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Yosemite National Park is home to some of the most scenic and spectacular hikes in the world. Over 3.5 million visitors travel from all corners of the world every year to marvel at the waterfalls and hike the famous trails of the 3rd oldest national park in the United States (Established October 1, 1890). With over 800 miles of trails you are sure to keep yourself busy. Most visitors head straight for Yosemite Valley, but there are many great hikes in Wawona, Tuolumne Meadows and the Hetch Hetchy as well. The park's elevation ranges from 2000ft to 13,114ft (600m to 4,000m), stretching from Giant Sequoia groves housing 200ft trees over 2,000 years old, to breath-taking valleys carved by glaciers, and home to the highest waterfall in America, to alpine meadows filled with rivers, lakes, and wildflowers. Half Dome and El Capitan rise from the central glacier-formed Yosemite Valley, as does Yosemite Falls, North America's tallest waterfall. Three Giant Sequoia groves and vast wilderness are home to diverse wildlife. Tuolumne Meadows is a great area to visit to get away from the large crowds in Yosemite Valley. This area is a few thousand feet higher than the valley and may take some time before becoming completely acclimated. Wawona is in the south western part of Yosemite National Park and is much less visited compared to the Valley. There are several highlights of this area including the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia which was protected by Galen Clark 150 years ago and is home to over 300 massive Sequoias, some of the largest and oldest trees in the world still alive today.

12 hours ago

Hiked in from Tenaya Lake, over Clouds Rest, camped in a meadow the night before, then climbed Half Dome Cables.

Spectacular scenery!

rock climbing
13 hours ago

We overnighted near the base of Cathedral Peak, just beyond the Budd Lakes drainage. Spectacular views!

Awesome trail! I loved the views and the peacefulness. I defiantly recommend doing this trail.

21 hours ago

23 hours ago

Stopped at vernal, but amazing view and easy to access

What an amazing achievement! This hike is not a cakewalk. The first elevation gain is brutal. Then it's back downhill only to find yourself pushing hard to make the next few inclines. The summit is worth it.

Bring lots of water and a purifier as there are several streams you can pull water from. I went through 3.5-4 liters.

It's a yosemite must do!

Great views from the summit, after a pretty steep climb on a good, but often rocky, use trail.

Worth it, tough trail! Bring extra water, i had 2 liters and ran out. Bring a bathing suit! Start early, this trail will take all day.

Great hike! It was really tough. I was under the impression it was around 6 miles total but in reality it was each way....Up and down took us 5 1/2 hours. We started at noon. I suggest starting earlier so you can spend more time at the top. We didn't get to spend too much time overlooking because we didn't want to lose daylight leaving the park. I had 2 bottles of water and it wasn't quite enough, I'd recommend 3 at least. Very beautiful! Totally recommend.

Just did this Loop first week of September, Took us three days up and two day back....Great veiws, Tons of wild life...Amazing trip one to remember..

Quick easy walk to the falls. Good for all ages. You can climb on the rocks at the end to get closer to the falls. Be careful though and heed the warning signs!

1 day ago

Quick hike with a steep incline on the way back. Worth it if you're looking to see the gigantic sequoias at the end

Whew! What a hike! We did this in about 5 hours including a 45 minute lunch/photo/quiet break at the top. We embarked at 9am and we're grateful to be heading down during the noon heat and back down to the head around 2pm.

This trail is a total chipper-both physically and mentally. We thought we were 'getting close to the top' about 7 times before we actually were. This trail starts out with a ton of switchbacks to get you to your first view of the falls way up in the distance.

Take this one step by step, bring plenty of water (more than you need) and electrolytes and snacks for quick sugars! My gf had 2 liters of water and ran out on the way down - I brought 3 which was a perfect amount.

The most surprising part of this for my partner and I was that the way down was equally as challenging as the way up-what it lacked in an incline, it made up for in a seemingly never ending number of switchbacks. Keep your head down, have fun and remember this one is totally mind over matter.

We only had enough time for one major hike and chose this one and would do it again! Super rewarding-have fun!

My wife and I just did this hike over the labor day weekend 2017. We parked and started hiking from the Dog Lake parking area though. Plenty of bear boxes at that car park too. We did this the opposite way than what this review spells out. And in my opinion, going up Rafferty Creek and down into the Lyell Fork is the way to go. The first 3/4 of a mile or so up Rafferty is the only section that involves any real climbing. Beyond that, it is the nicest gradual ascending trail I've been on in a while. Literally almost flat. And from what I had read about going up out of the Lyell Fork prior, was absolutely correct. That route is steep, for a long ways!!! Was glad we were going down that, not up. So the hike up Rafferty Creek was right at 7 miles to the backpackers campground at Vogelsang. It took us 5 hours but we were in no hurry. The scenery doesn't really unfold until you can start to see Fletcher and Vogelsang peaks. Once you get to Tuolumne pass, you are within a mile of the High Sierra camp. We lucked out with a cloudy hiking day, so that was a bonus. We camped out for 2 nights and did day hikes around the area. Up to Vogelsang Pass one day and up to Townsley lake the next. We were going to spend one more night, but smoke from the fires down by Glacier point changed direction, and changed our plans too. We left in the middle of the afternoon for the PCT along the Lyell Fork. A little disappointed, but we had done all we wanted to do anyway, and had 2 really nice days up there. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the scenery along the stretch from Vogelsang down to the Lyell Fork due to all the smoke. Oh well. We set up camp that evening right before it got dark at the junction of the PCT and the trail to Vogelsang. Pretty tired after an unexpected 6.3 mile hike. And we had already hiked over 4 miles earlier that day up by Townsley Lake. Hiked out the next morning back to Tuolumne meadow a day early but no regrets. This is a great loop, and a fairly easy one going the direction we did. One cool surprise we weren't expecting, was that you can see Half Dome from the trail up to Vogelsang Pass, right before Vogelsang lake. Clouds Rest is visible to the right too. Pretty awesome!! If you haven't been up here, put it on the list!!