Nice trail. Worth a go around. Too many bikers causing constant stopping to let them by. It runs your flow and they sometimes fly up out of nowhere and show their frustration you're walking.

Wonderful experience

I decided to hike this trail with my mom on mothers day because of all the positive reviews. I think it is worth it to share that there were several rattlesnake sightings while on this hike. We both decided to bail on the hike after another hiker gave us a friendly warning that we were about to encounter a couple more snakes on the trail.

11 days ago

Love this hike! It's the perfect workout for a casual hiker like myself - not too easy, not too difficult. Hiking today (Sunday, June 11, 2017) a baby bear was sighted right on the trail, about mile into the Apex Trail, which you have to take to get to Enchanted Forest if you come from the east side. The mama bear wasn't seen as far as I know, but was probably nearby! I personally didn't see it, but a couple groups of hikers who had passed my group came back moments later to let people know that it was about 100 feet or so up the trail. After waiting a few minutes to let the bear scurry off somewhere, our two groups agreed to keep going together, hoping that the bear(s) would leave us alone that way. No sightings for us, and it turned out to be a great day with kind of a cool story.

The best days for hikers are odd numbered days when bicycle traffic is limited to one way traffic only. The trail follows a creek for a couple of miles, along which grow lots of wild hops and plums. Lots of shade and some views of Golden and Denver.

Beautiful! The forests are breathtaking