Should be rated as a moderate hike due to its gradual steady incline but not at all hard.

Definitely not hard. But moderate and fun! Good views from the top!

this was my intro to trail running and I instantly fell in love. Great ascent fun but safe trail.

how is this rated as hard? the steepest part is the 500 feet leaving the parking lot.

Really fun easy trails. Nice and wide paths. Made it all the way to the top.

great trail I've only gone 3.2 miles of the the full 5 or 6 to the top. mainly because of time. I jog down every time. I'm going to get to the top sooner or later. but definitely not hard. be cautious of snakes, and at night coyotes. very recommended.

-- The trail is not as hard as described. The first portion is very easy, only when you get deeper into the canyon it is a bit harder.
The trail itself extends much further that the map shows, and this is the more interesting part, and a little bit harder. At the end of the trail you get to the a very steep canyon where the "mouth" of the river is, and this part is dangerous to climb. Many puddles and a very weak stream of water.
All in all a great trail.