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This is a fantastic trail that should be considered by all that love the high sierra. I did this in July 2015 over 15 days starting south of Whitney and ending in happy isles. Days where long but not outragous. I was on my own but never felt lonely. Lots of people on the trail to talk to if you want. You can also just hie along and people will leave you alone. Finding a camp site or water wasn't hard. I tried to finish my day making it halfway up a pass. This way I could rest the night and make it over the pass for breakfast the next day. Be sure to pack lite, I mean really only bring what you need as that pack certainly gets heavy after 15 days on the trail.

Not a very hard trail for downhill but it offers a great view of the Nevada fall and the valley. It also has a small cascade which you will walk under that brings you a great experience for the summer.

This is my favorite trail so far! I hiked it 5 times alone. I liked it so much that I even hiked it twice in one month (2009). Then I went back to hike it in 2011, 2012 and 2014. It’s time to do it again! I always hiked it in 9 - 12 days. I would like to spend more time on it, like 2 weeks to relax also.

2 months ago

SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL! The lake is pristine. We saw only one other person off in the distance. It was a short trip and I’ll be going back for a longer duration next time!

Love the destination!! The trail is great once your done with the road section.

hiked this in 2012...it was meant to be a thru hike but partner got sick so we had to leave right about the half way point. I went back 2 years later and finished it. One of the crown jewels in US places to backpack.

This is the single most impactful trail I've ever experienced. The JMT, when done it its 211 mile entirety, will yield lifelong cherished memories. Its not easy, and you must do months of preparation. Its beauty is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot recommend this trail highly enough. Six stars.

I am not a poet. Words cannot describe how humbling gods work is. Over every peak, the trail gets more beautiful.

Did this hike in 5th grade and planning on doing it again this year! It was an amazing experience and such great scenery. But extremely difficult and can be tough to follow if you do not have an experienced hiker with you.

One of the most beautiful sections of the PCT

Challenging hike through melting snow up and off the pass in August. Great camping spots a few miles below the pass. Top of the pass offers some spectacular views.

Beautiful Northern California hiking. Relatively easy until you hit the switchbacks

check out two applications: Guthook JMT for $9.99 and Hikerbot for crowd source information. Both have better and more detailed info than Alltrails.

5 months ago

By far the greatest hike my girlfriend and I have ever been on. We went on the last weekend that the Tioga Pass was open, no one was on the trailhead. We too the lower lake route. The first mile is the hardest, gaining elevation really fast. We took a few breaks when needed. The rest was fine. I recommend going the end of October/start of November if you want the best view. There was some snow from a recent rain, rivers & waterfalls frozen. I plan on doing this hike again next year.

What can anyone say? It’s an El Cap hike and camping on top of El Cap... Doesn’t get much better.
It was a very cool start with an easy stroll through a recent burn. Sad, yet, just a different beauty and intrigue.
Then the climb starts and does not let up until an old road. Flat/downhill for a mile then it hits you...up you will go. Take breaks and enjoy the time. Not much in the way of distant views, but a nice hike trough various terrain. Water sources galore. Last one before El Cap is a beautiful stream about one mile from top. Get plenty of it here if staying the night.
I turned around at this point, didn’t want to risk not getting a ride back to Oak Flat.
I was solo and stayed that way all night. Had the top of El Cap to myself. Amazing!!
Go for it

Good day hike. We did it with some snow on the trail, which made it a little more challenging.

5 months ago

most wonderful, difficult, beautiful, amazing trail ever! Go NOBO from Whitney.

Did the whole length SB July 2016. Completed the thru-hike in 14 days with one resupply at John Muir Ranch. Amazing experience and completely life changing!

6 months ago

Went late July 2017. A lot of snow just in areas near trail made route finding tricky. Mosquitos during the sunrise/sunset hours and near low lying areas-bring headset! Great views, lots of trout at Nelson.#14 black caddis worked well at sunset! Wish I had more time to cross country it to Reyman lake and up/over to Rafferty creek.

Wonderful memories revisited and a great workout.
Love being up here in Autumn!

6 months ago

most amazing experience in my life

7 months ago

Gorgeous hike, though after schlepping our heavy backpacks for 6 miles had a hard time crossing the little river hopping from rock to rock. It was slippery and my daughter got her foot wet right before sunset and her shoes was frozen the next morning. The waterfall there is beautiful, it's a stunning place. Be forewarned that only 3 official fire rings are open for use among over 25 camp sites, so if you grab a fire pit, please invite others to join you as it's getting colder at night.

7 months ago

Definitely recommend this trail to everyone. Went this past Tuesday & the weather was lovely! We even caught a few glimpses of snow. The beginning was a little steep and had me out of breathe but it got much better. The only reason I won’t rate it five stars is due to lack of signs on the way back from the trail. It can be confusing. Boyfriend and I came across a hiker who was lost & we worked together to find our way back on the trail.

Good hike; some (but not many) views along the away but the lake and mountains view at the end are worth it.

Beautiful in June. Expect some uphill challenges.

rock climbing
8 months ago

We overnighted near the base of Cathedral Peak, just beyond the Budd Lakes drainage. Spectacular views!

This is a real nice day hike. You can certainly turn this into an all out backpack trip too if you wanted, but this makes for a nice hike for just the day. Great views of Cathedral Peak and you can see all the way to the Columbia Finger from the pass area. Easy to walk a short distance to the upper lake, and a short half mile hike off the main trail to the lower Cathedral Lake. This is all along the John Muir trail. The first 3/4 of a mile are a pretty good uphill, then it levels off for pretty much the rest of the way. This is a real popular day hike out of Tuolumne.

8 months ago

My wife and I used to hike this trail 20 years ago and absolutely loved it. I'm 51 yrs old now and have finally gotten the opportunity to return to Kibbie Lake with my 18 yr old son. The lake was just as gorgeous as I remember it and rank it right up there with one of my favorite places on the planet. However, the actual trail and the surrounding forests were devastated by a fire in 2013. What once was a beautiful hike through majestic Sierra Nevada mountain forests has turned into a rattlesnake infested trudge through the apocalypse. Thankfully the fire spared the forests surrounding the lake... One other caveat is that they closed the road up to the trailhead, which increases the hikes distance by a little over 3 miles. If I was able to give a rating to the trail it would be a single star, while the rating at the lake itself would be 5+ stars. In spite of the hikes in and out, we had a blast and stayed at the lake for three nights. I hope to make this an annual trip with my son and son in law up until my body can no longer handle backpacking.

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