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Love this trail. Forest provides great shade in the summer. Not too crowded but you do need to watch out for bikes (and vice versa) as visibility isn’t great in some areas.

Apex is incredibly rocky. Enchanted forest is super steep with many inclines. The trail has so many grooves from bikes that it is never flat. I would not rate this a moderate. This is definitely a hard hike! Overall, not my kind of hike at all. I ended up turning around about 2.5 mi in because I wasn’t feeling it. I won’t do this one again. There are much better forest hikes for hikers. If you’re looking for forest I don’t recommend this.

Great trail close to the city. I’ll definitely come back. Only three stars because 1) the trail is heavily trafficked by mountain bikers; and 2) it probably should be rated as moderate and not difficult.

Brisk but dry and quiet on an October Wednesday. You’ll get some deep lunges in on the Apex portion, but the switchbacks going down the Pick ‘n Sledge portion reward you with a relatively smooth descent and a sprawling view of Golden, Denver and beyond.

Great moderate trail very close to the city. Directional for mountain bikers on odd days which makes it much easier to share. Lots of dog lovers but all dogs on a leash. Grubsteak section is more wooded and better for heat of the day. Rest of Trail is fairly exposed so bring a hat even on cooler days. I will definitely do this one again.

Very fun and routy

Got to the trailhead today and there were already about a dozen cars in the parking lot. The cleanest restrooms I’ve ever been in at a trailhead are here at Apex. This is a popular mountain biking place. I met several along the way. Overall an enjoyable run.

Easy fun hike! The neighbors in the area are super friendly.

GO SEE THIS TRAIL AFTER A LIGHT SNOW. It’s Christmas card worthy.

We went early in the AM and found parking. The trail wasn't rugged and we saw some deer.

Hiked while it was snowing and the enchanted Forest sure did live up to it's name! The incline wasn't too bad at all. Cant wait to go back on a sunny day.

Great trail! It’s very long and good for a full day of hiking. Definitely would rate moderate

Very Nice trail! Great inclines, beautiful scenery (not enchanting though), LOTS of bikers so watch out (they're all super nice & polite though). Loads of parking here & very clean restrooms. you have to hike through the "apex" trail to get to the "enchanted forest" trail just FYI.

Lots of mountain bikes, and I can see why they want to be out here. The scenery just off the path is serene and calming. And there are plenty of downhill sections with banked corners and interesting rock obstacles for them.

Mountain biking on odd days, uphill is brutal. Apex and Enchanted forest has steep inclines and serious boulders. Good decent on Pick N' Sledge after earning the burn.

Nice easy hike when you are short on time. We didn’t do the whole thing because of that reason, but it’s an easy hike up. Nice views of the city and mountains in the distance. Great workout

It was a good trail for hiking. Lots of rocks, didn't wear the proper shoes for this trail. Very nice work out and got the blood pumping. Would do this hike again.

2 months ago

Nice workout and decent views

Nice trail! Not magnificently scenic but it’s pretty in its own way. We went on Labor Day morning and there were very few people there, so it was great. I can see how it would be a pain if there were a lot of bikers on it though. Overall a pretty trail! Our dog had a blast!

This trail is dope! Great for mountain biking and hiking! This open spaces provides: Filtered Water, maps, lots of parking, and clear instructions. Please note, biking one ways on ODDs is enforced.

Bikes slow down pace

This trail is amazing early before the sun gets too high- and before the crowds join you! It was empty on a late-August Sunday from 7-7:45am. Its not a fast trail- lots of technical spots but it keeps you focused on the trail ahead of you. A few areas to get in some faster strides but you probably won’t beat any PRs on this route. And it’s a steady climb until you loop back: I definitely did a lot of walking two catch my breath. One of the best aspects of this trail is how much cooler it is in the morning- maybe 10 degrees lower than the trailhead? It’s great. Watch out for lots of poison ivy which can be avoided if you stay on trail.

Really enjoyed this trail with our dog. Beautiful scenery in and out of the trees/sun. The parking and facilities at the trailhead are top notch.

it says moderate, but we thought it was closer to hard. beautiful hike, though, some stunning views of the city when you first start out. from the top you can see Golden to the left, and way in the back you can see downtown Denver, so you really can see it all.
the sun would beat down during the climb up, and then In the forest it cooled down.

I've only hiked this trail once and it is a really cool trail, especially 12 minutes away from my house in the city, but the main drawback for me is all the bikes. It's a very popular MTB trail and I had to pause pretty much every other minute to let a bike go by. A few bikes hurtled toward me and expected me to lunge out of the way. Overall it was hard to settle into the hike itself.

Solid trail for a decent

Beautiful hike with my dog, but had to go early in the AM to beat the summer heat (by noon it was 95 degrees). A few spots got narrow and with mtn bikers out and about there were a couple times we were forced off the path to make room for them. Nice mixture of rocky scrambles and smooth trail.

This trail is just ok. Parking situation is off the side of a busy road. If you want to get in a hike or a run, it's a good spot, but don't come here expecting spectacular views. One thing that made this trail less enjoyable is the amount of mountain bikers that just will NOT yield to hikers. The day I went I saw about 30 bikers, only 2 moved out of the way. Others quite dangerously sped by us. Maybe one day people will figure out trail rules or choose to follow them.

I think this trail is more fun for mountain bikers but a good overall hike. Hot and sunny for most of it. Chance to see wildlife.

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