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mountain biking
1 month ago

nice easy ride for getting back into riding

2 months ago

We had hiked the Black Forest Regional Park before the fires four years ago. Then I'd agree on a 4-5 star rating. It was a lush and beautiful park. Now is a bit of a wasteland. If you aren't after scenery, it is a nice easy hike, great with kids and dogs but it certainly isn't very visually appealing. It seems a little like hiking through Mordor. I just didn't want anyone to be disappointed by the high ratings. I'd imagine most were give before the 2013 fires.

This easy trail has nice areas shaded with Pine trees and also has sun drenched areas due to the wild fire that moved through the area a few years ago. Trail 360 on YouTube

The trail shown outlined in red is no longer easily accessible about the halfway point. Looks like local homeowners are blocking access with logs.

Good little hike. Still a lot of burned area

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