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A bit confusing, but fun none the less. I took my dog running on this trail and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city and Pikes Peak halfway through.

Good overall hiking area. I would rate it more than easy because some of the inclines and descents could be tricky for those that don't hike often. The outer loop is boring and full of dog poo from inconsiderate people. I like the eastern half of the main trail because it's more narrow and less trafficked = less people, dog poo, and screaming kids.

It's a pretty area, and really nice because it's in the middle of The Springs and easy to access. There are many trails going all over the place and there are no signs so it's easy to get off course, but nearly impossible to get lost. Enjoy!

Short hike. Gorgeous views. Fairly easy, but some steep areas. Watch for rattlesnakes on the trail and definitely stay on the trail. One almost got our dog!

16 days ago

Had a great time on this hike. We went off the trail and it made it quite a bit harder but it was excellent rock climbing and great views. If you stick to the trail as described it would be easy for sure.

Decent hike while it was well-marked. It’s very easy to get off track toward the end, and you’re better off following one of the better marked trails. Some elevation here and there makes it a fun trail, though!

Trail is short but gives some good views of Colorado Springs.

Took our elementary aged kids, perfect for them!

I just wish the trails were marked.

If this is moderate, then I need to go back to easy. There was a lot of ascending and descending over rocks and tree trunks, and 300 foot descent and ascent overall. In a few parts, it was very difficult to tell where the trail was supposed to be. I cut off a big part of it and only did about 1.6 miles. It was lovely, though.

Great fun, lots of small trails, different ways to get to the top. While high above the starting point, sitting and dangling my feet off the pulpit wasn't scary, even though I don't normally like heights. The trails could be posted better. You can see the pulpit from almost anywhere in the park.

A very nice area to hike in the middle town a in back of UCCS. Lots of side trails can take you in unexpected directions. Still, pretty and you can’t get forever lost. Beware that the entry point on this map is not quite right. The entry path is at a bump out circle on the Main Street, Rockhurst. The point indicated on the map has been closed.

Very good trail, a little elevation gain going on but it’s nothing too bad. It is rocky though.

Very rocky in places. You have been warned

Great trek with the kids. 5 year old to 10 years old had little issues hiking or climbing. Amazing views.

2 months ago

2.14.18 - Super windy! so far, this was my favorite trail out of all that I've done! However, if you follow this loop to the T, I feel it is more on the moderate side of easy, and not just to climb Pulpit Rock. It may not have massive elevation gains, but the trails are narrow, rocky, and trenched. Looks like a ton of fun for mountain bikers!!

I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because there are (what feels like) 300 different and unmarked trails that intersect and converge over one another. I accidentally went off the indicated trail loop twice and only finished by having my All Trails gps map in my hand at all times... takes away from the enjoyment. That being said, this loop gives you a little of everything: Creeks, canyons, bluffs, rock climbing, open prairie, etc. Would definitely do this one again, even with all the issues. Beautiful!!

family friendly and offers great views of Colorado Springs.

2 months ago

Not an easy trail climbing to the top of this rock. The trails around the base are easy, but going up the rock structure is moderate. But it’s so worth the climb. Me and my Bubs are scared to death of heights but we made it to the top and were rewarded with the view of the Rocky Mountain Range. We could even see The Garden Of The Gods in the distance, and Pikes Peak was gorgeous. Lots of peeps were coming and going but everyone was friendly.

on Pulpit Rock Short Loop

3 months ago

This was a fun hike to the top of the submit and not overly difficult.

3 months ago

Easy trail with an amazing outcome. You quickly get a reward of the whole mountain range! Easy climbing area too.

Easy trail and amazing views!!!

rock climbing
4 months ago

Great Hike/Climb. Many different trails to take, from scaling across some boulders, to hiking through a forest, to hiking through a plains-like area. Absolutely recommend this for kids. Kind of a pick your own adventure. Downfall is, once you get to the top, you get a beautiful view of a shopping mall and a major highway. More about the journey I guess??

4 months ago

awesome hike, and amazing views!!! a must see.

Hike to the top was okay, climbing the rocks was even better! BUT finding the trail back was extremely difficult. I got lost 3 times in brush and had to climb my way back up and start over. Roamed through some sketchy areas before finding the trail again. Glad I did it, but pretty nerve wrecking for the most part.

This was a horrible trail! (in my personal view)
I got lost and ended up having to run 3 miles on street roads to get back to my car. There is definitely a lot of wild life (deer, etc. just roaming the trail) and steep parts that you can easily fall and twist your ankle on. If you are a runner, don't come here because you really can't enjoy a run because you are constantly questioning which turn to take on the trail...it is SO easy to get lost.
Who this trail IS for: Adventurous spirits who have a couple of hours and don't mind roaming - perhaps casually getting lost and are okay with wild life freely running into you.

The view was great and I definitely want to come back with some friends, but honestly wish the trails were more clearly marked. It seemed easy to get lost and the only way I knew where I was going when I got off trail was by looking at the map on this app.

HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Lots of rattle snakes! We saw the first one at the top of the trail by the rocks, and we decided to head out. We had 2 kids with us and 3 dogs. Not worth the risk. On our way out were saw another one just off the trail and it got my dog. She did not survive the bite. THIS IS NOT FAMILY OR PET FRIENDLY HIKE!

great trail !!

You feel like you’re on another planet at the top! You get some great views of the city. 4 Stars because it’s so hot in the summer and is known to have a lot of rattle snakes.

6 months ago

There's no defined trails once you're on the rock itself. It's basically like scaling a castle it's so cool. There's no barriers or closing times either. I've gone dozens of times. It's free and it feels free to be up there. It's one of my favorite places in all Colorado Springs.

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