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My favourite "in the woods" local trail run. Most of it is runnable. Many variations in difficulty and distance. Watch out for bikes and the occasional bear.

This was not really a great hike for me. First the volume of mountain bikers can be pretty annoying. I've been on many trails that share with bikes and are fine. but there are a lot of narrow steep parts on this trail where it can be difficult to get out of the way. And the frequency can be such that you are stepping aside for bikes almost every other minute the entire hike. All of that could be forgivable of the views were there but overall I thought it was just an average trail for views too. The Forrest section is nice but is only a fraction of the overall hike. I greatly prefer Eldorado Canyon or the Table Top trails if looking for something within 30 mins of here. Flat Irons Vista is another great option.

Nice for trail running.

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