Great trail. If you want to do the loop I suggest going up the rocky switchbacks.

Great causal trail :)

Worth the trek. Although at the saddle, it was hard to find the trail. Take the trail due East next to the fencing. just before the summit, the trail becomes very steep. the view from the summit you can see Mt Cutler, Mt Muscoco, Mt Buckhorn, the canyon, the view of the city, and Garden of the Gods.

Love this trail. Its hard, but I love it!

great trail! not too hard not to easy. clocks in as 5.8 miles

I've written a blog post about this hike @
If you'd like to read it, follow this link:

Popular area. A good climb for some exercise. Nice views at the top. Didn't like walking paved road for just a short jaunt, but otherwise a nice trail. More info and pics here:

Great hike. Counter clockwise makes for an good heart rate increasing climb with a gentle 4 mile cool down.

2.13.18 - beautiful views! slushy from recent snowfall, but serene and very easy trail to follow (the orange cone is still there, indicating the May's Peak trail). Panoramic views and definitely a fantastic workout; steep right before the summit!

This is a beautiful well maintained trail; however, thieves smashed my 4Runner’s window and stole whatever wasn’t bolted down in my car, along with several other vehicles in the area. The local police did not investigate or follow-up on my complaint.

Hiked this route on 1/13/18 - really enjoyed our time! The first half of the climb is uphill with switchbacks; nothing to complain about, was a great workout. Scenery is stunning - there’s a place about halfway through the loop to sit and take it in, recommended to sit for a while and enjoy! Depending on when you get there parking can fill up, but there are a few lots down the road to park at.

First mile is pretty much incline but the rest of the route is comfortable.

Great hike. Moderately trafficked, not bad at all for a Saturday. Well marked, but know your route for a few of the initial intersections. Beautiful views of the springs and into the hills. Cold in the shade. Light patches of snow throughout. Great length/difficulty level for a short morning hike.

Fun trail with a good incline start and all downhill till the end. Cross a stream and some nice views. Use the map as the trail does have some forks and can get a little confusing.

Competing with bikers on narrow trail.

Great hike. Awesome scenery. Some good uphill work. Not sure if GPS tracks to trail route exactly as we were “off trail” quite a bit before reaching the high road yet seemed to never make a wrong term.

Great place to hike with the dog any time of year! Dog park is close by too!

on Trail 666

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3 months ago

Trail 666 is closed 2.5 miles into it due to reclamation of cutthroat trout. The trail is closed a little after the cap'n jack trail split passed Josephine falls. You can still get wonderful views of specimen rock, sentinel rock, and tenney crags.

we came up the Bear Creek Road side of this Trail, and the orange cone that is mentioned in the below comments is about 2 miles up dirt road called High Road. we went in looking for the orange cone thinking it was going to be close to the trailhead by 666 but we were mistaken. Still a beautiful hike still would recommend it. the views from the top of May's Peak are amazing and I'm lucky to enough to have been able to climb this one today. There are other hikers on this road with dogs that don't use the leash like they're supposed to so just be careful of them.

I've hiked many trails but this one I find myself repeatedly coming back to it's beauty and challenges. Once you reach the top of this 5.2 mile hike it's breathtaking and a sense of serenity.

3 months ago

Ethereal views from the top. Relatively easy hike up off the trails.

very good

One of my favs. Really good during the week, when not super busy.

Long, and anticlimactic. Really nothing worth seeing in the trail, just a long way to get some exercises in.

The trailhead for Mays Peak is still marked by an orange cone. The trail is narrow, but fairly easy to see as you go up. I started at Bear Creek Rd. My distance tracked at 5.2 miles round trip.

We did it counter clockwise. Wanted the challenge of the uphill first. Views are almost immediate. Rewards for every 100 yards you climb. Shaded in many areas so a coat and gloves (now) probably warranted. A couple spots with slippery skree. Loved it all!

Did this trail as my first "real" hike in Colorado. It was really great. The trail is not confusing, allows you to gain some elevation and trek through a few challenging areas. It is very beautiful through the tall trees. I took my dog and she loved it too!

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5 months ago

Great trail for running or hiking. If you want more of a gradual increase in elevation travel clockwise. There were times where the trail is thin and mountain bikers are attempting to pass so be careful with animals or children.

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