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Arapaho National Forest is a National Forest located in north-central Colorado, United States. The facility is managed jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from the United States Forest Service office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The combined facility of 1,730,603 acres (2,704.07 sq mi, or 7,420.35 km²) is denoted as ARP (Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee) by the Forest Service.

19 hours ago

One of my favorite hikes. Lots of views once you pass the first lake. Wildflowers and animals all around. Dogs are allowed, but many people did not follow the rules with the leashes and dogs where ruining the tundra. I was not a big fan of that! We parked at the trailhead and walked the dirt road, which added another mile. That was still okay. We did see plenty of non-4 wheel drives at the second trailhead though.

Incredible views for this moderate hike. Summited both Grays and Torrey's in about 6 hours, including ~1 hour leisure time. Highly recommend

This is great day hike. Definitely a challenge for beginner hikers. There's no photo opp of the Falls unless you climb down to them but still a beautiful hike in the woods. Yes, what is up with the bagged dog poop, people? Leaving it under the sign that is clearly states to pack it out? And dogs were off leash on the rugged path. Not safe.

Great views! Loved this hike. It was very muddy near the end though, be prepared.

Spectacular flowers and views. A lot of mud. Take poles.

1 day ago

7-17-15- k mo; Or known as "the bench" trail by locals. It can start or end by campground and / or park up from campground and walk along creek over foot bridge to start. You can go up and back or it connects and circles around by campground/ road partial.

Nice, but hard, hike. Took 2h11m to reach the top, incredible view. Only 7 people on the top.

good easy hike in a deep valley. views are limited but the sound of the creek while hiking is pleasant

Maxwell Falls was a very fun hike. You were fully in a foresty setting that made the hike a more fun and immersive experience. You followed a creek for most of the time. The only issue was that the hike is a bit harder then what it seems.

I really like the variety of trails at St. Mary's, it's always pretty congested, especially during the weekends, but I typically go off the main trail. There are many neat places to stop. The view is spectacular, if you have the opportunity to venture around and find a little trail on your way up. The glacier itself is pretty cool, but I personally enjoy the lake and the small creek (on a side trail).

1 day ago

Fun and scenic.

1 day ago