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It is moderate to hard. The trail was maintained pretty well.

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This is a nice trail. There are some relatively steep climbs and you get a nice workout. If you keep a steady pace you can make it to the top in about half an hour. Some tricky areas after rain, I recommend taking a flashlight toward dusk. Mountain bikers, and groups some nights. It get's pretty cold in the winter and there are some larger rocks throughout the trail as a result of sliding so it's best to keep an eye out. The trail itself is fairly wide, some narrowing toward the peak. Always worth the climb.

Very strenuous and rewarding hike. Bring a water bottle if you go during mid day as there is little shade. Switch backs after switch backs closer to the top are fun. The view is spectacular on a clear day!

Love it great workout!

This trail is absolutely beautiful. It's also a good challenge!

This time of year seems to be perfect to go; especially since it's been raining. Everything is green and the temperature seems just right.

The first .9 miles is very steep and would be difficult on a hot day. Thankfully, it was only in the 60s when I went. The trail is listed as an "out and back," but I turned it into a loop by taking the paved road at the 1.3 mile mark back to the parking lot.

Hard to do, is mostly for people that enjoy extreme hiking., i would rate this as hard and not for kids. If you do it bring plenty of water and be prepare to used some kind of stick

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