I'm late posting... we hiked mid February when it was still icy in many areas, the trail was still pretty busy considering. Beautiful views, some questionable land areas, easy for possible trips, slips or tumbles... quick and family friendly...

Good family trail for a quickie

17 days ago

Wanted so much to love this trail but contrary to what many of the reviews will tell you, we did NOT find this trail to be very kid friendly. The terrain is pretty rocky throughout the duration so there was a lot of handholding to ensure our little guy wouldn't fall and crack his head open. That was manageable, but there were also alot of mountain bikers that we were constantly moving him out of the way for. Albeit, they were very friendly and polite, but we were constantly on our toes to make sure he didn't get hit. The signage was terrible. The map they give you at the Nature Center doesn't cover many of the left/right turn options on that trail, and we got lost more than a few times. The worst problem though by far was the many dog owners who just blatantly disregarded the law and illegally let their dogs go off leash. Our kid was encountered countless times by unleashed dogs. Luckily, he didn't startle too badly but if he had, there would've been the risk of him jumping back and falling over the edge, as the trail has some steep dropoffs. Lots of naive dog owners seemed to think "Don't worry, he's friendly" was a reason to let their dog run off leash. So that was incredibly frustrating and took the fun out of it by a lot. On the positive side, the scenery was beautiful and the hike was still very enjoyable and a great length for energetic preschool aged kids. I really want to see JeffCo tackle this dog problem though. We love dogs, but off leash dogs in an on leash area is NOT okay.

Downhill in the slush was a challenge, but uphill with Florida lungs was out of the question.

Not difficult at all, rather relaxing. But other than that there are some great views of Golden as you go.

We did the gulch trail. Not much parking at the base.

Lots of fun, saw some deer and a great view!! You can start the path lower or upper on the mountain using your car.

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