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off road driving
1 day ago

Road is currently impassable without 4wd due to snow. Some clearance needed. Truck or SUV recommended. Short trail, great views!

Though it was nice, after a few miles of 4x4 road its more like walking on a wide trail. Where the map shows the end of the trail, you can cut left and go up a ways toward Torreys peak

off road driving
4 days ago

Great trail overall. Has some great views when you come out of the trees. It is tight in some spots and would be tricky for anything much bigger than my 4Runner. My 2.5” lift was plenty and saw a stock Tacoma doing just fine. Fairly snowy up top already.

Did this hike yesterday in the middle of a snow shower, and it was really nice! Like others, we missed the turnoff for the falls, but found it after finding the sign on our way back down. Apparently, we hiked nearly 1/2 a mile past it. My phone was acting up, so I wasn't able to add a waypoint to the map.

That being said, this is a really nice hike. It would be great for out-of-towners, since the elevation gain is very managable. I don't know if it was the weather, or that it was Wednesday, but we ran into more bags of dog poop than people. Seriously folks, clean up after yourselves!

off road driving
11 days ago

Nothing difficult about this trail, suitable for most 4wd vehicles with only a handful of areas that require ground clearance. It’s short and easy enough to be perfect for someone getting familiar with off-roading or just looking for something quick to explore. The views at the lake are very nice and worth the trip. Would make a great place to pitch a tent for a night or two but you would definitely have company.

Almost stock 1995 Jeep YJ
2” lift, 31” tires

off road driving
11 days ago

Did it on a ATV , fun , some rocky inclines / declines . I’d go back again for sure.

Weather was great for hiking and not too many people on the trail (it was a weekday after all). Trail is pretty dusty and I can see this getting muddy after some rainfall. Really wasn't much too see as there are not any viewpoints and you're walking through dense forest. We missed the sign that points to the falls 100 yards away. It was kind of easy to miss as it doesn't really face the trail very well. There were at least two other groups that had missed it also and we were all looking for it. After finding the falls, it was disappointing to see the dismal trickle of water coming down the rocks. I'd hardly classify it as "falls". All in all, it was an ok hike.

Beautiful hike! The colors were so pretty with a few aspens interspersed in the ponderosa. Keep your eyes out for the sign down to Maxwell falls off the trail - it can be easy to miss depending on which way you come up. You have to walk ~100m upstream to see the main falls. Also, please pick up your dog poop bags! We saw at least 6 bags at the trailside.

Loved this trail! Well maintained, well marked, moderately busy on this Sunday afternoon (a couple of young families, 4-5 mountain bikers, a few people with dogs).
We parked at the ice rink, then took the free bus (Boreas Pass) up to the stop “Bluff Condominiums” (10 min ride), walked about 3/4 of a mile up along the road to the trail head and hiked the trail down to the ice rink. Would recommend doing this if hiking with kids.
Aspen are mostly bare by now (Sep. 23). We were able to catch a few patches of pretty fall foliage on the lower half.
Upper half of the trail is tranquil, lower half you can hear some traffic.

off road driving
25 days ago

I love Bill Moore Lake. The hardest part is the bottom but there are easier ways up than I took. Saw an older, unlifted Frontier with pretty bald tires coming down from the top so use that for reference. The Chutes is a cool more difficult shortcut you can take but I didn't last time. There are a few rutted sections where most rigs can get to max flex if they wish, most have options. Near the top there is the high clearance route or easy way but I think if you've made it this far you can take the hard way. It's pretty loose with a couple holes and moguls but you can pick a side and straddle a hole if you are spinning tires. As always, have fun out there! If you'd like to see my run of the trail I have it up at:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars.

Not much scenery as it’s in a valley. Barely any changing of the leaves so not recommend right now if that’s your goal. Lots of uphill and rocky. Great cardio. Never made it to the falls. Heavily trafficked...

It is beautiful and fun. It takes awhile to get to the falls so be prepared to hike! It’s also very much in the forest and you don’t see mountains or the sky a whole bunch.

off road driving
26 days ago

I would say most stock high clearance 4x4 jeeps or trucks would make it just fine if you know what you’re doing. Only a few challenges but the views at the lake are great. Sadly no trout that I saw.

3” lifted 2010 Tacoma on 33s with no problems.

Nice trail with beautiful fall aspen colors. Fairly flat. Several mountain bikers use the trail but were courteous when passing. Others saw a moose.

Three stars because this trail is way too packed. You'll need to get to the trailhead between 6-8am although people tend to park on the side of the road. This is a moderate trail in the true sense. The beginning is mostly an incline and there are a series of ups and downs. You can wander a bit off the trail on certain parts for some amazing view points of the mountains. The flow and intensity of the fall will depend on the time of year you do it. Enjoy folks!

1 month ago

Great for tourists

Not for the faint of heart, or stock of vehicle. Very rutted and lots of loose rocks, but a good line, good spotter and the right tunes get you all over this mountain with a smile on your face. Lift and locker advised.

Beautiful aspens, some uphill sections, and watch out for mountain bikers. Very enjoyable. Close to town and easy to get to.

1 month ago

So. Much. Road. Noise. Aside from that it was a pretty hike with interesting mining landmarks, low foot traffic, easy to find and a few good views

off road driving
1 month ago

Very pretty drive in forested area. The lakes were very low, but it looked like very decent camping. Nothing spectacular.

I actually hiked this trail in the middle of winter and only saw 1 other hiker and her dog. It was quite peaceful and serene. The waterfall was frozen over and a perfect place to set up my hammock and have a snack. Not a hard hike even with some snow cover on the trail. A great winter acclimization hike for newbies.

Nice walk! Pretty easy but lovely and a nice morning walk that is not far from Denver! Hiked 8/16/18.

1 month ago

Nice little hike. Decent views from the ridge up above the falls. Popular trail, so it pays to get there on the earlier side. If you are going to bag your dog poop, please remember to actually pick up the bag; the trail is littered with good intentions. ; )

Great hike overall! Parking was easy. There are a few points when the trail was unclear, but we were back on the right trail pretty quickly. Took our dog and it was good for him too! Some pretty exposed parts where it got very warm, bring your sunscreen! Awesome views of the changing leaves!

Good hike, good fall colors. Be wary of mountain bikers.

Started from the ice rink.
Good trail mostly thru the woods with the aspens turning. From the museum to the top was pretty busy with a lot of bikes. Bikers were especially courteous so all went well. Easy hike close to town.

Hiked it today. The aspens are spectacular.

trail running
1 month ago

At one point I got turned around on Cliffloop and didn't pay attention to the map until I was about 1/4 mile in. So, there will be a place that's not clearly marked like it is the first few miles. I only saw two hikers going up but by 10:30a I saw half a dozen or more on my way back to the trailhead. There's lots of tree coverage to keep the sun out of your eyes.

off road driving
1 month ago

Fun trail that had a great mix of flat dirt road and some intense rocky uphill climbs (I went counter clockwise). I am newer to trails, but I am guessing that if my 2000 4Runner (3” lift and 33’s) was stock, I’d have some potential dings/damage underneath from one to three spots.

1 month ago

favorite hike in the Fraser valley! tough & challenging but totally doable. mentally, the toughest part is the walk down the road once you come off the trail.

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