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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Myself and three friends from Maryland did this hike in mid September with perfect weather. My three friends did not do any training for this hike and we still completed the trail in 7.5 hours with an hour long stop at the top. As a collective group we were out of shape and out of our element but having a positive attitude and amazing scenery was all we needed to crush this hike!

An amazing hike. We started at 9:30am and got back at 6:00pm. We stopped often and stopped at the top for lunch and to take in the view. This trail has it all, forest trails, a pond, easy flat sections, hard climbing stairs and it’s all beautiful. There was only a 1 ft wide stream to step over and no bugs mid September. Bring lots of water, food and layers, it gets cold at the top. Also, the scary path at the top isn’t scary narrow, it’s just so high that it’s a little trippy and disorienting.

Beautiful! The pools and view and the top was well worth what for me was a challenging hike. The beginning is pretty steep but luckily for me the vast majority is steady and mild elevation gain.

The pools are awesome at the top. Nature’s infinity pool!

Beautiful. Hard rating is correct. The view is above majestic.

One of Yosemite's best!. Boring at the beginning, the first 2 hours, but the end is worth it.

The top of the ridge is a spectacular place. You'll have to walk on a scary narrow path, see the Half Dome in all it's beauty a bit below (probably with the hikers on the cables) and see the great 360 degrees panorama.

Unfortunately, the other 80% of the trail is just a long path closed in a forest, not much to see there.

Great views! Best going lower 1st, because the upper it's amazing! We spent 6 hours, almost 2 relaxing and taking pictures.

10 days ago

The best trail in the entire park with incredible views especially at sunset. A quieter place in Yosemite as well if you arrive early or later in the day. Hoping it stays that way! After a long day though, the hike is a little tiring on the way back because of the incline. Still my favorite hike. Would do it over and over again.

Beautiful alpine lake, 5 of us had the lake to ourselves after a moderate 6.2 mile mid-day hike. Several choice backpacking campsites to choose from. Take the time to explore west of the Ski Hut for better sites. Fishing was great with native trout hungry to attack a variety of lures. Caught and released four in just over 30 minutes with several hits in between. The night ski was clear with no moon for some amazing star gazing. Only negative was several burn sections of the hike from recent fires, all part of the natural cycle, but still still difficult to see.

Wear pants on this trail. Because it is not used often, the trail is narrow and there are many thorny bushes. The incline between miles 3-6 is exhausting but the walk back is easy. It was freezing cold by the lake. Wish I had one more layer. You walk through a lot of burnt forest. About 2 miles of it is burnt. Very secluded and was hoping to spot bear. Instead we spotted a huge pile of bear poop. So they are out there! Overall, ok trail. Not my favorite and will probably never do it again.

12 days ago

Easy hike. Beautiful lake.

Takes a good 3 hours round trip, plus time to relax at lakes. Very beautiful area makes it worth the hike there. Bring lots of water!

This hike was a favorite! The views of Lower Cathedral Lake was awesome!! Upper Cathedral Lake was surprisingly windy. This hike has so many great views and a scenic walk in the woods. Most of the incline is at the beginning while your legs are fresh. Worst part was all the horse poop.

This hike was long, exhausting, scary, and TOTALLY WORTH IT! The views were amazing! My husband and I are 45, run 3 miles, 3 times a week, and live in a flat, at sea level State. We did it in 7 hours total with hanging around at the top for 20 mins. The key for us was start early, bring 3 liters of water, and keep a nice pace. Also, try not to crap your pants when you climb the last part at the top!
Best hike I have ever done so far!!!

solid hike up to a beautiful viewpoint that has lots of exploration potential and swimming holes. got on the trail around 5pm and only saw a few other groups. lots of annoying flies! there was at least 2 piles of bear poo and on the way back heard 2 large creatures scramble away in the bush so be aware!

the scenery is great but the trail is basically soft sand the entire way and littered with horse shit. the campground area is a nice place to have lunch and spend some time but gets very busy so get there early or late if you plan on staying the night.

Amazing hike! Stunning views. Sept 5, 2018: started at 0730 from Tenaya Lake got to the top at 1030. Chilled for an hour; clear skies. Descended at 1130 completed at 1400. Not one mosquito in sight, did not apply any repellent prior. I must say the descending portion was just as brutal if not more then going up.

18 days ago

Fun hike most of the uphill is at the start of the trail. Saw a Coyote in the trail so keep your eyes peeled.

Only had one day to use towards Yosemite on the east side, so happy I picked this one. Definitely the best views since you can see 360 degrees around. Parking does fill up quickly so arrive early. Signs at trailhead say 7.4 miles to Clouds Rest.

19 days ago

The hike isn't hard but the view is second to none at the end

Great hike! Shout out to Brianna and China for not waking up and coming with me. Enjoy the awesome pics pendejas!

Worth the climb. Be prepared to be amazed!

20 days ago

Did this 9/2 to 9/3 - so happy there were no mosquitoes in sight. Perfect weather, not too crowded despite being a holiday weekend. Camped overnight at Upper Cathedral lake, and only saw two other small campsites set up. This is such a beautiful area. We arrived at the walk-in reservation station off Tioga Pass and had to wait about a half hour and listen to the rangers give speeches about responsible backpacking, which were actually great reminders. But glad we were able to secure walk in reservations.

From the top of Clouds Rest there are breathtaking 360° views. It's amazing to see Yosemite Valley from this vantage point and the view of Half Dome is unrivaled. It is quite possibly the best view I've ever seen. Definitely a very difficult hike considering the elevation gain and the altitude; for our group it was actually the return hike that was the toughest. Just a few suggestions for potential hikers... bring plenty of water and start early. If you are up for the challenge, the view is totally worth it!

Really great experience, is hard but very well worth it

Really awesome trail! My first trail out of Tuolumne Meadows. A little tough in the beginning but quite a few flat sections to catch your breath. If you want to extend the hike a bit I highly recommend walking around the lake when you get there.

Altogether, this trail is about 14.5 miles. The start is nice and flat with gradual gain. Once you get to the bottom of the granite "stairs", the real fun starts. 1,000ft elevation in 1 mile. Then, it starts to flatten out and descend a good bit before coming to somemore elevation gains at the bottom of Cloud's Rest. You can climb the spine at the foot trail, or there's a nice foot path to the left that will lead you up to the spine, just the same. The 360° views are so worth it!! Especially if you're someone like me who is not accustomed to 15 mile day hikes. Going down is just as grueling as going up!

26 days ago

My favorite relatively easy backpacking trip. I kind of want to do this every summer. It’s so beautiful. If they allowed me (and I was engaged), I would get married here.

Amazing view of Half Dome completely worth the climb.

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