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We did this trail 3/11 and it was awesome! Some icy spots but easily navigable without spikes or traxs.

Very snowy and scenic! We managed with walking shoes poles but if there was much more snow would have needed snow shoes. It’s deceptively downhill at the start, so quite a work out coming back up! ( we decided to double back rather then go through the woods as they were in the shade and likely cold ). Overall a great work out for a few hours, saw deer and enjoyed the gorgeous space!

Nice hike through a beautiful forest..

Fun trial close to Denver. Crowded but if you go early it make for a great hike

It’s a beautiful trail and part of a large network of trails that offer endless possibilities for ur hike. When I went about 2 weeks ago, the trail through the forest was extremely icy in the shade. I wouldn’t recommend trying that part of the trail without yak tracks or micro spikes. I actually had a decent fall off the side of the trail which I would not recommend, lol.

Great views of the city. Super muddy for the pups, but a good time!

Fitbit told me I hiked 6.83 miles, so definitely longer than 5.5. Beautiful hike but would highly recommend hiking boots (not tennis shoes) for this time of year. Slippery snow, ice, and mud, but worth it!!

Nice hike, not bad even with snow covered trail...slushy and muddy in certain areas so wear appropriate foot wear if you are hiking any time soon.

Icy in the beginning and very muddy if you bring the pups!

great time to hike.

Loved the variation of the hike between the beautiful forest and the views of town. Highly recommend. The weather was mild but be warned of the icy patches throughout the hike, especially in the woods. We wore microspikes and were glad to have them, even if they were annoying to take on and off between the icy and dry trail areas. Would recommend bringing some type of traction device and a layer as you transition between sunny/exposed and shaded/trees.

Lots of mountain bikers on a Saturday, so we just had to step off to the side with our dog, but it was a beautiful hike! Saw lots of deer.

5 stars, a truly wonderful hike. Apex to start was challenging, a few icy spots required to essentially slide for a step, but majority was nice and hike able. The Enchanted Forest trail weaves in and out of open sky hillsides and thick shaded forest. The forest truly is enchanted, as we are sure the trees come alive at night when no one is around. Completed in exactly 3 hours by two hungover New Yorkers and a one year old pupper.

Pretty easy trail with some rocky sections, none too steep. It follows the creek from the beginning, which is nice in the warmer months, and there are some shady sections as well.

I was on this trail last summer and encountered a man who had tripped on a rock while trail running and had dislocated his hip. We had to call 9-1-1 and it took them about an hour to reach us. Careful on the rocks!

Fun hike with different terrain. Bikers were super friendly. Lots of mud with some ice, but good conditions overall for late December.

My favourite "in the woods" local trail run. Most of it is runnable. Many variations in difficulty and distance. Watch out for bikes and the occasional bear.

This was not really a great hike for me. First the volume of mountain bikers can be pretty annoying. I've been on many trails that share with bikes and are fine. but there are a lot of narrow steep parts on this trail where it can be difficult to get out of the way. And the frequency can be such that you are stepping aside for bikes almost every other minute the entire hike. All of that could be forgivable of the views were there but overall I thought it was just an average trail for views too. The Forrest section is nice but is only a fraction of the overall hike. I greatly prefer Eldorado Canyon or the Table Top trails if looking for something within 30 mins of here. Flat Irons Vista is another great option.

Nice for trail running.

It was a challenging hike. Lots of ice, mud and rocky terrain. Also, lots of bikers and runners and it’s a narrow trail.

Ice traction recommended fall through spring. Lots of shade. Moderate hiking and biking traffic. Dog friendly.

trail running
4 months ago

Love the enchanted forest portion:)

it was a little icy a couple days ago.

Great trail. But super iced over today.

Great trail...but ends in residential area with no close place to eat and recuperate.

My only gripe is that this trail is primarily used for mountain biking. There were signs posted throughout that it be used by bikers on odd days only: Sun, Tues, Thurs- an important detail missing from the description. Being from out of town, we had no idea & decided to hike it on a Thurs. We had to move out of the way at least half a dozen times. So hikers be aware! Other than that, I loved it. It's terrain is hilly with a few steep areas mixed in and absolutely gorgeous. No views per say, but wildflowers and many species of trees throughout.

Beautiful trail! Great for mountain biking!

trail running
5 months ago

Great for trail run. It's challenging yet still fun. Super workout!! A bit rocky. The enchanted forest is lush and magical.

I do this hike in Apex Park often. If you follow Apex trail and stay left onto Enchanted Forrest you get to go in the shade and cool off for a bit before you head back down the mountain. Water source for dogs. Have seen lots of Elk. Lots of mountain bikes on Apex and connecting trails, but not too many on Enchanted.

I'd actually call this trail a moderately trafficked, easy trail. The trails are well marked with good parking.

Great hike. A bit tight in certain areas so if you bring your dog careful of the mountain bikers zipping through quickly. Great shade in the enchanted forest and nice views.

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