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16 hours ago

Don't give this trail a bad review because your car couldn't handle the road....
4WD isn't required but I wouldn't go unless I had it. The road gets rough and high clearance is required. We drove up there and made it about half way up the road before we had to stop and hike because of the deep snow and slush. Totally worth it though!

This is one of my favorite hikes and I plan to come back! The scenery is stunning, the trail is well maintained but still natural. The lake is kept quiet and peaceful and even though it’s busy I never felt crowded. We started to the left this time and the shady trees were perfect for the afternoon in September 2017. Highly recommend! Now I want to paddle board the lake itself. We also saw a juvenile moose in the marsh to the south of the trail near the parking area.

Really nice loop and super close to Breck.

Road blocked off by snow drifts that are impassable as of May, 19 2018. In a 4 inch lifted jeep it was not possible for us. Come back when its warmer.

We saw 3 moose on this trip! It was fabulous! We started out left too with other hiker’s advice. The other side had more ice and snow. It was much dryer than 10 days ago. Right side did have some ice but not too much. The marsh lands on the back side of the lake were amazing. Found a nice log to grab a bite to eat on next to the river. There were several man made bridges to go over so good balance is required on some. It was a lovely trail. We will be back!

First week of May it was still very cold, windy, and snowy. Couldn’t really find the trail. No restrooms. Stunning views though even just from the beginning of the trail off the road. Was worth the drive and view, but bummed we couldn’t really hike.

Went in 3.3 mi on May 17 -- conditions good with some snow patches and postholing but easy enough. The creek crossing at ~2.7 mi in was challenging though.

Great place to hike without having to make a valiant climb to reach a summit. Undulates for most of the way, with occasional rough footing but nothing that a novice hiker would be unable to accomplish. The view was great despite the moderate elevation and hiking next to the creek gives a good “naturalistic” feel. Great Frisco hike, conveniently located.

5 days ago

Hit this trail last week. Great views on the way up and absolutely stunning at the top. There’s a radio tower of some sort that we explored for a while. Overall great hike but definitely would’ve been better if I had snow shoes. Also great for backcountry skiing or snowboarding

Do not waste you’re time with this road. Simple as that.

6 days ago

May 15. Very little snow; less than 1% left on the top part of the trail. You must hike until the end...the views are beautiful. Great place to have lunch. First 3.5 miles are all up hill. Enjoy. Instagram ec_boyd

more of a set of Meandering footpaths than a hiking trail. crocus and little yellow and blue flowers in bloom. This is more of a neighborhood stroll, goes through folks backyards depending on the route you take. if you do not have a good sense of direction, make a note of which forks you take as it can get confusing on the way back. mostly exposed so bring a hat and sunscreen and water. Could be nice for running on your long run day. not much elevation gain, pretty wide vistas. goes through mostly Meadows in the beginning.

Took my 4Runner up but the gate is still closed. All snow has been melted as of 3 days ago..

One of my favorite hikes that I've ever done. Not too physically demanding, but so rewarding. The views at the top are insane, even with cloud coverage. The drive up to the trailhead is a treat in itself too. Did this one 5/14/18 and would recommend crampons or microspikes for the descent- I can imagine it'd be a little slick without them. However, the risk of post-holing is pretty much gone! Get up there and see some beauty!!!

8 days ago

I hiked grays to torreys and whent down Kelso ridge. it was covered in snow about 75 80% got off trail and post holed it back for cuple miles... ;) next time it's kelso.to.torreys to Gray's then out ..

the ridge is the best.. I did grays to Torres then down climbed the ridge super fun specially with all the snow up top and post holing on the way back :)) but hey who needs gear

8 days ago

Bring your yaktrax and poles to make your life easier during this time of the year. The lower section, for about 2 miles, has a nice pack and is pretty breezy. Once you get past the “1 mile to Lower Mohawk” sign, you will run into soft snow and deep post holes. I would definitely go early, when the snow is more stiff, if you plan on making it to Mohawk Lakes without snowshoes. Wasn’t able to make it past Lower Mohawk since I didn’t bring my snowshoes. It’s gonna be an awesome summer hike!! Looking forward to getting back on this trail.

off road driving
9 days ago

Fun trail, but as of this date (5/12/18) it becomes unpassible at about 3 - 3 1/2 miles in because of deep heavy snow. Had to turn around.

9 days ago

We hiked this trail today. Was amazing! Still some snow up top and good hiking shoes needed for sure as some of the piles are still deep. Also some water crossing you will get wet if not careful. This trail is a lot of up up up for the first 3 miles. But it’s worth it. We didn’t actually see anyone else out there til we were on our way back, which is perfect for those of us that like the path less taken. Happy Trails!

Be ready for intense winds and still crossing a few snow fields. The view from the ridge line is beautiful if you can handle the gusts. The parking lot is heavily used by back-country skiers, so get there early if you want a spot. There have also been many recent spring avalanches along Loveland pass, so keep your eyes out while driving as well.

Enjoyable, yet early- sunken steps.

I can’t comment on the trail itself because we never actually got to it. We went May 7 and it was snow covered. The reason for the bad review is because you have to drive up a bad road to get to the trailhead. Once there, you discover you are at a shooting range and people aren’t even staying within the posted areas to shoot. Doesn’t make for a good trip when your children are frightened and your baby starts crying because of the gunfire.

Nice trail and enjoyed the falls. The only thing missing were nice vista views

A steep start (34% grades in part of the first mile) is balanced out by some gentle saddle backs up to sniktau. This is a relatively easy 13er with the exception of wind/sheer exposure being above tree line the entire hike. The trail comes to a T at the end of the first mile of you want to take a right toward Cupid or Grizzly Mountains (or keep left for Sniktau). Little to no snow on the trail makes this one doable without traction or poles. Bring layers for wind, and start early to avoid the backcountry skiing crowd at the parking lot.

11 days ago

Went on May 7 2018. We went clock-wise around the lake. The left side was a lot easier and drier. The right side still had snow on many parts of the trail. We saw many tracks (and scate) on the right side, I'm not an expert but several looked like moose & elk , but pointed out to my wife a couple in the soft mud looked like fresh bear tracks, which got my attention. Due to the many patches of snow still on the trail on the right side of the lake it was a lot harder walk. We never saw a moose while on the trail, but someone we passed latter told us they saw one right on the trail on the right side around the 4-5 o'clock position of the trail right after they passed us. On the walk back down the road from the trail head to the campground we saw a moose on the left side right where a stream or creak dumps into a very large Creek that makes a large bend next to the gravel road. It was a bull with no antlers. We watched him for about 15 min as he crossed the little stream and came towards the road eating brush along the way. The trail will be a bit easier in late spring, summer and fall, without the snow. Pay close attention to the signs at trail junctions, they don't always call out Monarch Lake Trail Loop by name, (they should), so make sure you're going the right way to stay on the loop trail. Bring snacks and water.

12 days ago

Patches of snow that you won't even notice in the morning but if the sun is out, you'll definitely notice them in the afternoon! Lots of post holing after noon, even in snowshoes. Suggest starting really early so you don't have a bad time!

12 days ago

Awesome trail during the week! Little to no traffic and great picnic spots!

12 days ago

Trail was a little difficult to follow and there is s bunch of trash from people shooting their guns.

13 days ago

Fun hike. We went this past Saturday May 5 and it was ALL snow. Either Yaktrax or trekking poles are helpful, but not necessary (but expect to fall a few times or get buried into feet of snow at times). I think it should be considered a moderate hike because the incline in the first 1/2 mile itself is tough. But I think it is "easy" because its short. It took us about 2.5 hours in and out. Beautiful views!

Went up 5/5/18, arrived around 1pm, the trail mostly dry with the occasional patches of snow at first. About 2 miles up you’ll see significantly more snow and might want to consider poles for stability, however we made it up just fine no yak traks or poles. Eventually the snow fall is too much and you’ll loose the trail, you can’t continue up to Gore Range. Easy to moderate hike, only two hours at most if you take your time and maybe detour a bit. Trail follows the river majority of the time, plenty of places to pull off and enjoy the views. Moderately trafficked, we only saw a hand full of people on the trail however the parking lot is small so it fills up fast. Great for all skill ranges and ages.

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