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4 hours ago

my husband and I took our four kids to this water fall and loved it. we climbed the rocks as far as we can and got some beautiful pictures.
be prepared to get wet.
also expect a lot of people!!

5 hours ago

This hike was so rewarding, but you definitely work for it! 100% uphill, and not a gradual incline! Lots of switchbacks. Started in the Valley at the trailhead about 11:30, made it to Glacier point by about 2, then continued on go Sentinel Dome. Arrived @Sentinal Dome around 3, and hiked all the way back down to the Valley and finished by about 5:30. I parked at the Sentinel Beach parking lot. Really close to trailhead and has a bathroom. All around loved this hike and recommend it to those who are active.

Started at the bottom near swingbridge parking lot. Hiked up and decided that I wasn’t excited to go back down so I waited for one of the shuttles that aren’t free or on a schedule to ride down. Note there are not free or scheduled shuttles. Awesome hike if you can just do the hike up and find a ride down to save your toes from 4 .4 miles of downhill

One of the best hikes Yosemite has to offer. Bernal falls is the first waterfall and right away you will have some incline. No intense switchbacks until after vernal falls. Be prepared to get wet! As you are walking next to the falls. After vernal falls you can make the decision to head back. Depending on your crew and your fitness level I recommend going to the top of Nevada Falls it’s worth the accomplishment. Here is where the trails becomes hard. Incline with switchbacks. Once you reach the top most people are relaxing and eating before they head back down. Bring waterproof hiking shoes, lunch and 2-3L of water. Have fun!!

Lots of switchbacks made of granite that can be hard on the legs. Gain lots of elevation in a short period of time so breaks are needed. Went on Black Friday to avoid the crowds and it was worth it. Stellar views from the top.

Started around 7 am on 6/14.... what an absolutely amazing hike. Tenaya Creek was about ankle high and the water felt amazing. The switchbacks were pretty tough, but what made it worse was the massive amount of mosquitoes at higher elevation because of the recent snowmelt. Lots of water of water coming down the middle of the trail at some points, with a few random snow patches you have to walk over. After about 1000 ft of elevation gain, you immediately descend into a beautiful area of the trail, with streams, boulders and lakes. The last ascent towards Clouds Rest was pretty difficult. I had to stop once because of the altitude but an amazingly generous group from Indiana helped me and an experienced hiker gave me some much needed water, sweets and electrolytes. The summit is a short scramble, but my goodness, the view was absolutely spectacular. Full 360 degree views of Yosemite, Half Dome, North Dome, Mt Watkins, Glacier Point, and the majority of the valley. This is must do hike, something I will never forget. Total time was 8.15 hours with a few stops.

We went a little late so we didn't get the chance to do the whole loop. Definitely a hike to do early and beat the crowed. I can't wait to go back and finish it the scenery was amazing!

13 hours ago

The switchbacks can be brutal at points, but the views are amazing and the mix of shade and sun were lovely.

14 hours ago

Spent the night on El Cap, and at Cascade Creek. The tenkara rod and fly was worth the four additional ounces, pulling in over 15 rainbow trout. The two of us easily hitchhiked from the Big Oak Flat Trailhead to the village parking near North Pines, probably the 10th car that past us, even on a weekday.

In addition to the fishing, the trail was great. We hung out with the Sierra Mountain Kingsnake and Rubber Boa, found bear markings on trees, got startled by deer enclosing on our El Cap campsite, and shared jokes and riddles over late night fires.

Expect rocks. lots of rocks. Don't give up, keep on going. reaching the top is the best feeling you can get. plus it has really beautiful views. Bring a lot of water and food.

Amazing! Very difficult hike, worth the accomplishment. According to my Apple Watch it is 4 mi to the top and 4 mi back. Not sure why the description on All Trails says 5 mi round trip. It’s for sure not! Bring lots of water and be prepared to work. The entire 4 mi to the top is steep incline with rocky switch backs. The way down isn’t easy either—strenuous on the knees and feet for most. All in all, this is an amazing accomplishment with bragging rights!! Have fun!

Very difficult hike - absolutely worth it and rewarding!

So cool! Go to the top, spectacular view of Tuolumne Meadows. Worth an hour and a half of your time.

Great trail. Lots of poison oak but the view from the falls was spectacular. Get there early to beat the crowds.......

There is a reason why 1500+ review love this trail, so I don't need to tell you much. It is breathtakingly beautiful. We completed it in around 6 hours. I give it 4 star just because I've not found the 5 stars trail yet! I suggest you bring minimum of 3l water, you should go early morning to against traffic lol.

Tips: there is seasonal, quite well maintain restroom at Vernal waterfall.

Difficult but incredibly worth it

This place was so fun. Easy going down but steep coming up. Keep left first at the fork right at the second fork for the loop

Simply amazing!

I highly recommend this trail! The views on this trail are incredible, and the hike itself really isn’t to bad. Over all this is a great trail for all levels!

2 days ago

Breathtaking 360 degree view.

This hike blows just about all others out of the water. Its all day so get up early. it's fairly difficult so be prepared for some exercise AND do NOT be afraid of heights! The climb up the cables to the top of Half Dome is not for the timid. Have gloves!

It's beautiful on the top. Spectacular views of the valley and great scenery on the way of course. It's freaking Yosemite!

Fun trail. Unlike the rest of the park, this isn't too bad as far as going up and down long stretches. We started on 6/13/18 and camped just before you reach the junction that heads down to Nevada Falls. The next day we hiked up to Half Dome and then all the way down through the mist trail. Word of warning, our group lives at sea level and we aren't seasoned hikers. I'm 6'2" 275, and by the time I got to the parking lot I was exhausted. Make sure you are in good shape or you'll suffer. And bring a water filter!!! And be prepared to get wet crossing a few streams. At one crossing we had to cross barefooted and some slipped and went all the way under.

2 days ago

Great Hike!

Great little hike we did with our almost 2 year old. He walked the first 3/4 of a mile and we loaded him into a child carrier backpack for the remainder, mostly because he was tired but also because the fissures posed a risk for his fast, wandering legs and because at that point the trail became steeper and rocky for a short time. The view though was spectacular.

trail running
2 days ago

Jogged(???) up yesterday (6/15) and there was epic wind. But it's an awesome trail with stunning views at the top. Had to scramble through some knee deep snow in places, and the rock hop to the summit, but so worth it!

What surprised me was that the wind at the summit was nearly non-existent compared to on the way up. I headed up around 2:00pm, and only saw three other people on the entire trip. Took about three hours round trip. For a guy who has spent all his life at sea level, and from a country with the highest mountain of around 6600ft, this was rather unique!

Great trip, would definitely do again. Trail was very quiet. We did a 2-day out and back. The first 4 miles was fairly easy with little elevation change. Just over a mile past the Glen Aulin High Sierra camp, on the trail to Waterwheel Falls, the trail was flooded with lots of fallen trees. It was a challenge to navigate through. However a ranger told us it should dry up in a month or so. We set up camp just before the swampy bit and continued on with day packs to the falls. The falls had lots of water.

3 days ago

Great hike, but might be a little misleading as there are a few ways to approach it. One is super easy along the road, which I believe would be out to the lake and back. Another is along with the signs - on a dirt hike which is actually quite uphill and rocky at moments.

To go to the lake and back and make it a loop, you need to cross the river! There is no paved way to cross it. Or you make a big loop which according to Yosemite website is approx. 5 miles total. We did the dirt hike to the lake, went back a few hundred feet to a narrow and shallow river part, crossed the river and walked back along with the road.

Fun hike, but we were scratching our heads along the way :))

loved it! This hike took my 3 times to do, the first we turned back at the wet stairs, the second we were hit with a major scary thunder storm half way up the steps. probably the most scared I've ever been. but we turned back and Headed back to the trail safe ground. So note, if there is even a chance of rain don't do it.
The 3rd time we finally made it to the top and all the anticipation and excitement I had to see the top exceeded my expectation, it was so beautiful. And just amazing to finally be at the top. If you haven't hike Vernal plan it because it's such a great hike.

Definitely a strenuous hike but was worth while. The entire trip took 10 hours, but that’s because we stayed at the top for a good 1.5 hours eating and hanging out. We started at 6am from the Mist Trail and got up in 4.5 hours. The first 2 miles to the falls is pretty uphill / steep but the next 4.5 miles to Half Dome isn’t as brutal. It took 4 hours to come back from the top, but that’s because we took a lot of long breaks. Definitely should have a light jacket for the top (didn’t use it the entire time otherwise cause you’re warm from the hike itself).

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