Done this hike several times. Very easy. Open Meadows, gradually increasing to Pulpit Rock. After our hike we usually cross Nevada St. for food or smoothies. then hike back up to University Park behind UCCS Dorms.

Great view at top. Doesn't take long to climb.

It's been raining fairly steady here for the past couple weeks so I imagine that has greatly affected this trail. With that being said, many of the trails are dirt only and make for great rainwater runoff and are a muddy mess. A few of these have also run down onto the main trail and have sections of that covered. I started from the north side and attempted to complete the entire loop but I cut it short because of the reasons mentioned above. The view from Pulpit Rock itself was also disappointing to me, unless overlooking the shops at north Nevada is your thing, then you may love it. The entire time I could also hear highway noise which was also a huge turnoff. I had high hopes for this place but unfortunately this was my least favorite trail that I've hiked around Colorado Springs.

Hard to keep on path as there are many paths you can take but totally worth it!

An easy and fun hike if you can find the trail! Gorgeous at the top with very unique formations and views of Pikes Peak.