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3 months ago

There are not many wildflowers on this hike. The grasses by the lookout have turned brown now. Parking is free on the street but you can pay $5 to the iron ranger right after the gate and park closer if you want a shorter hike with less incline.

4 months ago

Nice evening hike. Just be sure to park on the street. Everything is beautiful and green. Not many people on a weekday evening hike.

no trees nor shade. at least it's quiet and the mountains are a pretty green

A really good hike with mountain side views and Sylmar city view. We did it in approximately 2 hours with several short stops at lookout points

Nice easy hike, moderate not hard as described. Great for a light workout!

It was moderate, not hard, but there is some sand for awhile as the trail which can be tiring. It was cool though. Saw a couple of people riding horses around the area. Views were ok. Not a lot of people hiking it.

This is a short, nice hike. No steep hills. Just take a bottle of water and hiking or tennis shoes.

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11 months ago

We are having problems with the description of level of difficulties in this app. Descriptions are off in too many cases, and this trail is a good example.
This is a "moderate" trail at best, definitely not "hard" as described in this App. It starts somewhat steep but then becomes flat and easy. The hike thru the canyon was fun and easy.
The trail is relatively short, less then 3miles and it took us about an hour to complete, with many stops.
At the highest point of the trail, before you decent into the canyon, keep on walking for another 10 min to the best vista point of the SFV, not to be missed.