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Yosemite National Park is home to some of the most scenic and spectacular hikes in the world. Over 3.5 million visitors travel from all corners of the world every year to marvel at the waterfalls and hike the famous trails of the 3rd oldest national park in the United States (Established October 1, 1890). With over 800 miles of trails you are sure to keep yourself busy. Most visitors head straight for Yosemite Valley, but there are many great hikes in Wawona, Tuolumne Meadows and the Hetch Hetchy as well. The park's elevation ranges from 2000ft to 13,114ft (600m to 4,000m), stretching from Giant Sequoia groves housing 200ft trees over 2,000 years old, to breath-taking valleys carved by glaciers, and home to the highest waterfall in America, to alpine meadows filled with rivers, lakes, and wildflowers. Half Dome and El Capitan rise from the central glacier-formed Yosemite Valley, as does Yosemite Falls, North America's tallest waterfall. Three Giant Sequoia groves and vast wilderness are home to diverse wildlife. Tuolumne Meadows is a great area to visit to get away from the large crowds in Yosemite Valley. This area is a few thousand feet higher than the valley and may take some time before becoming completely acclimated. Wawona is in the south western part of Yosemite National Park and is much less visited compared to the Valley. There are several highlights of this area including the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia which was protected by Galen Clark 150 years ago and is home to over 300 massive Sequoias, some of the largest and oldest trees in the world still alive today.

Went with the wife on 4/23/18 it was a amazon hike but the steps where super slippery! My wife fall on the steps and cut the hike short of making it to the top of vernal falls bruise tail bone was thankfully all to come of it but the fact it was so heavily trafficked and with her hurt made it even more difficult to come down will try again probably in early summer months when the falls aren’t as heavy the steps themselves almost became little waterfalls very sketchy seeing people and children run up them

Our hike to Upper Yosemite Falls was amazing, a must-see. The trek felt much like using a stair stepper for a while, so it does take patience (and in some cases, stops to take a breather). Water is a must. I would also recommend bringing a light lunch to eat at the top while marveling at the view!

After the first mile and a half or so, there is very minimal tree coverage. We went early and would recommend that to anyone thinking of this hike. The heat wasn’t as bad, and there were less people as well. We only ran into about three or four people on our way up, but met dozens and dozens of people just starting while we were headed down.

The last thing I will say is that I would definitely recommend taking the extra time to hike to Yosemite Point. From the falls overlook, it is a very minimal incline and does not take much additional effort. You’ve already done the tough part by getting to the falls! The views from Yosemite Point were absolutely outstanding, and so worth the extra time.

Overall, the entire trip took us about 6 hours, and that was with stopping for a lunch break. They recommend allotting anywhere between 6 and 8 hours for the hike, depending on your speed.

We did a day hike and got started around 7am. Very tough hike but well worth it. I got roughly 18+ miles on my GPS watch. The trail gets pretty confusing once you reach Yosemite Point and you pretty much have to head towards and along the ridge after Yosemite Point and head up the granite. Eventually you will find the trail. I used googlemaps from my phone and was able to get the trail to come up and used GPS to get me to the trail. Once on the trail it’s pretty straight forward. Hike will take 8+ hours round trip.

Strenuous hike but with beautiful views. Did this hike on 4/21 and it was very crowded including lots of out of shape people and children. This made the 600 step section harder and somewhat unnerving. Came down via the John Muir Trail which I highly recommend so you avoid the crowded slippery steps and also get some nice views of the valley.

This hike is definitely a challenge but is absolutely worth the effort. The views from the top are amazing and we had a beautiful day to enjoy them. I’m 56 and in pretty good shape but I needed lots of rest breaks, especially near the top. Bring water and food and a camera and be mentally prepared for climbing 3000 feet of stairs. Took us about 3:30 going up and 2:40 coming down. Felt like it was much longer than the stated 3.4 miles each way.

2 days ago

Love it!!!!! I’ve hiked it 4 times..... my first time at 8 years old...... cables fun!

Did this hike on Saturday (free entrance day of National Parks week 4/21). I started at 7:30am but which I would have started earlier. It was cold in the morning but once the sun is fully up you'll be sweating like a dog if you start later. This hike is a work out. Once you get to the long stairways and the sun is facing you, you'll be glad when you find spots of shade. There was still spots of snow below the fall and this time of year the fall was full and mist all over. It was really beautiful. It starts to get packed in the afternoon with people going up so its best to start this hike as soon as you can. I'm sure a lot of people will give up. I saw parents with their toddlers practically. I saw people with nothing but a small bottle of water. SMH. The top is scary and exciting and well worth the journey. If you can, take the sign at the left afterwards and go to Yosemite Point! It's awe-inspiring! The rail at the edge is breathtaking! One a side note, I hiked to Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls the next morning and that seemed like a piece of cake! LOL

So is 9 mil round trip or 9 mil one way!!? And how long is takes to complete the hike?

2 days ago

I hiked Half Dome on 04/22/18’ just before the season opens. The weather was perfect and just enough snow on the grown to make for a beautiful scenery. I prefer to go when the cables are down, since a permit is not required and there are minimal people. (A climbing harness is highly recommended if you ascend when the cables are down)

Highly recommended trail. Bring your camera!

A very nice trail! A must to go when you are in Yosemite Vallet. I enjoyed myself all the way up and down. Expect steep sections but it’s still pretty good as long as you get some rest. Go clockwise - highly recommend. Restrooms are closed during winter, so when I went this time it was still closed. The nearest restrooms will be by the shuttle bus stop.

The trail is in pretty bad disrepair. There are multiple sections where the trail is completely covered by boulders. We got a mile in and had to turn back when some of the boulders/rocks were pretty loose under foot. However, it did have great views of bridalview falls, El Capitan and half dome. There’s no parking lot - but there’s a parking lane about 0.3 miles before.

This trail is absolutely amazing, especially during this time of the year (Spring) when the wildflowers are in full bloom. This trails is about 9 miles round trip out and back. Parking is available on the side of the highway, although I did see an old "No Parking" sign that was so faint, you would not even know which way it's pointing. People parked there regardless.

Best views are at the beginning of the trail, but at the end you will find some history with abandoned coal mining equipment all over and an old shack. The beginning of the trail has some shade from trees, but still most of it in in full sun, especially at noon when the mountains don't protect you from it. I brought sunscreen with me and had to reapply several times throughout the hike. The earlier you start, the better. We started at 9 AM, and I think this was already too late. If you can, start around 6ish, this way you are not hiking back in blazing heat.

Water is essential on this trail. I usually bring 1.5L and have at least half left, but this time I drank the full water bladder.

While the trail runs along the side of the mountain, I did not have my usual fear of heights. It is rated as strenuous, but if you are in a good shape, I would say it is moderate due to distance.

This is one of the best hikes I have done.

Beautiful views and easy walks for kids. Falls are incredible but very busy with lingering tourists.

Hiked at the end of March went up John Muir trail and down the mist trail. Really lovely challenging hike with views of the valley and waterfalls. Also great views of half dome. Enjoyed it better than Yosemite falls.

Great hike for backpacking or just a day trek. We did a one night backpacking trip and were in awe the entire time. I would describe the trail as moderate with a pack and easy without one. There were quite a few felled trees which were difficult to navigate under with a full pack. Very moderate elevation gain and beautiful waterfalls almost every mile. Plenty of shade cover and well marked trail. The cascades at the top were well worth it!

Fun short hike

4 days ago

Beautiful views the whole way up!

Don’t let Keynes photos fool you. This is a dirt road track following the forests river/ falls. Not much shade. You are basically hiking through the remains of a forest fire from several years ago. It’s not a terrible hike but there are much better ones around. My wife and 2 year old hiked for a while. Gave up, stopped on a random flat spot by the road and had lunch. The best part of it was the sound of the falls and nobody else around.

Steep parts with the 600 steps, which also gets pretty slippery. Wear a rain jacket, pack a protein-filled lunch, and bring at *least* 24 oz of water per person. I would say it’s on the harder end of moderate.

Absolutely gorgeous seasonal lake. We hiked to this trail on 4/19 from the Majestic Yosemite Hotel at about 9:00 AM on a snowy morning. There was no snow on the trail, but it’s flat and paved so even if there was it would be doable. By 10:30 the trail was much more crowded. We couldn’t get around the loop because it was flooded but the views were amazing and worth it. Have brunch at the Majestic Yosemite and treat yourself to this trail.

Great hike not too bad even with 12 and 8 year.. lots of traffic though.. must do hike

A great first hike in Yosemite, was a little more difficult than anticipated...we went up Mist Trail and down John Muir (which I recommend because the views are UNREAL and it's less crowded). The MT was cool but very crowded with reckless people...infant babies, flip flops on slippery surfaces...just very unnerving. But if you can wake up early enough to beat the crowd it will be much more enjoyable. You will get wet! I recommend early summer when the falls are full and flowing.

My boyfriend and I were told to hike Clouds Rest if nothing else, so we planned for it to be our last of the trip. We did an 8 mile hike the first day, about 13 the second, took a day off trip to Mammoth Lakes then planned to do it the fourth and final day. However, to our surprise despite Tioga Rd being opened that day, the conditions weren't ideal (a lot of snow - possibilities of getting lost). However after much debate we decided to do it...but from the valley floor. We ended up clocking 23 miles round trip from our campsite to the peak. After the first 3 miles moral was low on my end but nevertheless kept trucking until we both got a strong second wind and starting moving at a good clip. The last 1-2 miles of these were probably the toughest for me and the scrambling at the top. More so because I was so anxious to finally get to the peak. However the views and satisfaction of reaching the top were unlike anything I have ever experienced. Until this trip my longest hike was a mere 4-5 miles at best....and here we just hiked up to a 10,000ft peak with 6,000ft elevation gain. It was great and I highly recommend it. On the way down we linked up with a worked in the park and ended up cruising (only stopping ONE time for 11 miles) making our total time around 8:30. We left at about 8:00am...a late start and would recommend a 6-6:30am start if you don't plan on booking it like us. We were probably averaging 18-22 minute miles consistently the whole way. I ran out of water (packed 3 L) on the way down and panicked a little but borrowed some from our new buddy...and probably would have been fine if I didn't get any more in me. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS HIKE!!!

trail running
7 days ago

Hermosas vistas de las caídas de agua y de los imponentes bloques de piedra del half dome y de los cercanos. Me tocó mucho hielo en el ascenso por mist trail a Vernada falls la verdad muy peligroso, opté por regresar y seguir por John Muir trail !
Me faltaron un kilometro y medio estimo para la base del half dome, era llegar a tiempo o bien disfrutar sacando hermosas fotos, y esto último fue lo que hice
Muy bueno para tail running mi garmin marco exacto 30 kmts y 1560+
Altamente recomendable

This is a fairly tough hike and a good amount of it is exposed to the sun, so hydrate beforehand and bring plenty of water with you. I went in April, and there were plenty of places along the way to refill my water bottles for filtering, but I imagine that it is very dry in the summer without the opportunity to refill water. Snacks are also a must, as you will expend a fair amount of energy.

It took me just over 5 hours round trip (with some stops to rest, refill water, and of course to take in the views, which are breathtaking - besides the waterfall views, there are also amazing views of the Wawona valley and Wawona Dome).

This trail was not crowded at all when I went in April, which was a nice change from the day before when I was hiking a Yosemite Valley trail. On this trail, I encountered perhaps 12-15 other hikers.

The wading pool mentioned in the description was not accessible when I went, as there was a lot of extra powerful water steams flowing outwards from the falls due to the spring snowmelt and recent rain. As mentioned in the description, there really is no point where one can see the entire waterfall - however, the hike is still totally worth it just for the views of the valley below, and of course the views of the waterfall are still impressive.

This is a strenuous hike and a fair amount of it is exposed to the sun, so hydrate beforehand and bring plenty of water with you. I went in April, and there were plenty of places along the way to refill my water bottles for filtering, but I imagine that it is very dry in the summer without the opportunity to refill water. Snacks are also a must, as you will expend a lot of energy.

It took me about 7.5 hours round trip (with plenty of stops to rest, refill water, and of course to take in the views, which are breathtaking).

A lot of the trail is rock, which can be difficult on joints and also slippery in places - be sure to use good hiking shoes.

This trail does get crowded. It is the same trail as that which leads to Upper Yosemite Falls - if you make it the Falls, the Point is only a mile farther and the last mile is not as difficult as the rest of the trail. Be sure to go down to the Falls overlook - it’s a fun scramble down some rocks (there is a rail) and a good view.

9 days ago

We had a wonderful one night backpacking trip this weekend. We started at the Hite Cove trail head. We hiked few miles to the campsite along the scenic South Fork Merced River. After we setting up tents at the campsite we hiked few more miles up on the Hites Mine Road. We turned back before we reached the Hites Cove because we were running out of day lights. We spent a night at the campsite. The campsite was sandy flat ground with fire pit and next to the river. Next morning we packed up and hiked back. The trail was full of wildflowers and many wonderful views along the river.

I did this two days ago. Although grueling on the way up, humbling along the way, mesmerizing at the top!
I will do this again!

Incredible hike! I struggled getting to the top, cramping and sore muscles going up. Very wet, so be careful of slippery rocks. The falls are amazing and breathtaking!

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