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Good for 6 year old granddaughter. Easy, aspens, good rock formations and enough elevation to keep it interesting. Decent bathrooms. Fun to stop in Evergreen after

There is very minimal snow on the sides of the trail and some of the standing water is starting to ice over, but no issues for walking through the trails. This hike met my craving for getting out and about, but the trails are definitely on the east side. It’s more like a walk that a hike that gets your heart pumping. Similar to other reviews, it is easy to take another unintended path and end up back at your car sooner than expected. I did enjoy the views of the mountains and overlooking evergreen high school. Overall the hike was enjoyable, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.

great trail for dog walking, clean and great look out points a little last on the decent

Did this hike 11/2/18 and there was quite a bit of snow on the path when we first started, and it melted to muddy slush by the time we came down. It was pretty though! Would definitely do this trail again in the spring when the path is dry

Initially intended to do the entire loop but accidentally cut across halfway thru and didn’t want to back track (again). Beautiful scenery, and it’s best to get there early. Heavier traffic begins around 9am. Overall, highly recommend!

Great groomed trail and wonderful views

This was a nice trail to hike with kids and dogs, but there were a lot of (very polite) mountain bikers. Not too steep or long and some nice views along the summit trail. Nice and shady and a mostly smooth trail.

Lots of bikers, great view at the top. Very gradual incline and not too steep

Perfect, easy short hike for winter. If this was done in summer, I'd give 3 stars that are because it is boring and too easy. First snow day, beautiful Aspen trees covered with snow and ran into some deer. Thumbs up! Parking was only filled with 4 cars at 9 am.

Super easy trail, and peaceful trail... loved it!

Good trail for me to get used to altitude!

mountain biking
1 month ago

I went her at the recommendation of my local bike shop and I had a great time. Was just by myself but decided to not look at the trail map and just go where I thought looked more interesting. Ended up staying and going up and down again and again for almost four hours. Next time I will have to bring my climbing shoes though as I found some nice bouldering spots just off the trails. Was fairly crowded and a fairly easy but pleasant downhill ride. The times I was going uphill wasn’t bad and I would say with some of the rocks and logs in the trail could be considered a medium.

gorgeous in the winter!

Great views at end

easy, with some nice views

Great 3 mile hike. Couple good switchbacks that will get your heart pumping. Overall an easy hike with a couple moderate moments. Good hike to get acclimated to the elevation.

Great hike! Perfect for those looking to just get outdoors and enjoy some scenery.

So many bikers, but all the friendly kind! Great little hike, would make for a great trail run but I brought my Frenchie and he isn’t much of a runner :-)

2 months ago

Great hike. The trails are well maintained and clearly marked. Parking can be a bit of an issue, so arrive early.

The summit has some nice spots for picturesque landscapes. The short detour down to the scenic overlook is also worth it to get a view of the town of Evergreen and the surrounding mountains.

The trails were heavily trafficked by mountain bikes, so keep an eye and ear out for them.

I took a left at the loop and if you want to space out the parts where you climb up, I suggest doing the same. There are also some parts of scrambling down rocks so wear good shoes!

mountain biking
2 months ago

This was a pretty and fun ride but it is definitely rated wrong. I got here thinking this would be a green level ride and the exact trail shown is mostly blue with some black, we walked our bikes for a good portion of the up hill and some of the down hill because it was way too steep! Overall a good ride but I wouldn’t bike it again.

Awesome trail! I would recommend doing this backwards from what is shown on here, as the “back half” is much more fun and up and down. The “front half” on this map is very much the same, sloping downhill the entire time. The lookout point is also great. Great trail for running, biking, the lot! Should be rated more difficult than it is - the evergreen mountain trail is shorter and follows nearly the same route but is shorter, and it is rated as “hard.” This, however, is longer and somehow rated “easy.”

Nice hike, though the loop as shown on AllTrails actually appears to be a loop of the Ponderosa trails, three sisters trails, and the brothers lookout spur. we're unaware of an official brothers lookout loop other than once you've already made it to the top. the views were great, but get there early. We parked off the road since the trailhead had long ago filled with mountain bikers and early bird hikers.

Beautiful and easy trail. We saw lots of deer. It was fairly busy but not annoyingly so - we went around Noon on a Sunday.

great views, great trails, quiet for most park. come early because after 9 its a little congested.

Very nice, very mellow little trail!

Decent 4 mile hike. Trail runners and bicyclists were frequently wizzing by, so just something to be mindful of especially if you bring your dog. Mostly shaded but there are a couple places at top to stop and catch a scenic view.

Great time and great view

The trails are well marked and beautiful scenery. This is one of my favorite trails to go on. However, I would suggest to get there early as the parking lot gets full & it’s a very popular hike.

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