rock climbing
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Great Hike/Climb. Many different trails to take, from scaling across some boulders, to hiking through a forest, to hiking through a plains-like area. Absolutely recommend this for kids. Kind of a pick your own adventure. Downfall is, once you get to the top, you get a beautiful view of a shopping mall and a major highway. More about the journey I guess??

awesome hike, and amazing views!!! a must see.

Hike to the top was okay, climbing the rocks was even better! BUT finding the trail back was extremely difficult. I got lost 3 times in brush and had to climb my way back up and start over. Roamed through some sketchy areas before finding the trail again. Glad I did it, but pretty nerve wrecking for the most part.

This was a horrible trail! (in my personal view)
I got lost and ended up having to run 3 miles on street roads to get back to my car. There is definitely a lot of wild life (deer, etc. just roaming the trail) and steep parts that you can easily fall and twist your ankle on. If you are a runner, don't come here because you really can't enjoy a run because you are constantly questioning which turn to take on the is SO easy to get lost.
Who this trail IS for: Adventurous spirits who have a couple of hours and don't mind roaming - perhaps casually getting lost and are okay with wild life freely running into you.

The view was great and I definitely want to come back with some friends, but honestly wish the trails were more clearly marked. It seemed easy to get lost and the only way I knew where I was going when I got off trail was by looking at the map on this app.

HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Lots of rattle snakes! We saw the first one at the top of the trail by the rocks, and we decided to head out. We had 2 kids with us and 3 dogs. Not worth the risk. On our way out were saw another one just off the trail and it got my dog. She did not survive the bite. THIS IS NOT FAMILY OR PET FRIENDLY HIKE!

great trail !!

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