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This is NOT a hard hike. Moderate IMO.

Great ocean views.

I have hiked it both ways. Please use gps directions given here as there are a lot of side trails.

Definitely not “easy”. Was gorgeous though. Great trail.


2 months ago

Doing the loop is a great workout. On a beautiful day, it's pretty. On a hot day, it's alright. The riparian canyon is very nice though. The climb out of the canyon to the SE featured a lot of evidence of rock fall, landslide and other hazards. There are a few sections that loom over you that definitely give you an uneasy feeling. The connector trail to the ocean return route was clear but a bit overgrown. Bring lots of water. Don't let three stars fool you. Everyone gives everything five stars. But five stars is like Yosemite level, so three isn't too bad. Have fun.

3 months ago

Great hike, beautiful scenery

This hike was way harder than expected! We went back on August 6th, and it was a gorgeous day, but man, what a hike! The trail was very much overgrown at the time, as a few people mentioned - much better for horseback riding than a pied! As it was, all the mustard that had been growing was dried out to stiff reeds and much of the trail was spent pushing through this. Wearing shorts was brutal. Blazing sun made most of this hike very hot - don't skimp on water. We had our pup with us and took many breaks to make sure she was alright. Despite being only 4.2 miles, this trail was quite the challenge, however it was really really gorgeous and when we FINALLY finished, we felt euphoric, with the sun dropping low on the horizon. I'm curious if we went the opposite direction if it would have been easier...(?) we went clockwise but passed several people going the other direction. I would do this hike again if I was up for a great challenge. ALSO! We saw a HUGE rattler. Bigger than I've ever seen before - and black! So keep alert :)

Was a great hike with an incredible amount of incline at the end. Unfortunately the waterfall was dry, a bumper but all in all it was still a lot of fun.

beoke my toe here

Great hike. Lots of exercise, great views, secluded. Had a 1 year old in a pack and a small dog that needed carried the last 4 miles. Was pretty strenuous. As all the other reviews state, bring lots of water and wear sun block as you're exposed pretty much the entire hike. Yes the trail is over grown in sections (for California standards). I wore shorts and it wasn't too bad. Total miles based on our GPS was 11.1 so we must have taken a different trail at the end (we went clockwise as well). We'll probably do this again as it's one of the few options that allow dogs

on Zuma Canyon Loop Trail

7 months ago

Was not a fan of this hike. Got to the trailhead at 7 am on a Friday. Was the first car there and did not see a single soul until mile 9. I did the trail clockwise and enjoyed the first 3 or so miles. It was very scenic and getting there early helped me to avoid a bit of the July summer heat.

As others had mentioned, the trail is not clearly marked and, I too, nearly missed the turn off. You need to turn into an area that is closed with a gate (possibly to keep horses out?) if you want to do the loop trail. But from this section through the end of the hike, it is filled with fairly dense weed overgrowth and is quite ugly, and you have to spend quite a bit of time dodging and walking through spiderwebs, which was pretty gross. I nearly walked into a HUGE spiderweb, but noticed at the last second and ducked. Thankfully, I cleared the entire thing. Would have been disgusting to have thick cobwebs (and possibly a spider!) on my face. Long pants are highly recommended.

Because it was such an ugly and depressing hike with the weed overgrowth past the gate turn-off, it made for a bit of a soul-sucking hike. I just wanted to get out of there, but I still had 6 miles left! It was awful.

I do not plan on returning to this hike unless the trail is properly maintained. I will, however, hike it clockwise and do the beginning bit, then tack on a bit more and make it an out-and-back trail. The left side of the mountain trail seemed to be well maintained, so I'll just stick to that road, and I recommend doing the same. I gave 2 stars solely for the beginning of the hike. The rest was basically a 0, although I suppose it was a decent workout, at least.

Beautiful vistas overlooking he ocean and canyons (aptly named). Ample room for the horse trailer and water available for after the ride. Cool breezes and vibrant variety of indigenous plants. Saw parrots and a number of birds I haven't seen before. Keep an eye out for the signs, as we blew passed one and landed up in a neighborhood. We will be back for sure.

7 months ago

This was a great trail, my only input for the AllTrails app is that I took the Zuma Canyon Ridge trail in(Clockwise from Busch trailhead) and that is rated hard and is under half of the distance of this trail in and back. The descent down is a lightly traveled trail and the ascent back up the connection to Ocean Ridge then back to Zuma Ridge is what makes this difficult. I suggest this be rated as hard due to the nature of the descent and ascent. Be prepared to bring lots of water. I sent 10.8 miles recorded so prepare for an extra mile or so. I finished 64ozs in July by mile 7.8; not your average "moderate" trail compared to other "hard" trails nearby.

Most certainly a leg buster, prepare for that with a clockwise entrance and pay attention to your intersections. Reception is flakey so if you don't want to waste battery download or screenshot the map. Hiking shoes not necessary but highly advised. A July hike felt very much like Big Bend National Park does in April. Little to no shade so start early. (Thanks to the Hiking Guides from the other outfit of hikers for the prunes they offered up, before I made my split down the connection to Ridge #2)

We never do the full hike, but with our daughter we usually can make it to the bridge and back. Fun hike for her, beautiful views and good workout for us. Especially pretty when it's been raining in the winter.

8 months ago

Great hike!! Excellent views of the ocean. I did it clockwise but maybe should have done it counter clockwise to see some of the setting sun views on the mountains (but then you would be exposed more-there definitely isn't much shade). I did this on a weekday in mid-June and barely saw anybody on the loop. It's easy to miss signs at some points some pay attention to your GPS and looking at this map (you will need to download the app on your phone).

8 months ago

Trail was a little overgrown but the views were amazing. We encountered some wild parrots in a tree near the trailhead.

8 months ago

Great hike, but there are some parts that are very overgrown due to the rain this spring

Decent exercise hike! Trail is overgrown with weeds in many spots. No shade, besides the canyon areas.

Nice trail...if you are on a horse. Completely overgrown with vegetation throughout a majority of the trail. The trail is also very narrow and there is horse poop everywhere. Scenery is decent. Interval in elevations makes for a decent work out/trail run.

Parts of the trail are badly overgrown with invasive weeds, especially mustard. The native wildflowers were beautiful when the weeds were not a distraction.

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