Great trail if you like history, as it follows many of the park’s historic roads and bridle paths. Lots of evidence of pavement, cobblestones, old retaining walls, etc. Nice for walking or trail running—did the full loop and my GPS clocked it at about 22 miles. There are many ways to cut it into various shorter loops as well. Also, as a response to previous commenters, this is NOT a mountain biking trail. Pets and bikes are not allowed on this trail, per the park’s website.

We left a little too late to enjoy the full sunrise, but after 4am we still did see the most amazing view of the Valley

One of the more strenuous trails but worth every moment. Incredible views of the entire valley and the top at glacier point provides incredible views of Half Dome. Make sure you bring enough food at water for all the way up and all the way back

One of the most breathtaking views in the park for sure.

There may be many scenes that overlap with the road of the car ...

21 days ago

Shared wine and Twizzlers around the camp fire with some cool stranger!

21 days ago

Probably one of the most beautiful hikes I've been to. Went in early May two years and had a little overcast with spots of sun so it made our hike with no shade enjoyable without the heat. Went early morning to beat the crowds (began hike at 7am) and got to enjoy the trail and waterfalls all to ourselves. Absolutely beautiful to hike along side the dam, got to climb up some rocks, walked through rushing waterfalls and streams, and was guided by lavenders growing along side parts of the trail...overall my favorite and most memorable hike, I'm due to go back!

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22 days ago

Lots of waterfalls, but constantly had a view of the parking lot

Great views, quite crowded. Go early!

1 month ago

Beautiful all around! Amazing views!! :)

Awesome hike. Started at Glacier Point and hiked down.

One of my top 5 Yosemite hikes. Views are spectacular and you feel like you’re on top of the world. The lakes and mines are awesome to explore and great for kids.

Gorgeous and relatively easy hike with a really beautiful and peaceful lake

Amazing trail variety of trail elevation gains and flats. Don’t forget to go 3miles past Merced lake to Washburn lake named after my great grandfather.

Amazing viewpoint. Yosemite really is the best <3

Magical. One of the highlights of my life.

Highly recommend this one, jammed pack of scenery. The distance here is a little off and there are some logistical considerations, so read my guide and video on HikingGuy com before you give it a go.

Really great beginner hike that gives you a taste of the Yosemite trails (and their views!) without a major expedition. There's a video and full guide for the hike on HikingGuy com - check it out before you go.

I did this hike my first trip to Yosemite and it was absolutely amazing! I took the shuttle from the valley up one way to glacier point and hiked down to the back country campsites behind the falls for 2 nights and then used the John Muir trail to get back down. Amazing views and since it starts off downhill you can make good timing for the first portion. I did see a light sand colored black bear on the switch backs while going uphill but it didn’t seem to care I was passing by. Easy to follow trail with great views and little traffic even on a sunny August day.

One of the must-do, bucket-list hikes. You can't go wrong on this trail. It is tough and has some twists and turns, including a hidden observation platform at the top. Check out the video and guide on HikingGuy com for all the info before you head out.

Hiked here in September and it is one of my all time favorites. Not super difficult and you hit so many great viewpoints and landmarks.

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Carlon Falls Trailhead to Tuolumne Grove. 13 miles, 6 hours, 2,100 feet elevation gain, multiple water crossings, snow...a lot of snow, Giant Sequoia, a historic wagon trail, and not a single hiker the whole day! Enjoy this hike before it returns to the Wilderness!

Most rewarding hike I’ve ever done but definitely not for the faint of heart!! The walk up to the top of the falls is gruelling, make sure u get up really early to beat the sun and hot weather. The view from the top is spectacular and the hike in general is a nice maintained path but the switch backs are very rocky. Take lots of water and snacks!

One of the best short hikes you can do at Yosemite. Escape the crowds, experience some trails, and get a great viewpoint all to yourself. Full guide on HikingGuy com - check it out before you go

Taft point is one of my favorite hikes!!! Pretty easy trail and the views are amazing!!!! My favorite part of this trail is The drop down after getting to the top. Looks insane and really creepy to sit on the edge but feels amazing! gave the chills There are tons of spots to take awesome Instagram worthy photos :) loved it!!!

I had a GREAT time hiking from El Portal California to Foresta California. 14 miles, 6 hours, 2,500 elevation gain, multiple waterfalls, several bridges, one very dangerous crossing, lots of animal tracks, and beauty everywhere! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this hike! It was even better than I imagined!

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