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18 hours ago

Between HWY 1 and eagles cutoff, the western part of Baldwin loop trail ( near the .6 mile marker ) is very overgrown. Were unable to make it all the way to eagles cutoff. Be aware of ticks, picked dozens off during and after the walk. Did not try the eastern side of the Baldwin loop trail , it might be better

Great trail with incredible views of the Monterey Bay. You will have to share the trail with the occasional mountain biker, but in general there is plenty of room.

Great chance to see a wide variety of birds of prey as well.

It's just over 5mi from the main parking lot. I had a 4.5yr old and 8yr old in tow and they both handled it well.

Would highly recommend this hike.

10 days ago

This isn't much of a hike on its own, but it's a great way to end a hike at Wilder. After doing the Enchanted Loop, I headed down to 4 Mile Beach via this trail. The beach is a great place to relax after a long hike.

The Enchanted Loop trail is actually just a bit of a small, circular trail sitting around a bunch of other trails. In-and-of itself, Enchanted Loop is pretty decent. Much of the trail (the western and northern sides) is through a pretty dense forest, lots of trees and shade surrounding you. The eastern and southern sides are more exposed, but there's also a good chance of seeing deer if you go at the right time (I was taking this part of the trail around 6 PM). I would suggest you take this trail in a clockwise fashion, as taking it counter-clockwise will put you at a pretty strenuous incline as you exit the wooded area (taking it clockwise, it's largely downhill on the west and then a very gradual uphill on the east).

Now, here's the thing about Enchanted Loop - you have to get to it via another trail. If you look at the trail map of Wilder Ranch State Park, you can see that you can really choose your own route depending on how long you want to be out hiking. The most direct route, though, is Baldwin Loop - which is what the map for this trail has you taking. HOWEVER, it has you taking West Baldwin Loop, which is AWFUL. Getting to Enchanted Loop via West Baldwin Loop (the western side of it) is pretty off-putting, as that part of the trail is largely overgrown with a ton of sharp and thorny plants - it is no fun to hike through. There are also a ton of ticks on that side as you go through all the plants, so if you DO go this route (which I suggest you don't), take care to cover your skin well.

Instead, I suggest taking East Baldwin Loop (I've suggested a map edit to this trail as well). If you look at the trail map, you'll see another section of Baldwin Loop on the east that will also take you to Enchanted Loop. This route, while resulting in a longer (though more gradual) incline is a much more enjoyable trail. It's wider, clearer, has better views, and isn't overgrown with sharp plants that you get tangled up in. Instead, it's surrounded by white, yellow, and purple wild flowers at the start/end. I'll be adding photos, so you can see what I mean. The only downside to this route is that there's much less parking at this entrance than there is for the West Baldwin Loop entrance. Taking East Baldwin Loop easily turns this trail from a 1 to a 4.

Also, once you're done, I suggest going down to Four Mile Beach - it's really close by and is a great place to relax after a long hike. I think hiking this trail and then having a picnic on the beach is a pretty good date activity, if you don't mind ending up a little sweaty on your dates.


1 month ago

Beautiful hike but make sure to check yourself after for ticks.

2 months ago

FAVORITE. Surely breathtaking views! It’s an easy trail, but let’s just enjoy the views.

2 months ago

I like Wilder a lot, and this loop is so beautiful in many ways, but the dump as you’re descending the ridge on the north side of the loop is kind of a buzzkill: trash strewn along fence, smells, noise, etc. Also, this is a big mountain biking spot, so I have to be extra careful if I want to let my dog off leash on the main part of the loop because people can come down pretty fast. I like it best on weekday mornings when it is most quiet. The views are spot on and there are great wildflowers, but it’s worth it to add in the Enchanted Loop to get more diversity of environment, but I’m just a person who likes forest settings best!

A favorite

Th state map was a bit confusing. The trail starts just to the right of the restrooms, follow the dirt path toward the ocean. We got distracted with all the beautiful views and side paths, so we didn’t complete the entire hike. Epic California coastline views!

Nice little hike along the coat. Stop to check out the fern grotto it’s a nice little cave with ferns hanging from the ceiling. Great views of the coast line!

An easy trail - well worn and wide. Mainly overlooking cliffs, but there are a few spots where you can easily descend to a beach. As far as California coastline goes, the views aren't spectacular but just okay. Seems like a nice couples or family outdoor time kind of place.

Easy hike with great access to the ocean. Could easily push a jogging stroller on this trail. Busy but not overcrowded. Limited parking on site.

Stunning sights, a nice walk with a few stopping points for who wants to read or just take a break.
Was very windy the day I went. Also very busy.
Awesome wildlife sightings (birds and sea mammals).
There’s a $10 fee to park if you go all the way to the Park itself - park on the road right before it if you can!

3 months ago

Nice loop trail that takes you by horse stables. If you take the counter-clockwise loop, it is an easier grade to go up. There is a massive slope on the stretch of the loop that parallels the creek. Great view and nice wildflowers. Quick hike.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Wilder Ranch has lots of trails, super fun.

This trail is through a Wilder Ranch Restricted Area Agricultural Zone. You are actually Not Supposed to be out there. The Ranchers will ask you to leave. Whoever made these maps obviously hasn't done their research. Not to mention which the fields are not organic and the dust is full of 70 years of spray residue in them. The north end borders private property and people end up wandering into it. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Beautiful! Wonderful scenery. My only complaint is that the trail is not moderate, it is very easy.

Breathtaking views

trail running
4 months ago

Really beautiful path along the cliffs and nearby agricultural area.

4 months ago

Good walk. Beautiful ocean and marine wildlife views. It’s an easy walk. Not sure why it’s rated ‘moderate’.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Fun trail steep at the beginning but lots of views my 9 year old made it to the top

It was a great hike but not marked well. I definitely went a different trail for part of it. Thank goodness I remembered that I had the app. The GPS saved us today. Bring snacks and water. A piece of advice- don’t start this hike late in the day. Made the mistake and had a bit of an adventure getting back to the car.

Free Parking along PCH! Beautiful hike! Bring a jacket? Nice chill air!

mountain biking
5 months ago


Not very well marked...thank God for this ap! It was spot on. The views are wonderful!

The trail is all grass. Very pretty

5 months ago

Free parking. No parking 10pm-6am

Beautiful view! Low traffic trail. Not many trail marker good to have trail map with you.

This trailhead is a bit hidden to the naked eye. It's located in a small turnout on the right hand side if you where driving down from empire. To access Woodcutters trail there is a fire road you must walk alongside the road to find maybe 2/10ths a mile. walk this fireroad and you will find an intersection with official trail and milage markers. There are some trails/fire roads that are apart of Wilder Ranch, some of which are not maintained. Although woodcutters seems to be in a good condition as bikers use this path quite often.

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