A must if you’re in the valley. The views from up top are fantastic! If you go after a heavy snow season the waterfalls and run off are insane! Do this hike. You won’t regret it.

Must see. Great for all levels of fitness. The waterfalls are worth it the short trip.

Great trail if you like history, as it follows many of the park’s historic roads and bridle paths. Lots of evidence of pavement, cobblestones, old retaining walls, etc. Nice for walking or trail running—did the full loop and my GPS clocked it at about 22 miles. There are many ways to cut it into various shorter loops as well. Also, as a response to previous commenters, this is NOT a mountain biking trail. Pets and bikes are not allowed on this trail, per the park’s website.

The start of this hike is steep, packed with tourists up to the first waterfall, Vernal Falls, which you enjoy a view of for a lot of the walk, one point you are walking through the waterfall’s mist and it’s magical. If you continue to Nevada Falls, this is when the hike completely empties, and it becomes more remote. There is a very steep part up to Nevada Falls, yet at the top we rewarded ourselves with a swim in the river. The views were beautiful and hidden.

We left a little too late to enjoy the full sunrise, but after 4am we still did see the most amazing view of the Valley

One of the more strenuous trails but worth every moment. Incredible views of the entire valley and the top at glacier point provides incredible views of Half Dome. Make sure you bring enough food at water for all the way up and all the way back

9 days ago

Hiked the JMT in 1999 with my father and older brother (and older sister until her knee gave out around Devils Post Pile). I had just turned 13 a few days before we started in Yosemite. We spent 3-weeks or so, and averaged about 10-12 miles per day. We chose not to speed up, because we wanted to enjoy ourselves and actually take in the views (plus, I was only 13). I was sometimes too young to appreciate everything, but I’d love to do this again one day. One of the most memorable experiences of my life, and definitely an awesome experience to give a young kid real confidence. I’m 32 now, and this hike set me up for a future in the Peace Corps, and a life of adventure seeking. I hope to take my son on this one day. We have a journal posted online. Just Google “Muir Trail Diary” and “Princeton” and it should pop up.

10 days ago

Super and epic hike of my lifetime. Cable ascend is just mind blowing experidnce. Done three times in a row:2014,2015,2016

Hiked in August of 2019. One of the best days of my life. Slept in car at parking lot, woke up at 5 am and reached the cables several hours later. Cables were not crowded on our way up. We got up around 11 but on our way down the cables were packed. Would recommend early start

One of the most breathtaking views in the park for sure.

15 days ago

Most beautiful view of my life. Hiked this last September with my 65 year old father. It was forecast to rain at 3pm so we knew we had to get up and down quickly. Woke at 3, began hiking at 4am. Pace yourself up the stairs up past the falls, you’ll need the energy later. We saw so many pass us on the stairs only for us to pass them later and we never saw them again - we assumed many people who attempted this hike didn’t make it / weren’t prepared. Also, the ranger WILL CHECK your permit. If you summit early, he will ticket you on the way down, we saw it happen. We spent two hours at the summit at 8am and didn’t get sick of the views. Headed down and as soon as we got into the car the rain began. This was an experience, not just a hike. Everyone should do this hike once.

There may be many scenes that overlap with the road of the car ...

Hiked the JMT in late August. It was an unforgettable experience on every level. We hiked the whole trail in 10 days and added Mt. Whitney at the end. We hiked relatively fast and if I did it again I would hike it in 20 days to explore nature and enjoy the countless, memorable views. This should be on any hiking bucket list.

I had a GREAT time hiking to the Grizzly Giant from the Mount Raymond Road! 3 miles, 1 1/2 hours, 500 feet elevation gain, a Giant Sequoia, lots of deer, a Park Ranger, and cool temperatures!

You will get wet! Pictures were quick cause my phone was getting soaked from the mist alone. Super amazing views.. short mostly paved trail.. kids absolutely loved it .. tons of people. We used the bus system and had a RV so we could take our time to explore and hike and hang out.. by far my favorite family vacation... can’t wait to go back. My only suggestion is to get out early to the closest parking lot of the trail/trails of your choice as parking (especially for RV) was hard to find.. I mean few and far between.

Loved this trail in Yosemite.. offered shade and easy to follow trail it was flooded in summer 2019 .. we had record rain fall in California, Which made for muddy or completely flooded trails .. and of course beautiful raging waters.. this one was a kid friendly hike.

21 days ago

Shared wine and Twizzlers around the camp fire with some cool stranger!

22 days ago

Probably one of the most beautiful hikes I've been to. Went in early May two years and had a little overcast with spots of sun so it made our hike with no shade enjoyable without the heat. Went early morning to beat the crowds (began hike at 7am) and got to enjoy the trail and waterfalls all to ourselves. Absolutely beautiful to hike along side the dam, got to climb up some rocks, walked through rushing waterfalls and streams, and was guided by lavenders growing along side parts of the trail...overall my favorite and most memorable hike, I'm due to go back!

off trail
23 days ago

Best hike ever. Mist trail was better than imagined.

Lots of waterfalls, but constantly had a view of the parking lot

25 days ago

Great views, quite crowded. Go early!

no shade
29 days ago

The best place in the world! I can’t wait to go back. This is about 20 miles round trip and we started at 2am to beat the heat. We were so glad we did. We got there early and also beat the crowds. It’s a difficult hike with lots of switchbacks. The Subdome scramble will kick your butt but keep going, you’re almost there. Bring gloves for the cables and don’t leave your gloves behind when your done.

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