In the early 1930s, Will Rogers was the most popular and highest paid actor in Hollywood. From his start in vaudeville theater with a trick roping act, he rose to world-wide fame as a columnist, philosopher, radio personality, and movie star. During the 1920s, he bought land in Santa Monica, where he developed a ranch. Eventually, Will Rogers owned 186 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in what is now known as Pacific Palisades. The ranch became the place where Will Rogers could relax with his family and friends, pursuing his favorite pastimes of riding and roping. At his untimely death in a plane crash in 1935, Will Rogers' ranch consisted of a 31-room ranch house, a stable, corrals, riding ring, roping arena, polo field, golf course, and hiking trails. When his widow, Betty, died in 1944, the ranch became a state park.

fun and pretty. very easy hike. good place for a picnic.

Not a sufficient work out

Not well maintained, trail difficult to follow

Really hard to find the trailhead (our GPS was off), but the loop was nice once we got going. We trekked clockwise, so there were great views for the first third, followed by a steep decline into the canyon (watch out for loose rocks), ending with a pretty technical ~1.5 mile stretch through the riverbed. Decent outing for sure, but you absolutely MUST check yourself for ticks afterwards.

Great hike but I only did one half of the loop because I got a little lost. I started at the inspiration point around 3pm. I missed the trail that leads to the creek(maybe because of the overgrown land?). But then it felt like I was getting no where and there aren’t many signs, only the “backbone trail” one. I got service and realized I just kept walking straight and I was already about 2 miles away from the rustic loop trail. Can be pretty adventurous and spooky at 6pm. So make sure you go with enough day light, or just don’t get lost like I did hah

Some gorgeous views from along the ridge, although at the moment the trail portion along the creek going out from Will Rodgers is overgrown and not easily passable. Can be a cool setting but it is tough going along the creek.

good, easy hike. walked by horses and enjoyed the loop. only complaint is $12 parking.

Started off at noon. Neat park that was gifted to the state of California by Betty, the wife of three great humorist and cowboy philosopher Will Rogers. If you don't know who Will Rogers is, he is worth looking up and learning about. The park cost $12, and has a small parking lot. Will Rogers house open for tours on the hour. Really though, the best feature of the park is the Inspiration Point Trail, a roughly 2.5 mile loop. The views are amazing. From Inspiration Point there are sweeping views of Los Angeles to Santa Monica, and the beach communities all the way down to Palos Verses. Trails are well maintained, and the park was moderately busy. Also, lots of equestrian activity including a polo field.

Actually hiked this last week -loved it!! Started at end of polo field - counterclockwise. Once you get to the creek, you will be crossing back and forth. Someone has used red paint to try and help people stay on the trail, but it's easier to see if you are heading clockwise. You start on the west side of the creek, but pretty quickly cross to the east side. As soon as you cross keep looking on the opposite side for the trail to pick up. You will be going back and forth far awhile! When you get to the waterfall, and you don't feel like using a rope to climb up the wall near the waterfall - approx .05 - .1 miles before the waterfall, look on the opposite of the creek and you will see stairs going up. At the top of the stairs, very quickly, you will see a path on your right which will take you to the top of the waterfall. From there, just scramble up the hill and continue with the loop! Recommend wearing shoes with a lot of tread so you can get traction crawling over the boulders in the creek and scrambling up the hills (at times I was grabbing the roots of various bushes to help pull myself up!) Challenging, but incredibly fun!!!

Dog friendly,but some other trails don’t allowed take dogs. Great view on the ocean!)

This is a hard trail in the sense that when you get to the creek the path deteriorates fast. There are a few ribbons and graffiti along the way to let you know you're ok. If you follow the water down you will eventually get to a sign that says Trail End. And then you go right (another sign saying Will Rogers).

Do this hike when there is no rain. The riverbed will fill up a lot and cause slippery and water hazard conditions. Also, wear pants and throw on some bug spray for good measure.

It's awesome and fun.


Nice trail for what it is. Very short, easy walking, wide trail with a nice view. Good for someone who doesn't want to walk too far or get too dirty.

5 months ago

If you’re bringing children, a dog, or anybody afraid to descend rock faces, don't do the whole loop. If you aren’t taking any of those things and want to do the whole loop, go clockwise. The eastern half of the loop, along Rustic Creek, is poorly defined and dangerously steep in some places. Seriously, there are one or two sections where you have to ascend/descend 25 feet up a near vertical rock face and sometimes the only apparent route forward is to walk in the creek. Stay near the creek, as getting lost is very easy. The brush is overgrown. Avoid the poison oak.

That said, the challenge of this section made hiking it a rewarding experience. But it's definitely not for everybody.

In contrast, the western half of the loop, up the backbone trail, is beautiful. It is well maintained and the views are great. It wasn’t crowded even on a Sunday and suitable for any hiker or dog.

Great view at Inspiration Point. A little hazy.

Great hike loved the views...

Great hike loved the views...

This is a easy hike for kids. We saw a rattlesnake (I reckon it was a southern pacific) on our hike today. We went up to the inspiration point and then instead of doubling back to go to the main road, followed a narrow trail that starts at the top and brings you to a T junction. Taking a left takes you to the south of the trail and taking a right takes you to the north end. The snake was just lying on the side of this narrow trail. We stood for a while and then gently walked around it. It was 9:30 am and the snake wasn't moving.

But otherwise a beautiful, easy hike.

6 months ago

6 months ago

Nice and easy trail with a great view at the top

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