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Arapaho National Forest is a National Forest located in north-central Colorado, United States. The facility is managed jointly with the Roosevelt National Forest and the Pawnee National Grassland from the United States Forest Service office in Fort Collins, Colorado. The combined facility of 1,730,603 acres (2,704.07 sq mi, or 7,420.35 km²) is denoted as ARP (Arapaho, Roosevelt, Pawnee) by the Forest Service.

19 hours ago

great hike. however definately bring snowshoes. Also saw a mountain lion on a trail so stay alert.

Hiked in snowshoes. Not heavily traveled today. Nice out and back to view the frozen lake. Highly recommend the trail.

Lovely and pleasant 2.5hour walk through the forest, so quiet and peaceful. Didn’t come across too many people. Path was mostly good although some areas rather icy - we managed with good walking shoes but would recommend stabilizers. Not that strenuous, but a good bit of exercise!

1 day ago

Great groomed trails. Beautiful woods and clearings. Got in our steps even though we’re no longer in tip top shape!

5 days ago

Not accessible unless you want to drive past a danger closed road sign, or walk from there (still a few miles from trailhead from what I saw). Looks like plenty of people got up there but my car was not equipped.

6 days ago

Completed on 2-11-2018.

This is a great trail to snowshoe that doesn't seem to be heavily trafficked during the winter months. I recommend snowshoes with a lot of float. Throughout the day I was falling waist deep in snow and breaking new trail. While fun, I wished I had brought tails for my snowshoes. Strava did record the distance just shy of 8 miles rather than noted 6.4.

Very easy trail to find. Take exit 218 then look North for the sign pointing to parking lot.

The lower third of the trail is a wide well packed trail. There is a pretty significant elevation gain over the first mile but this part of the trail is heavily used by skiers and snowshoers. The trail is wide and the snow is well packed down.

After the initial climb the sounds of i70 vanish and the trail levels off a bit, though it is a sustained climb the entire way up. The trail becomes much less traveled once the skiers head away from the main path and up their own steep slope to play. But if you're like me you're always looking for the less traveled sections of Colorado.

The middle third of the hike is through an open prairie before entering the trees. There is a 200-300 yard prairie section which had some of the deepest snow on the hike. The trail had been wiped out by an avalanche down Mount Machebeuf. There was a lightly broken trail created below the affected. The snow here is very deep and snowshoes with a lot more float would have been nice. Once you enter the trees you begin skirting the slope of Machebeuf. You are within treeline through most of this section so I wasn't worried about avalanches, but the slope is severe enough that I felt fatigue in my down slope leg from continually supporting me.

The final third is an aggressive slope made up of a few switch backs but mostly runs strait up. The snow is deep and I had to fight from continually sinking. I didn't see any evidence of an avalanche, but the final slope looked like it would be a great area for everything to go. I was pretty careful none the less. Herman Lake is probably more exciting in the summer, but it was satisfying to reach the summit.

Snowshoed to the lake today and part way up to glacier. Lots of snow still, very windy. Beautiful views! Everyone says it's easy but felt it a bit challenging for us Minnesotans (but the cold didn't bother us), maybe since we are still adjusting to elevation. It was a steady climb to the lake and steeper to the glacier. Want to make a trip back in Spring or Summer. Ran into several people even on a Thursday afternoon.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike!!! We did it last week, and snowshoes were definitely necessary for the last half, and it was windy at the top. But the snow was deep and so much fun to snowshoe though.
Also, if you go in the winter, It's hard to see the trail through the snow towards the top. Stay to the right of the wooden fence after the metal gate. We just followed GPS.

I did this in the summer. Fantastic views considering the relatively minimal effort needed to get to the top. Short, sweet and rewarding!

12 days ago

Perfect trail in the snow--everything was nicely packed and the weather was beautiful! Lots of different options for trails.

13 days ago

So much powder! A steady incline, some parts steeper than others but the view was worth it. I wouldn’t recommend for beginner showshoers but a good challenging jaunt for intermediates. The parking is just past Berthoud Pass, directly off 40 and the trailhead is right there. No restrooms that I could see.

Hiked today with cramp ons! It was a great day! Trail was icy but with the cramps it was perfect! Nice workout

14 days ago

Nice hike along the forest road. Limited views until you get to the top. Was snowing when we got there but amazing views of Denver and the lowlands

14 days ago

Just wished for more snow...

16 days ago

Beautiful Winter Wonder Forest to Snowy Magical Peaks. Perfect Snowshoe hike. Stayed 5 hours exploring the beautiful terrain but was not sure if we were on the traditional summer trail as there were so many trails going every which-way. We followed a main one that seemed like a road but then it broke off to a few false summits followed by delightful views that kept urging us to go farther and farther. Multiple windy bursts at the top broken up by peaceful moments of calm. The snow was looking so cool the way the wind shapes it almost like another planet.

17 days ago

Traction would have been nice, but not necessary. A go to when you only have an hour of free time to get in a good view.

17 days ago

Road is clear until the next snow, never even considered using 4WD. Brought up 8 people and a bunch of sleds, and had a blast! Ended up sledding down the glacier onto the frozen lake, sleds are a must here if you're up for the adventure!

18 days ago

Great hike. Trail around Mines little tough to find with snow but by near the saddle trail is wind blown and easy to find. Microspikes were very helpful going around Mines, brought snowshoes but didn't use.

19 days ago

Snow was hard packed, a little loud initially but once you are away from the highway it was serene! I took my dog and used snowshoes near the end! Saw an old avalanche slide so backcountry skiers be ware. There is not the most snowfall up there and it was in the 40’s so I may or may not have slid into the creek that was only inches below the snow...;) This hike is on my list for a fresh powder day!

One of my favorite hikes I’ve done in Colorado. Great variety in scenery, good chance of seeing wildlife (moose, elk, black bear), incredible lake, and stunning views from the top of the divide. Plus there are very few people around, even during long weekends. Bring lots of water!

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