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Very nice, very mellow little trail!

Decent 4 mile hike. Trail runners and bicyclists were frequently wizzing by, so just something to be mindful of especially if you bring your dog. Mostly shaded but there are a couple places at top to stop and catch a scenic view.

Great time and great view

The trails are well marked and beautiful scenery. This is one of my favorite trails to go on. However, I would suggest to get there early as the parking lot gets full & it’s a very popular hike.

Although not listed above this trail does indeed allow mountain bikers. Months ago we decided to hike only trails that do not allow bikers because it takes away from our enjoyment greatly when a biker just flies by and runs us off the trail. Beautiful trail but we were disappointed.

Definitely not a hard trail but was a pretty decent hike

Too busy, no parking, nothing special on hike itself.

Very pretty with lots of options to expand your hike. Brothers lookout is a short way off the trail that ends in scrambling up some cliffs for a pretty amazing view.

Really cool hike through pines, clouds and mountain meadows. The trail was great for our 5 month old pup who loves trail hiking. It was a bit rainy and very foggy out today but it made it even more of an adventure. We only saw 3 others out on the trail so a nice and quiet hike today.
Very well marked and the trail is taken care of you can tell.
overall great hike with amazing views, which we will have to come back to actually see those views off the Mt.

Easy hike up Mount Muhly and recommend for everyone!

1 month ago

Easy hike! Lots of courteous mountain bikers.

1 month ago

This is a borderline great hike. The views at the top are simply spectacular. There is a ton of wildlife in the surrounding woods. The trail is well marked and half of it is shaded. The parking lot was full on the weekend but the trail itself was not that busy. Well worth the trip!

This hike was beautiful and easy. I plan to take some visitors here in a few months! I agree with an earlier review about taking a picture of the map before starting, or taking a paper map with you on the trail to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Very easy but heavily trafficked trail. I recommend taking a picture of the map at the trailhead. This is not really one solid loop but a combination of multiple trails. It can be a short 1 mike hike or a long 10 mike hike depending on the combination of trails chosen. Lots of bikes and trails can get quit congested. This is a great trail for families with young children.

We really enjoyed this hike! A bit of an incline on the way up, but overall pretty easy. We did pass a lot of mountain bikers, but everyone had great trail manners; otherwise not too many other hikers. Nice and shaded but still recommend wearing sunscreen.

1 month ago

Heavily Traveled on the weekends. Not lightly traveled as the description says. Parking is difficult to find as well.

Perfect length and difficulty for my "indoor" daughter who would just as soon sit at home on her computer. Beautiful scenery, decent amount of shade from the trees and we even saw a deer close up. For us I'd say the trail was easy with moderate difficulty sprinkled in here and there.

mountain biking
1 month ago

A really sweet decent after a pretty techincal uphill. For the initial hour of climbing I had to hop off of my bike 3 times. It was a pretty hard climb but the drop is awesome and steep. Some sweet switchbacks and rock lines make this trail a good option.

Well maintained and good signs. Nice park close to Denver.

nature trips
1 month ago

Nice hike! Great view on the rocks at Brothers Lookout. Only ran into a few other hikers on a weekday morning so not too busy.

Great for a hike with kids. Lots of different trails to make it longer or shorter. Very busy on a Sunday morning.

Nice way to get away from the city and have an enjoyably lazy walk on some pretty trails to get back to center.
However “lightly trafficked” is not the way to describe these trails... but I’ll definitely be back.

1 month ago

Peaceful and beautiful!!!

I went about 7:30am today and while the parking lot was mostly full, I only ran into a handful of other hikers. Plenty of open space and lightly wooded areas to take in. I didn’t see much wildlife but there are pockets of wildflowers growing and I was lucky enough to see some hummingbirds. Trails are clearly marked. It was a nice, easy Saturday morning hike!

This trail is primarily used for mountain biking (would probably rate 4-5 for that purpose), but decent hike. Terrain is nice and was easy on pups paws. Mostly shaded. Some great heart pumping steady uphills. All bikers were very polite and communicative. Started on Wild Iris and also ended up doing the West Loop. Total about 5 miles.

This was a nice trail with light traffic. The trip to the top of the summit trail is worth the views. The loop itself is ok with an equal amount of sun and shade. The only reason I can’t give it a five is because the views aren’t plentiful, but still a good trail for those who enjoy the exercise and not crowds.

Great trail. I took Wild Iris to Evergreen Mountain West to the Summit Trail. The Summit Trail isn't marked but it branches into the east trail and then the Summit trail north--not too hard to find. Steady incline up the mountain but never too steep. It's definitely worth it to go all the way up around the summit! The views are beautiful. Moderately shady but I recommend sunscreen.

Loved this hike! A great quick morning or sunset hike option when in the areas low elevation gain through a beautiful and shaded lodge pole pine forest with some amazing views at the summit. Take some extra time to scramble around and explore once you get to the top. I arrived at the trailhead around 07:45 and was the second person there, but about an hour later when on my way back down I passed at least 15 others. I would definitely do this hike again!

Beautiful trail with plenty of tree cover and scenery. Feels secluded, though it's really not that far from the parking lots. We hiked the Mountain Muhly trail loop, which was an easy hike with a couple of steep, though short, inclines.

Nice hike and great scenic views along the trail. Lots of mountain bikers to watch for.

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