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6/21/18: So pretty! On the way up, the first half is an aspen forest with steeper incline, and the second half is an evergreen forest and levels out occasionally. It tops out around tree line. Lots of wildflowers especially in the aspens and near the top. Limited water; access only near the trailhead, a little stream on the way, and another near the top, so bring extra for dogs that get hot. The majority of the trail is partially shaded. Passed 5ish groups early PM weekday.

on Hells Hole Trail

2 days ago

Beautiful uphill trail with healthy aspens and wildflowers.

We hiked this trail on 6/19/18. Go early as the trail is busy during the early afternoon. We have two kids 10 and 13, and it was a challenge for our 10 year old to finish the hike. The elevation for the final ascend is no joke, but the views are spectacular at the lower lake. As a family, we took plenty of breaks and the entire trip took us 4.5 hours.

Did this (6/18/18) the day after we arrived from south Florida. We started at Spruce Creek trailhead at 1500, but missed the trail marker and ended up hiking up the road to the Mohawk trailhead. It was ok though, because it saved us time. Our big aspiration was to make it to the waterfall, and then we turned back because it was getting late. We got back to the car by 2000. We had pretty solid headaches when we drove back to Breck, but it was a great hike. I'd do it again, just make sure you don't get off the trail. It's poorly marked, but it's navigable if you ask for directions.

It's worth noting we were stalked by a mountain goat after we ate sandwiches at the waterfall. The poor creature followed us for .5 miles. I guess he was seeking food. He wasted precious calories following us down the mountain, and I felt bad. If he was a bear or alligator, this post would not have happened and his belly would be full. Instead, he's a goat with an empty stomach :'(

Nice, shaded trail. Good hike.

We hiked here for Mother's day. Beautiful trails; both lower and upper trails are moderate. I love the upper tail for the view at the top! One sad thing... Dog poop bags everywhere at the beginning of the lower trail:( If you're going to bring your dog be respectful and TAKE YOUR DOGS POOP WITH YOU when you leave.

Big rewards for a moderate hike up! The best views I’ve ever seen next to the Rocky’s! You feel on top of the world!

4 days ago

Love this trail. Creek and waterfall along the way with old deserted cabins, a little scramble to upper lake, but pristine water you can see fish clear swimming right by your ankles!

We hiked on 6/16/18 and the wild flowers were in full bloom on the entire trail. Beautiful hike!

5 days ago

This is a great hike with lots of shade because of the HUGE trees. The falls are nice but nothing spectacular. Very busy on the weekend. Would give 5 stars but the trail is littered with bags of dog poop. We saw at least 30 on the first 2 miles.

Great trail that is easy to get done in a few hours. Parking is fairly limited and almost everyone hiking brings a dog. the waterfall is worth the drive from Denver!

Beautiful streams throughout the hike.
Excellent waterfalls.
Very shaded and cool

9 days ago

The trail is really fun and fairly challenging. There are still a few areas after the first Mohawk lake with snow on the trail. The views are phenomenal. It's a really good time :)

Gorgeous views! Just one more thing to add to other great points in other reviews. Before the lower falls, Spruce Creek Trail ends and splits into Mayflower and mohawk lake trails. We ended up taking Mohawk and It the correct one. There are several places where the trail splits but in general they all end up at the same place so it’s not a big deal which one you take. Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite trails that’s close to Denver.

Only one word!! AMAZING! I loved all the trail! The view leaves you speechless.

10 days ago

Hiked this on Saturday 6/9 and although it was beautiful the crowds were too much. Do yourself a favor and park below the trailhead and walk up. Easy trail to find and beautiful views.

This trail has tons of people on the weekend. We passed ~30 dogs, dozens of families with children, and over a hundred hikers in the 4.2 miles. This is not a wild experience by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, the hike was cool (in temperature) so it made for a good way to escape the Denver heat. I enjoyed that getting to the actual fall was a bit of a scramble as opposed to a path. The falls were tiny, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Did this today, was pretty fun! Took about an hour or so to get to lower Mohawk lake and another 20-30 minutes to get to the top. Decided to do some trail running down so it took maybe 45 minutes to an hour to get down.

Up till the last stretch the trail is quite dry. The last bit has some mud and snow but nothing bad. I had trail runners and long socks and it was perfect. Also didn't use a trekking pole, if you aren't comfortable with your balance or footing, or are out of shape, they can be useful but not necessary.

Overall I had a good time!

Easy hike. Our gps calculated about 3.1 miles round trip via Maxwell Falls trail. We got their early-ish (8am) and parked in the lot and had perfect temps. Was getting hot on the return at 10 (we sat and ate and took pics for about 20 mins).

The trail map was confusing. From the lower lot we went straight up. At the first sign (“Trail” with an arrow and lots of marking towards the falls) we thought that was the first junction. It’s not. Trust the sign and go straight. The footbridge everyone refers to is a man made footbridge and the Maxwell Falls Trail/Loop option is immediately after the bridge.

We followed the Maxwell Falls Trail. We paid attention to other reviews and followed the sound. Where the trail starts to spread out, it gets a little confusing as to which way to go. Stay left and follow the creek. Keep staying left and following the creek. You’ll probably get to a point and think “Is this it?” It’s not. Keep going. There’s some awesome big rocks to sit and eat and scramble your way up past the green bushes. You’ll come around the bushes and say, “THAT’S it!” Nice and refreshing and beautiful. Not a lot of water but still worth it.

This was a great starter hike. Up and then flat for awhile to catch your breath. It’s the first in a training series for our group and a good intro for new hikers. One ask... please pack out what you bring. Super disappointing to see poop bags, used toilet paper (for real) and granola bar wrappers in the creek and on the trail. Pack out what you pack in.

I got to the trailhead around 9:30 and the parking lots were completely filled, but with plenty of parking along the road. The trail was moderately busy, but people are pretty polite about letting faster moving groups pass by.

The first half of the trail is well shaded, which was pretty nice, but the last half was during the time of day where I’d wished I had shade.

The falls is kind of hidden a bit. Strictly following the trail will take you to the top of it, but if you stay along the small path along the creek, it will take you straight to the waterfall. There’s some large rocks to climb over to get to the base of the falls, but I found it pretty easy with a puppy in tow.

Hiked to lower Mohawk lake today 6/9/18. I started hiking around 7 am and I saw only a few people. On my way back down there was quite a few more people and lots of cars in the lot. Beautiful hike! A little mud on the way up, but really awesome.

13 days ago

I recommend starting in the early morning (we began at 8:30) before the parking lot fills up and to maximize shade. The first half of the hike is steeper and rockier than the latter half. You’ll enjoy several beautiful, shady Aspen groves on the way up, which then turn into evergreens and wildflowers. Once you clear tree line you have a beautiful view of Grey Wolf and the surrounding peaks and several shady spots to sit with a snack and relax. Overall it was a good workout but not completely draining.

Nice and shaded trail. We climb thru the rocks to get to the waterfall, the kids love it and called it an adventure. Is not a huge waterfall but where in Denver you will see something like this nature? I love it

Beautiful trail with lots of wildflowers and gorgeous views.

A very pleasant trail on beautiful land. LOTS of people on a Sunday. Trail lined with dog waste bags. But beautiful.

Spotted a medium size black and brown dog with out a collar about 10-15 min from the trailhead. Seemed to be well fed, but quite dirty.

15 days ago

Amazing views. Made it to low and high mohawk lakes and the upper lake is partially frozen. Truly breaktaking. I highly recommend us. We hike 8.89 miles round trip and took us about 5 hours. Much quicker on your way down by beware of lots of mud. I was glad I had my hiking boots because when we had to scramble uonto the top some of the rocks are slick.

Great hike! It was a little busy, but nothing obvious. Very little snow, I hiked the trail in tennis shoes and was totally fine.

Great if you want to walk several hours incline while hiking on rocks to get to a waterfall that is less impressive.

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