Great trail if you like history, as it follows many of the park’s historic roads and bridle paths. Lots of evidence of pavement, cobblestones, old retaining walls, etc. Nice for walking or trail running—did the full loop and my GPS clocked it at about 22 miles. There are many ways to cut it into various shorter loops as well. Also, as a response to previous commenters, this is NOT a mountain biking trail. Pets and bikes are not allowed on this trail, per the park’s website.

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Hiked the JMT in 1999 with my father and older brother (and older sister until her knee gave out around Devils Post Pile). I had just turned 13 a few days before we started in Yosemite. We spent 3-weeks or so, and averaged about 10-12 miles per day. We chose not to speed up, because we wanted to enjoy ourselves and actually take in the views (plus, I was only 13). I was sometimes too young to appreciate everything, but I’d love to do this again one day. One of the most memorable experiences of my life, and definitely an awesome experience to give a young kid real confidence. I’m 32 now, and this hike set me up for a future in the Peace Corps, and a life of adventure seeking. I hope to take my son on this one day. We have a journal posted online. Just Google “Muir Trail Diary” and “Princeton” and it should pop up.

There may be many scenes that overlap with the road of the car ...

Hiked the JMT in late August. It was an unforgettable experience on every level. We hiked the whole trail in 10 days and added Mt. Whitney at the end. We hiked relatively fast and if I did it again I would hike it in 20 days to explore nature and enjoy the countless, memorable views. This should be on any hiking bucket list.

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This was absolutely amazing!!!!

Amazing trail variety of trail elevation gains and flats. Don’t forget to go 3miles past Merced lake to Washburn lake named after my great grandfather.

Magical. One of the highlights of my life.

Great trail- been up it multiple times, the views are just incredibly breathtaking! Go in the summer and you can swim in the upper pools.

I've never written a review for anything in my life, what the mileage on this trail is a lie and I felt compelled to forewarn everyone else. if you start tracking mileage from where the shuttle drops you off, this trail is at least 20 miles. From the first trail marker that you see it's 9.5 miles to the summit meaning that it is a minimum of 19 MI. Completed this yesterday on 3/14/20, the trail is very well maintained and easily marked throughout the whole trip, other than when we got to the top snow and ice completely covered the trail. If we did not have GPS coordinates preset, we would not have been able to find the official end of the trail due to the amount of snow and ice. That being said there was only snow and ice for about the last mile and a half. 10/10 would recommend.

Nice, easy trail. Some trees across trail which require climbing over. One section of trail requires you to find your way up to road by Bridleveil junction as River is too deep at trail on All Trails. Route along Southside can be rather noisy with cars.

First time to Yosemite valley. I would recommend this to anyone up for a challenge! Lots of switchbacks at the beginning & end before reaching the summit! I recommend lots of water, good hiking boots & snacks. Be ready to take plenty of breaks.

Nice shady walk along the river. Quite easy as you’re not climbing at all. Good one for a rest day or an easy long walk.

Great hike! Views from mirror Lake were awesome from both sides of the trail. Therefore I recommend doing the whole loop. It’s pictures all the way. As it is rated this trail is relatively easy. Good for all walks of life.

This trail has amazing views!! But I couldn’t finish it because it is near impossible with all the switchbacks! I will go back and attempt to finish it, but it will probably take a few tries!

Loved it! Was there on Saturday 2/29. Saw about 20 other hikers, no wildlife. Temperature was 51 for the high, we were mostly ok with long sleeve shirts. A little chilly once we got to the top where there was a little snow. We started the hike around 8:30 and were back by 1:40, stopped to take lots of photos & rested at the top for lunch. Highly recommend!

Hiked this trail on 2/29. Both Wapama and Ranchería Falls are flowing nicely but the bridges are safe to cross. Lots of sun exposure so bring more water than you think you need. Elevation gain is manageable as the switchbacks are interspersed with flat sections. You get a nice overlook of Ranchería Falls by following the social trail to the right after about 5.5(?) miles. Somehow missed the turn to the campground with a closer view of the falls. Definitely keep going to the bridge that crosses over the creek and the top of the falls as the views are great! Took me a little under 5 1/2 hours, but I was really pushing the pace to make it back before the gates closed. Plan for at least 7 hours.

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing trail. It was already great to simply do the loop on the ground around Mirror Lake and the meadow, but going up those switchbacks, seeing the entire canyon down below and mountains like Half Dome and Cloud's Rest right opposite of you, made this simply special. There are also *no* people in that latter half of the lake loop and the Snow Creek section (at least not when I was there). While I did this in late February, it was - as most of the Yosemite Valley and its surroundings - snowless and warm.

Great - and very easy - hike, that can be done year round (though because of that, it's also really crowded). Make sure to do the full loop and even add a little from the Snow Creek Trail to both find solitude as well as to get more amazing views of Half Dome, Cloud's Rest, and the valley in general.

we couldn't find a way to cross the water and finish the loop.

Very beautiful. The lake was pretty low so I was underwhelmed but enjoyed solitude for much of the hike. Very little traffic. Totally clear path the whole way through. Worth it!

Southbound solo thru-hiked in Aug 2018. Best hike I have ever done.

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