8 days ago

We did it in 3 hrs in 1/2. Round trip. Very quiet trail with a nice view! We got to see 4 big horns running down the hill (pretty cool even though I got scare for a second because they passed next to me hehe ) FYI: NO bathrooms near the trail or parking lot.

I will not say that the trail was hard, but I do a lot of hiking. Now I need to try the Cactus to Clouds. If you can only rate these trails in three categories then it’s not very accurate.

Took a while to walk in sand until you get to the good stuff.

Great trail, definitely not for the novice. Don't mistake any of the summits along the way for the end - keep going until you come over a ridge and see an oasis of 20 palm trees nestled way up in the hills. Incredible views along the way. Bring more water than you think you need.

trail running
8 months ago

beautiful wild flowers blooming today! The oasis is anticlimactic! The climb is tough but doable! Bring lunch and snacks, it's 4+ miles in to the oasis.. total round trip is over 9miles from the parking lot!

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