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Great quick loop!

Harder at times to see where trail is, but great hike. It was a moderate hike.

I just saw a mountain lion. Luckily I was on higher ground and it did not see me. Should the parks and wildlife be called and notified?

Quite a few trails going on here and was hard to stay on track without the app. Not well marked.

really fun! there are a lot of hiking and bike trails and washout so the trail is kind of hard to stay with. a lot harder than I was expecting for easy.
if you're trying to get away from the city, I wouldn't recommend. you're always in sight of either the highway or houses.
but gorgeous views of the whole front range

It was ok. Coming down was a bit difficult.

It was a really nice trail but came across several Prairie Rattlesnakes on the path. So I would just be careful and vigilant. Took 2 of our dogs and they had a blast!

Nice, easy neighborhood hike. Good views of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs

there are a couple trailheads and I had trouble finding them. there are a few that have a small parking lot and then there's one at the end of a street. So there are a few ways to enter. The trail leads all over the place and it's hard to determine which way to go but if you follow the map you should be able to get there. There were only a few people there when I went and nice views.

easy workout with beautiful view. fun hangout and yoga stop at the top

Really nice place to hike right in the springs. There are lots of trails running throughout the open space and many cool rock formations to explore. Seems like it could be a tourist attraction but without the tourists. Iv lived in Colorado Springs for over 15 years and had been to pulpit rock but I didn’t know how much open space was available right in the same area. Lots of plants and wildlife. A small pond with fish and turtles. I saw a rattle snake right next to a trail the first time I visited and have seen several small snakes as well as lizards. I heard what sounded like a pack of coyotes howling. Saw a white tail deer fawn run out from behind a bush as I walked past. There is a lot to see and explore here.

3 months ago

The trail is easy until reaching the base of Pulpit Rock, when the trail begins a quick rocky ascent. We scrambled up some steep loose rocks to reach the top and were rewarded with a 360 view that included Colorado Springs and Pike’s Peak. We took the long way down the back side of the Rock which required traversing a narrow rocky, sometimes steep path. The trails are not marked, so we wondered at times if we were on the right path....we were! Total: 2.7 very HOT miles...temp 91 degrees and most of the hike was in full sun.

Beautiful trail with great views. The trail does run along private property lines and signs are posted throughout to stay on the trail. Great trail for mountain biking and hiking or those who don’t want to walk far to see gorgeous views.

3 months ago

Getting to the top was a challenge. It was a beautiful view and with it once we made it, but it was definitely not easy.

One of my favorites in town. So many different trails and loops for a short or long hike. Stroller friendly on main paths; up until the climb to the top. Child carrier preferred for this location. Happy hiking!

Moderate to difficult in some places. The trail is not well marked making it exceedingly difficult to stay on the loop. I do not recommend doing alone.

Great views from the top of Pulpit and then finish it off with a hike around the 4 mile scenic loop. I saw to bucks and a doe cling to the rocks along the way. Enjoyable and easy hike, except to the top of Pulpit which is maybe moderate. Enjoy!!!!

4 months ago

This app was so useful! Lots of trail options to get you up to pulpit rock. We had fun going off the main path. We stayed on the lookout for rattlesnakes & luckily did not see any! We did get to see a beautiful red deer.

4 months ago

Nice trail. Even though the loop is about 4 miles, you can easily get from the trailhead to the top of the Pulpit Rock in about 30-40 minutes. The last 100 yards is a little challenging for kids but doable. Great views.

Don’t follow the map directions. Leads you to a subdivision

Moderate hike up the side of Pulpit Rock to get to the top. Kid friendly. Young children will need help.

The directions for this just lead to a subdivision. Do not use the map directions.

So fun and a great workout! There’s a variety of different ways you can get to the top. I wouldn’t recommend bringing little ones because it’s tough to get up there with the .

4 months ago

Don’t be mislead. There are certainly easy stretches of trail in this small but worthy park, but other areas have unsteady footing where children and seniors could struggle. For this reason, I would put this on the moderate side of easy. It is also somewhat difficult to determine which path will take you where you want to go without this app open and a good cell signal - the trails aren’t marked very well and crisscross each other.

Caveats aside, if you take the suggested route, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the city and the front range of the Rockies.

Recommend wearing a sturdy pair of hiking shoes/boots as the terrain can be unsteady and slippery. Also beware cacti right on or just off the trail. Finally, not a lot of tree cover, so a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen are advised.

5 months ago

This is a very short and easy hike. I was disappointed to find someone smoking at the top :-( This makes a good little side trip to take on your way to Garden of the Gods from points north on I-25.

5 months ago

Nice walk through Austin Bluffs with a little elevation gain near Pulpit Rock. Nice views. There are places where the trail is not clear, but cell reception was good the whole way.

5 months ago

This is a great hike for families

A bit confusing, but fun none the less. I took my dog running on this trail and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city and Pikes Peak halfway through.

6 months ago

Good overall hiking area. I would rate it more than easy because some of the inclines and descents could be tricky for those that don't hike often. The outer loop is boring and full of dog poo from inconsiderate people. I like the eastern half of the main trail because it's more narrow and less trafficked = less people, dog poo, and screaming kids.

It's a pretty area, and really nice because it's in the middle of The Springs and easy to access. There are many trails going all over the place and there are no signs so it's easy to get off course, but nearly impossible to get lost. Enjoy!

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