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Arapaho National Forest is a National Forest located in north-central Colorado, United States. The facility is managed jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from the United States Forest Service office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The combined facility of 1,730,603 acres (2,704.07 sq mi, or 7,420.35 km²) is denoted as ARP (Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee) by the Forest Service.

16 hours ago

This is the steepest hike I’ve done in a while. Total scramble, not really a trail beyond the valley, but I’d recommend following up one of the tributaries. No lakes for doggies, but still plenty of water in the streams which are frequent enough. Good luck, bring poles for the scramble down.

18 hours ago

Great hike - nice practice for higher altitude hikes. Did it today, there was no snow on the trail and plenty of wildflowers. The series of switchbacks at the beginning are the toughest part, then most of the hike after that is gentle rollers on the ridge line. Great views, and not crowded, especially after the first two miles in.

18 hours ago

Beautiful trail! Totally dry. Hiked on a Saturday. Parking lot was full by 7:45am. You are allowed to park along street so finding a spot isn’t an issue. If you enjoy a quiet trail, would recommend starting early as the trail was packed with people by the time we were coming down. Cars all over the place. Took about 4.5 hours round trip to Upper Mohawk lake including breaks for food and photos. We used hiking boots and poles — very helpful as last mile or so is steep and has lots of rocks. Lovely views and hike is very doable for all ages depending on athletic ability. Trail past Lower Mohawk lake is not well marked, so pay attention. Lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!

So. Many. Wildflowers! Busy trail- get there early

22 hours ago

What a beautiful area. Especially great hike for folks coming from lower elevations. Unfortunately, tons of trash along trail and by the glacier. Please, please, please, pick up your trash!! My daughter's boyfriend found a plastic garbage bag left on the glacier and we picked up as much trash as we could going back to the car. Another bummer was that several drones were noisily flying around the lake. I know they can be fun and take great pics, but most folks would rather you leave them at home please!

22 hours ago

I loved this trail! Went 7/13 in the morning. We took our time, taking in the beautiful scenery and got some great photographs. The views and wildflowers are incredible right now. My dog thoroughly appreciated the little bit of snow left over on the ridges that he could roll in. Obviously there is significant elevation gain, but I wouldn't call much it it steep or too difficult. Just pick a slower pace and keep on going! It's definitely worth it at the top. If you're not totally beat at the top, I'd encourage you to go just a bit further down on the other side of the peak. You won't be disappointed!

Good workout. Amazing views. I went on a Friday morning and it wasn’t too crowded. I’ll be doing it again.

1 day ago

Simply beautiful. Good combination of streaky climb with three good inclines. Surprises along the way. Gorgeous wild flowers and when there are no other people the sounds of the running water and run-off waterfalls are incredible.

Nice hike, great workout, and not too much foot traffic! I stopped a few times along the way to enjoy the water. The trail is very dog friendly and the views of the mountains are gorgeous! Flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies are everywhere...so are amazing views!

I’ve stayed in a cabin that I adore up at St. Mary’s Glacier. I’ve hiked the trail to the glacier many times. The trail is short, fairly rocky, and the way to the glacier is all uphill. However, it’s definitely worth the hike. Plus, your hike back is all downhill! The lake is beautiful, and the water is crystal clear. There’s also a hidden waterfall tucked away just to the side of the trail! I just wish it was a little less busy. It seems best to go early in the morning or just before sunset if you go during peak season if you want some privacy. The winter is harsh, but also gorgeous and you can definitely enjoy the sounds of nature!

Beautiful hike. Very rocky but the views were stellar

Did it with a stock 2018 Polaris RZR 1000 XP. Definitely three tight spots that I was glad I was only 64" wide. But gorgeous views along the way!

Stunning views!!! Made it all the way in a Subaru Crosstrek but next time will bring a truck. The last 0.3 was especially rough. Tried our hand at fishing but had no luck...one bite all day. We saw a lot of small trout however nothing big enough you’d want to keep. Lots of rocks make it easy to snag your line. Wonderful scenery, mountain sounds and a nice walk around the lake. The wild flowers were poppin.

Our first 13er and was a great choice. Staying in Winter Park made a 15 minute drive to the trailhead nice. Went at 6 am on a Thursday. Saw about 12-15 people on the trip. I’m from sea level and at times had to stop and rest but made it up in 1:40. Down was slower than expected but took our time. When you get to the switchback on the fire road where the sign is located, go left. Can’t miss the trail.

1 day ago

Beautiful trail - definitely steep in some parts. There's no real rest from the climb - from the parking lot, it's uphill to the top. It was a moderate to tough hike for me, and I like to think I'm a pretty decent hiker. Beautiful view at the top. There seems to be some confusion about where the trail starts - take the service road up .85 mile. There will be a trail off to the left, marked by a sign that says Mt. Flora trail. I logged right at 7 miles, but I wandered around at the top a bit (it's probably closer to 6.7, out and back). I also showed closer to 2k elevation gain.

Beautiful easy hike and awesome views. We hiked Cascade Falls first and decided to head to Monarch Lake and was so happy we did. Beautiful!!

My boys and my dogs did this trail yesterday. It was so beautiful pretty easy hike. It was irratatting to see bags of dog poop left up there.. we packed out someone else's...if your not going to clean up after your dog then don't put it in a plastic bag and leave it! Be a responsible pet owners and clean it up and take it with you. I find the laziness frustrating. I have two dogs and if they poop we take it out with us. It is not that hard. I see this all the time on our hikes..grr

Beautiful hike! We loved every second. The views are on par with a 14er but much less crowded. Did this in about 4 hours with lots of stopping on the way up and a good 40 minutes enjoying the view at the top. The climb is steep, but fine if you give yourself enough breaks. The top was loose rock and gravel, so I would recommend hiking boots or good trail running shoes. The trailhead is very easy to get to and there was plenty of parking when we arrived at the Loveland Pass summit around 9:30 on a Friday. We didn’t see a sign for the trail, but it is on the east side of the pass. I would highly recommend this hike! One of my favorites I’ve done.

I hiked this the day after flying in from Texas. In hindsight, this would've been better with a few days of acclimation.
As previous reviews stated, the first mile of this is tough. Pace yourself and take a break at the first "top," and take in your surroundings. The rest of the hike was ups and downs, with a sneaky false summit. Beautiful views everywhere though- there was receding snow along the trail on July 5.
We left the trailhead at 8:15am and were the only people on the summit. Make sure to find the geological marker.
I would definitely hike this again, but would also be tempted to turn right toward Grizzly Peak next time.

1 day ago

Second time and always beautiful. Go on a weekday if you can. Great for dogs with water throughout trail.

Beautiful morning hike. Loved the sun playing peak-a-boo through the trees. Water is really low right now so not a lot of water on the falls.

2 days ago

Love this trail, and always hike it when I come to visit Breck. I’ve done this trail three times and have seen mountain goats every time! I always suggest making it to all seven lakes for the stunning views, but the first few lakes are gorgeous by themselves too.

2 days ago

Loved this hike. A lot of fun elevation, some difficult parts but plenty of easier sections as well, and it had a bunch of side trails to get to some amazing views. Trail was pretty well marked.

This is my favorite hike!

I loved this place! I drove about an hour and a half to get here, and it was worth it! I took both my dogs and they loved the water. I arrived 9am on a Monday and there was no one around. The trail was not super obvious in some places but I felt like that was good - it wasn't trampled or run down. It was a good trail to do with dogs not used to longer hikes, and the views were amazing! very pleased.

This was one of my fave hikes near Denver! The wildflowers were amazing above tree line. We brought our dogs and they were very happy with the creek that we paralleled and crossed most of the way! We got a late start around 12 and were easily able to park by the trailhead.

My daughters and I hiked this trail and it was breath taking! The way up can be a bit of a challenge if you aren’t used to the elevation but back down only took us 20 minutes. I can’t recommend this trail highly enough! You’ll love it!

Really gorgeous trail! Easy-moderate rating from me except for the last little bit before the third lake. It seems straight up and I had to stop several times to catch my breath.

There isn’t a lot of parking at the lot or the trail head it’s self. We arrived right before 8 am on a Thursday and there were two spots left that filled before we finished getting our stuff out of the car.

Super dog friendly but after the first 1/2 mile or so it’s very exposed and there isn’t a ton of water until you get to the first lake. We were fine getting there early in the AM but I could imagine it being really hot in the afternoon.

Tons of wild flowers out now and lots of spots to stop for pictures and get some sweeping views.

DURATION: Beautiful hike all around, took about 3.5 hours solo. Would recommend allowing 5-6 hrs for groups.

INCLINE: Steady gradual uphill with periods of flat hiking grounds. Take it easy on the last 1/2 mile (steep incline and elevation change), where it then flattens out again to a beautiful lake. Also, remember where the trail is to get back from the lake - this can be a little challenging once you've started walking around the lake shores.

RECOMMENDATIONS: water, snack, trek poles (especially for any beginner hikers), light raincoat/jacket, and bugspray. If you slow down or take a break, the mosquitoes swarm you but it is important to pace yourself and take small breaks on this hike!

OVERALL: Eating lunch / snacks by the lake is picture perfect. VERY WELL MAINTAINED PATH. =)

DIFFICULTY: Moderate to Difficult (last 1/2 mile)

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