2 days ago

Relatively easy hike - great if you're looking to catch up with a friend and get a little workout in.

This is a very pretty hike near Denver. However because of that it can get very crowded. Be prepared to fight for parking. We also had a ton of bike traffic on this day. Some nice views along the way. The extra little push to Brother's Peak is worth the trip. We like the loop trail to Evergreen Mountain. It tends to be a little quieter and there are some nice views.

Great first ever hike! Beautiful. Not overwhelming, but enough of a challenge to make me feel like I accomplished something right out of the gate.

10 days ago

Great hike. I'd say it was closer to the easy side. Parked in the second parking lot (Evergreen Trail West) and hiked a long loop that totaled 6 miles. Walked up Evergreen Trail East then walked around and came down Evergreen Trail West. The Summit view was beautiful.
Arrived to parking lot at 12pm on Saturday in August, and found a spot easily. Some interaction with mountain bikers, less so with hikers.
Total 6 mile loop, including a few stops for photos, took a total of 2 hours 40 minutes - app says moving time was 2 hours. Easy to get to from Denver. Paved road to a well-maintained dirt parking lot.

Nice, easy loop with decent views. Lots of bikers, so be on the lookout!

Love this trail and have hiked it as well as mountain biked it numerous times over the years. Our last hike just a couple of days ago started at 7:30 am and lasted just a little over 3 hours. It was still pretty brisk as we started our day and quickly warmed up as we made our way to the top. Hardly any people at first, though it got quite busy about 2 hours into our hike.

Two adults and two kids, we took our sweet time, taking in the scenery and stopping along the way to admire the park's beauty. You can walk for hours in this park as the trails intertwine and loop, eventually leading back to either one of the parking lots at Three Sisters. We took Evergreen Mountain West all the way to the Summit Trail and came back down following Evergreen Mountain East and returned to the main parking lot through Ranch View.

This is a very popular park and the trails get very busy. Kid friendly, even the youngest kids as there are some trails that are really short and easy. A lot of hikers and mountain bikers throughout the day.