2 days ago

WATCH OUT FOR RATTLESNAKES!!! Just uploaded photos of rattlesnake in 1st boulder field. Right on main path through boulders! We would NOT have seen it but another hiker saw it and stopped to take pictures. We warned several people with dogs. The snake was hidden in the rocks at calf height! WATCH OUT!

This is an awesome trail though. Most of the first 4 miles out is tree covered so it's cool on a hot day. Great views!

14 days ago

This hike was beautiful. We went at 10 on a Tuesday and it was very busy with little parking, so keep in mind that this is a popular trail with lots of users.

Very nice & close to town.

great trail fun and somewhat exciting

1 month ago

First trail hiked here, excellent views

The family and I did this hike last weekend though we didn't start at this point due to the parking lot being full. So we stared further up the trail in the parking lot where Lookout Mountain Trail and Beaver Brook Trail meet. Not as long as a hike that I would have liked but still was a good day with some spectacular views. There were hikers, runners, and cyclists on the trail but everyone were very courteous to one another.