Hiked the JMT in late August. It was an unforgettable experience on every level. We hiked the whole trail in 10 days and added Mt. Whitney at the end. We hiked relatively fast and if I did it again I would hike it in 20 days to explore nature and enjoy the countless, memorable views. This should be on any hiking bucket list.

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Shared wine and Twizzlers around the camp fire with some cool stranger!

Best hike ever. Mist trail was better than imagined.

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This was absolutely amazing!!!!

Hearing the waterfall is so relaxing! This hike is amazing! :)

Magical. One of the highlights of my life.

This trail is spectacular. We were very tired at the end but worth every bit. The views of Nevada Falls once you get onto the mist trail are breath taking. Quite a lot of traffic of the way up but much less after the top and turn onto Muir Trail. A must do if at Yosemite!

WATERFALLS and more WATERFALLS! The REDWOODS are magical and one of the most iconic hikes in the world. Steep, not for the faint of heart and If weather conditions allow it, hike HALF DOME! The cables are extreme but well worth the battle. Bring water and snacks.

One of the most iconic hikes in the world, highly recommend it. Check out the video and guide on HikingGuy com for detailed tips and directions.

Fantastic hike! Everything is spectacular on this hike. Brings lots of water and snacks to enjoy the views.

Beautiful trail to hike! The steps by Vernal Falls can be slippery. Bring a light jacket as you will get sprayed as you walk up the stairs next to Vernal Falls. Go all the way up to Nevada Falls! The incline is worth it. I enjoyed watching the waterfall from all views and especially from above. This hike has a crowd. It thins out once you pass Vernal Falls.

Did this trail August 2019. It was a beautiful trail and definitely showed off Yosemite’s beauty! Pretty busy trail though so don’t do it expecting to get away from the crowds. We did see a bear at the top of Nevada falls!

Busy, but fantastic!

The mist trail was closed the day we did it but we went anyway. It wasn’t easy to find the trail because of about 18 inches of snow the day before. Surreal views though. Breathtaking every step of the way. At the top of Nevada falls, John Muir trail was closed but we went down anyway. Rough going because we were trudging through knee high snow for the first half mile. Eventually we got cover in the trees and made it easier. Once we reconnected at Clark’s point, a nice easy trip down. We jogged because it was a little chilly. Really a phenomenal trail even with the circumstances. But I wouldn’t advise someone to do the same.

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever hiked. Unfortunately due to conditions, the route down was closed so we had to go back the way we came.. which was difficult given how icy/muddy/snowy it was. Definitely worth it. Will be coming back for this trail soon!

I've never written a review for anything in my life, what the mileage on this trail is a lie and I felt compelled to forewarn everyone else. if you start tracking mileage from where the shuttle drops you off, this trail is at least 20 miles. From the first trail marker that you see it's 9.5 miles to the summit meaning that it is a minimum of 19 MI. Completed this yesterday on 3/14/20, the trail is very well maintained and easily marked throughout the whole trip, other than when we got to the top snow and ice completely covered the trail. If we did not have GPS coordinates preset, we would not have been able to find the official end of the trail due to the amount of snow and ice. That being said there was only snow and ice for about the last mile and a half. 10/10 would recommend.

Probably the best trail I’ve seen so far here (second trip) and I only made it 40-50% through this one due to time and weather concerns.

Oooooo! Great hike! Stairs master. The view was worth it!

I fked up again and didn't turn off my recording

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