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1 day ago

Beautiful hike. Lots of trees and the views at the top are amazing. We hiked in August and the water was moving slow. There were a few pools at the top that we swam in. My legs started to give out on the way down, but I’m not in the best of shape.

Started around 7 am on 6/14.... what an absolutely amazing hike. Tenaya Creek was about ankle high and the water felt amazing. The switchbacks were pretty tough, but what made it worse was the massive amount of mosquitoes at higher elevation because of the recent snowmelt. Lots of water of water coming down the middle of the trail at some points, with a few random snow patches you have to walk over. After about 1000 ft of elevation gain, you immediately descend into a beautiful area of the trail, with streams, boulders and lakes. The last ascent towards Clouds Rest was pretty difficult. I had to stop once because of the altitude but an amazingly generous group from Indiana helped me and an experienced hiker gave me some much needed water, sweets and electrolytes. The summit is a short scramble, but my goodness, the view was absolutely spectacular. Full 360 degree views of Yosemite, Half Dome, North Dome, Mt Watkins, Glacier Point, and the majority of the valley. This is must do hike, something I will never forget. Total time was 8.15 hours with a few stops.

Great little hike we did with our almost 2 year old. He walked the first 3/4 of a mile and we loaded him into a child carrier backpack for the remainder, mostly because he was tired but also because the fissures posed a risk for his fast, wandering legs and because at that point the trail became steeper and rocky for a short time. The view though was spectacular.

Great trail. Fissures are awesome. Very rewarding views at the end. Lots of mosquitoes early today. Bring bug spray.

A fantastic substitute if you couldn’t get a Half Dome permit. I actually did the hike last September, just forgot to leave a review. It’s more like 15 miles total, but the view of the Upper Sierras is worth every step. The hike itself doesn’t offer a lot of scenic views, so don’t be afraid to head straight for the summit. It took about 4 hours up and 3.5 hours down. The ridge near the summit is pretty narrow, so anyone with height issues should take it nice and slow. And make sure to leave some time for Tenaya Lake too!

9 days ago

*****7.5 miles each way from Tenaya Lake!!!

-15 miles...yes, 15 miles round trip with 3,200 foot elevation gain in 7 hours and 28 minutes!!!! Yeah, I'm fast

While too many are busy trying out their long distance leg & back strength on Half Dome I encourage the remaining to try out this beautiful trail. I passed 4 hiker’s, 2 of which were Park Rangers, along the way. The trailhead has plenty of parking spaces and bear lockers. The first several miles are super easy and fairly flat the rest are a steady climb and along the way you’ll see the back part of Half Dome off in the distance. At this beautiful lake you’ll encounter 2 or 3 overnight campers along the perimeter of the lake. Take the time to rest and enjoy the lake before heading back.

Don’t forget to bring a mosquito spray! Swarms of mosquitoes followed us all the way up (first weekend in June). I’ll give the trail 4 stars only because the hike itself is not scenic, hard and sometimes even boring.
But 360 degrees view from the peak is breathtaking and worth hiking for sure!

This was a great hike but boy, oh, boy was it stressful. We were planning on hiking to Dog and Lembert Domes then continuing on to Dog Lake. We kept looking for a left turn onto the dimes but never saw it and eventually realized that we were heading to Dog Lake. We were hoping to just find the domes on our way back but just couldn’t find the trail, as the trail signs were a bit confusing. It turns out that we began at a different trailhead than the books, guides, and apps instruct, so we went back to the highway and went about a mile north to the correct trailhead from which we made it to Dog and Lembert Domes.

The entire hike wasn’t too bad. We definitely needed to take a few breaks because of the altitude and elevation gain, but the views from the top were well worth it! I think that this would be a great alternative (or addition) to Half Dome if you’re unable to get a permit but still want 360 views.

Relatively easy, accessible hike to a beautiful lake-mountain view. As of a couple of days ago, it does get a bit muddy at spots. The trail out of the woods to the lake is mostly covered in mud and water so a path seems to have emerged left of the actual trail (see my posted hike). Go all the way to the end of the posted hike for upper lake as that is where the money shot was for pics and sitting for lunch.

Hiked up for sunset and it was highlight of our trip.

12 days ago

Took my wife here years ago for her first backpack. She's in good shape but I have to admit this hike was a challenge for her. Still, a beautiful hike and the falls, while on the smaller side, is still wonderful. Great hike if you're looking for time in Yosemite but want to avoid crowds.

It's a nice and easy way to get a good view of the valley. Personnally, I think a lot of view point on this side of the valley are similar, so just do one. Taft might be the easiest. You should probably combine with doing sentinel dome (even if it is a bit dissappointing), the whole loop and finishing/starting at glacier point

Either remove shoes/socks to cross the stream within the first 500 feet of the Trailhead, or hike in wet socks/shoes till they dry (like I did!) Patches of Trail is covered with snow. In addition to the downloaded AllTrails map, the PeakFinder App helped in identifying all the surrounding peaks from Clouds Rest Summit. I came across a deer and some marmots along the way, and a couple of striped squirrels on the Summit. Breathtaking view of Sierra Nevada range at the top!

From Cloud Rest great views of Yosemite and the Valley. Looking down at Half Dome and El Capitan from the top. The river crossing out of the parking lot was running high (gators and water proof boots helped). Recommend downloading the Map as the trail after about 2.5 miles goes up thru numerous streams and some snow that blot out the trail. Seemingly lost Zombie backpackers and walkers needed guidance on our way up this part and when we got down. The hike is closer to 13.5 miles.

For parents who hike with their kids/dogs: Hiked this trail with my two boys and pupper on Mother's Day. I'd say this hike would be difficult for kids under 10, and dangerous in several areas, especially near the top at the falls. AllTrails says it's good for dogs and I don't disagree, but there is signage at the trailhead saying dogs are not allowed. Luckily this trail is lightly trafficked, so fewer people to complain, I guess. It is beautiful though, with awesome views of Wawona valley, wildflowers, and wildlife. It took us about 6 hours to complete. We took our time on the way up, took several breaks to eat and enjoy the scenery, and we ran most of the way back. Will definitely hike this again.

This was a great hike definitely up on the 10 mile marker for distance though not 6.9. View at the upper falls was amazing however getting up there at some points was steep overall a great hike

18 days ago

Went in late August and it was a great trail. Good hike. If I remember correctly there are some gradual uphill switchbacks, but nothing too challenging. The destination takes the cake. Camped at Upper Cathedral Lake for a little more privacy, but it’s a popular spot so you’ll be around other campers regardless. Got on the trail late. Saw a few people heading back from their day trek so the motivated can do it in one day, but I highly recommend camping there. Got very chilly at night, but the stars were brilliant (as expected in Yosemite).

Easy hike with huge payoff. I proposed to my now fiancé here with beautiful El Capitan and Yosemite falls in view. Damp ground from snow melt in late April made the trail difficult/fun to navigate. A great oppurtunity to see Yosemite from above the valley floor.

As per other recent reviews in May 2018, this trail is still quite snow covered. Took us way longer and was more of a trudge than we’d planned for. Just be wary it will take longer (path hard to keep to, little to no markers) and be more arduous. We visited both lakes, and preferred solitude of the upper lake.

it was almost 10 miles to the base of the main falls. 8 miles to a smaller one. I don't know who got 6.9??? I'm 53 and would call this hike moderate but I'm in shape and was sore for a couple days after.

Not too much of a scenary at first but once youre at the top! its breath taking! in all ways! haha. We lounged where there was a little pool area where it looked out to the valley. Beautiful. just beautiful.

Beautiful at the lake and following Cathedral Peak up. But going up right after Tioga rd opens is not recommended, over half the trail is covered in snow with no real trail markers. Everyone got lost going up and down and the meadow is a marsh. Wait a few weeks to go! I would have given a lower rating, but could see how this trail would be nice under normal conditions)

23 days ago

The view at the lake is every bit as incredible and "worth it" as everyone says, but be aware that if you're hiking this trail before the snow melts, it can be quite difficult. The elevation gain is intense, and much of the trail is covered in snow and not always well-marked, so be prepared to get a tad lost a few times if you don't have GPS. Bring layers, hiking poles, and leave early enough so you can spend lots of time at the lake. It's gorgeous!

Great hike with steep switchbacks towards the end. Very rewarding view from the top. The top of the falls is a great place to stop for lunch and soak the feet in the cold clear water. Agree with previous review, this is probably a hard level hike not moderate.

Absolutely beautiful hike along the falls.

Somewhere in the upper-moderate challenging level. This is a beautiful hike, but I'm not going to be leading this hike and calling it "moderate" due to the 2,200 foot elevation gain and constant climbing. There is a strenuous .3 mile start up to the falls but after that the hike levels out. I definitely recommend someone being in shape in order to pull this one off. I am leading a group on this hike and in order to keep it at the "moderate" level, we will probably not go to the top.

Nice easy hike, pretty views from the point.

Really enjoyed the flora and the incredible vistas and the waterfalls that are abundant all the way up!

Power through the punishing ascent at the beginning. It’s worth it! This has stunning florae the whole way that made me feel like I was in the Pacific Northwest. There’s also tons of manzanita (and really old, grown in manzanita). There are some switchbacks about 3/4 of the way in that took me longer than I’d care to admit to complete, but the falls itself are worth the climb.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been featured on Westworld or something. It has a foreboding, imposing look and has to be seen to be believed. If you are scared of heights, be forewarned that the top of the falls may creep you out a bit.

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