Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness on the northwest flank of the Uncompahgre Plateau is characterized by the high, east-west trending Black Ridge dissected by seven major red rock canyon systems, draining into the Colorado River. Canyons vary in length from several miles to twelve miles in length and may contain interesting side canyons. Geological features in these canyons include spires, windows, giant alcoves and desert patina. Canyons may reach a depth of almost 1,000 feet, forming spectacular redrock cliffs. Spring runoff and summer thunderstorms create glistening waterfalls and plunge pools. The area contains the second largest concentration of natural arches in the world. Vegetation in the meandering canyon bottoms include pinyon-juniper, grasses, and cottonwoods, willow and box elder. The upland mesas contain a dense stands of pinyon-juniper with some sagebrush parks. Cryptobiotic soils are well developed in the upland area. Wildlife viewing may include deer, mountain lion, desert bighorn sheep, along with golden and bald eagles.

3 months ago

This trail rocks! I brought my little dog with me and he tried to jump on top of a rock on the trail and missed landed on his chin.

6 months ago

From the Pollock Bench TH ; my track recording came out at 13.8 miles, I went up through the last arch on the trail to reach another short connector trail, to make a loop of the end instead of backtracking 2.2 miles, it is less than a mile back to the main trail. Took me less than 6 hours total to complete the entire trail (breaks included). Loved every part of it and the abundant wildlife was phenomenal. Did not see or hear another person today, very peaceful. Trail is a bit tough to follow but as long as you follow the cairns you will make out fine. The sandy soil, no shade, and searching for the correct way is what made it difficult for me in my opinion, drained a lot of energy. Overall absolutely fantastic gem of a hike with no fee, public land, go use it!!!

7 months ago

good trail to take but has a lot of forks in Trail that are hard to find. according to my GPS it was just under 20 miles there and back. and definitely bring a lot of water I'll say it again lots of water probably 2 gallons per person.

This is a stunning and solitary hike. There are two ways to hike to Rattlesnake Arches. The best is from the Pollock Bench trail head near Fruita. This is a long and strenuous hike, traversing two canyons, with lots of elevation change and some scrambles. The trail would be difficult to keep if it were not for the numerous helpful rock cairns. This is a 15.5 mile in and out hike. Leave early and plan on taking the whole day to complete.

The second way is to drive to the trail head inside the Colorado National Monument Park. Take the incredibly scenic Rim Rock Rd to the Black Ridge Rd, and then to either the Upper or Lower Rattlesnake Arches Rd, depending on the season. Ask the park ranger for details. This is a 12 mile rugged road and requires a 4 wheel-drive vehicle with good clearance. In contrast to the hike from the Pollock Bench trail head, the hike from here is an easy 5 mile in and out hike with only moderate elevation change.

this is a 15.5 mile hike ( not 5 miles). there is a lot of good information on the Grand Junction website ( there are a couple of areas crossing crevases where you have to rock scramble so keep a close eye out for the trail marking cairns. we also felt the AllTrails map open with our "location" GPS turned on so that we could backtrack when we got off trail and look for the cairn we missed. plan on 5-6 hours. it was beautiful weather in October and the fall colors combined with the rock formations was outstanding.

Awesome. Really enjoyed. Go early when it is cool out. Gets warm fast when hiking. Hiking shoes a must. Walking stick not a bad idea either. Water....

Go early! Almost no shade along this trail. We saw a good amount of wildlife(bunnies & collared lizards). I recommend climbing up through the last arch and back up to the trailhead, it was very scary but worth it!

1 year ago

Hot as shit! Bring lots of water!! It took three attempts to get to this beauty!!! Not a drop of water in sight but wind felt amazing!

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2 years ago

I loved this hike! I had to make 3 attempts to locate the correct path (using Google Earth twice), but it was worth it. Some nice arches when you get to them.