail. It starts off as narrow single track as the trail has been detoured due to construction in the area (it was kinda hard for me to find the new trailhead), but most of it is wide sandy hard pack, wide enough for two way traffic. Not tremendously scenic but you get above the houses on the bluff and can see Denver, and their were sooo many deer throughout the brush, it was awesome!

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1 month ago

Great run from Cabelas into Bluffs on the East West Regional. Some tough hills no matter which direction you choose. Good views and plenty of wildlife in the morning.

First ever hike, right off the airplane. Did just a little of it but saw some great wildlife and awesome views. Surrounded by houses everywhere which is why it didn’t get 5 stars. But overall really fun!

Easy well groomed wide trail. Nice views of distant Rocky Mountains. No shade. Surrounded by urban sprawl.

It’s in our back yard and we frequent this trail almost daily.
Great views and you often see deer, hawks, coyotes, prairie dogs,etc.
Trail can get polluted pretty quick with bags of dog crap

Easy and smooth. Fun in the full moon

The views on this trail make it 5 stars. Can see from Pikes to the Flat Irons on a clear day. Great view of the city and lots of benches/places for photos. Trail itself has some nice inclines and declines, but a little dusty/sandy. Not a lot of shrubbery or flowers- during this season anyway. I’ll definitely be hiking this trail again for the views.

Hike this trail once a week. Easy walk from home to trailhead. Not crowded weekday mid-mornings, but extensively used on weekends. Moderate uphill segments that get the heart pumping. Beautiful front range views. Wonderful urban trail resource.

Nice surprise to have 9 varieties of flowers blooming at this end of season date. Today we saw 3 deer, one little snake, and one horse. Lots of friendly people and dogs :)

It's a great short hike in the city, perfect for an after-work hike or early morning. I've done it many times, mostly due to location convenience. Easy, moderately trafficked, but you can get the work in!

Beautiful night

Nice little 3 mile loop with great mountain views

Checked out this local trail back in May while visiting family. Have to say I wish our local park had great views like this. Not many people when we went and only 1-2 bikers. Mountains still had snow cap on them as well at the time. Kids 7 & 4 enjoyed the trail and bench at the top.

It’s a great spot close to Lincoln Ave in Lone Tree. The view at the top where bench is located gives a panoramic view of the DTC and downtown Denver. This hike is well marked and has many wide areas. Watch out for the mountain bikers as they come down some of the inclines. It would be best to do this trail in the morning during the summer as there is minimal shade.

A nice easy/moderate hike that got my heart rate up reasonably well. Did most of the loop and encountered < 10 people @ 9AM on a Saturday

if you enjoy urban sprawl and garbage throughout a park, and of course high speed bikes whizzing by, then this is the place to go! oh and lots of green poop sacks throughout park since no one really manages it. Also a ton of recent heavy equipment tier tracks on north side between idiot developer's neighborhood in flood plain the County loves to RIP up annually protecting homes built in natural wash area. Years ago, this was a nice park, now, just an area that collects urban trash during wind storms full of yuppies discussing their latest stock trades.....AVOID AT ALL COSTS IF YOU WANT A PLACE TO RELAX...

Amazing trail if you are in need of getting your heart rate up. It’s mostly uphill all the way around, and the view is beautiful of the mountains and city. Dog friendly and you may even see some horses! Making it to the top is well worth it!

Great spot to train, or just jog/walk or bike. Its quiet and well maintained.

The hike is outstanding. Some elevation but the trail is well marked and provides some pretty awesome views of Denver and the surrounding suburbs.

Nice walk. Would be nice if people would actually throw away their dog poop bags though. They were all along the trail. If you bring your pooch please be courteous to others and their dogs by packing out. There are also 5 or so trash cans along the trail for your poo-leaving convenience.

Was a beautiful Father’s Day outing!

Great walk. The amount of elevation could be challenging to quite a few - I'd rate a harder Easy.

Nice trail run, amazing views!

Great inclines, amazing view

Very safe and clean trail!

this hike does have a decent incline but it is absolutely beautiful! no shade so bring a hat and lots of water.

Perfect for an afternoon hike with the kiddos.

Great sunset views, we always see deer and well kept trail. I live very close and I can walk to the trail from my house so we do it a good bit. just wanna watch out for horse poop.

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