Super fun and short

12 days ago

Ok with kids. Little steep and slippery in spots but not terrible. Great view of the city.

Beautiful view of the Springs once you get to the top. Only frustrating piece is that there are absolutely no markings for the trails – you just wing it to an extent. We ended up scrambling down from the rock on the backside. Not exactly what we were hoping to do but an adventure nonetheless.

To the south, there are also areas that are barbwired.

We spotted a couple of rattlesnakes slithering around as well.

Once we got up to the top of the hike where the rock formation is it was great. There is absolutely no trail markings and good luck trying to follow the route on this app. We ended up following the trail for a bit and then veered off and went straight up to the rocks which made it more of a moderate hike than easy being that we were pretty much hiking straight up rather than winding all the way around. Doing that, if definitely cut the mileage and time in half. There are tons of little trails either made by people hiking off trail or from water run off that take you directly to the top. This hike wasn't my favorite because you are pretty much hiking right next to the high way. Although once you get to the top it's pretty cool to climb up on the rocks and look out. Definitely a pretty view of the range (overlooking the high way - haha). This is definitely a "one and done" hike for me.

20 days ago

on Pulpit Rock Park Trail

26 days ago