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A narrow red-walled chasm, boulder-strewn Redfield Canyon lies bound by tall cliffs pocked with eroded caves. With a bit of exploration you may find cascades and deep refreshing pools hidden in side canyons. Some small canyons in the area contain perennial streams. In the eastern portion of the Wilderness, Galiuro Escarpment rises impressively, an example of the fault-block development for which the Basin and Range Province is known. You'll find no established trails here, but the canyons are suitable for hiking. Over the years photographers have been drawn to the scenic, water-rich side canyons of Redfield. A substantial portion of the western half of the area is privately owned; you must obtain permission before crossing it. Park closes at sunset.

Great views at the end but very heavily trafficked!

Great views at the end but very heavily trafficked!

Tumor Toe / Barefoot Blister

mountain biking
23 days ago

It’s a trail for everyone from beginners to experts. A lot of shades during summer. It’s the most traffic trail because a lot of hikers and bikers on the weekends.

27 days ago

Well maintained trail .. lot of steep mountains which gives you a good workout. Pretty views too. Will do it again to get used

29 days ago

Trail said it’s closed 2 days for each day of rain (so 10 day closure) but we went in anyway. Added the Billy Goat trail for fun and it was awesome. Muddy but adventurous. Fun as always

Dreaded Hill great workout! incline is booty blasting!!!

Closed 01/13/19

Trail closed 01/13/19.

Fun trail, challenging at times with the hills/ incline. Bring some water and be ready for a good workout. Would do this again!

Make sure you got left and not right at the start of this hike. Great workout. Views are amazing! Definitely will comeback again.

I had a great time on this trail with my daughter. I'm 64 with bad knees and I am a novice. I was more than 60 when we did a easy hike in Malibu that was hard for me. This time I used Montem trekking poles and it made all the difference! The balance the poles provided also gave me much more confidence.

The trail is pretty. It is not flat and there are a few very rocky places. There is a gradual uphill over the first 1.5 miles. The last half mile or so was steep for me and very rocky. I did get to the end of the trail. My daughter did go through the Red Rock to the top. This is beyond the official end of the trail. Of course that is only the first half! Going back that last half mile is now a steep (at least to me) downhill but with the poles for balance it was doable. We did it including a couple of short breaks in about 3 hours.

Things to consider: today and last few weeks have been dry. There were only 2 creeks with an inch of water. However there are numerous areas where there are creek beds. After a big rain this might not be so much fun. There are signs about mountain lions. Historically there have been incidents. Today all we saw were hikers and bikers and all were very friendly.

Getting to the Parking Lot Google or Waze the Ralph's on Portola Pkwy. The trail lot is literally attached to the Ralph's parking lot. Only$3 and it takes credit cards.

We took a scenic route quite by accident because Google seemed to be honing in on the end of the trail.

I might just take my husband and do it again!

watch out for the mountain bikers. There are a lot of them. Other than that, take the left steep incline for a better workout experience!

Great app! Easy to use.

bird watching
1 month ago

Saw a few commons...

Costa Hummingbird
Turkey Vulture
Red-Tailed Hawk
Cooper’s Hawk
Scrub Jay
California Towhee
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Northern Mockingbird
Northern Flicker
American Crow
Lots of Acorn Woodpeckers

New to me was the Hutton’s Vireo

Easy trail, but enjoyable. Lots of shade

2 months ago

Nice hike, pretty, good amount if shade. Pretty crowded on a Sunday.

While out visiting family in the area for Thanksgiving, I was informed of this series of hiking trails. This one was labeled as moderate and was around the distance I wanted to go. The trail is fairly well maintained, with the beginning of Borrego Canyon Trail mostly hard pack with a layer of sand. You may find that you share the trail with mountain bikes. As I neared the top hiking along Mustard Road, it became muddy and slick. It had rained the night before. The mud was clay-like and built up on the treads of my shoes. Bikes were having a tough go with the amount of mud build up on the tires. As I reached the top where this trail loops around, I decided to detour and take Water Tank Road and Dreaded Hill Road up to the top of Dreaded Hill. Then I came down the same two roads previously mentioned and took Billy Goat Trail back down to Borrego Canyon Trail. As you get near the top, you lose tree cover. The trails are well marked and maintained. I found it odd that dogs are not allowed on the trail.
This is an enjoyable hike!

Very easy hike to the most stunning rock formations in OC!
The trail was nice and shaded all the way.
Very well maintained.
Lots of big groups that hike there on the weekends and bikers.

easy beginners hike. the red rock is really beautiful!

Nice hike! Completed in about 2.5 hours. There are some serious inclines but all hikers for sure should go! Very pretty

To quote Homer Simpson, the end “Sucks Diddley Sucks. Almost 1/3 of a mile on PORTOLA PARKWAY. Put BS!

Steep hill but worth the view! Beautiful coming down. You can see a lot of nature and animals (deer).

Nice tree cover and close to home. Wouldn’t have known about it without the AllTrails app!

It was very nice trail. I was impressed with the red rock itself. I had a very nice day.

Great trail for mountain biking. The climb is nothing too bad and once you hit the decent, you'll thank yourself for deciding to put in the effort at the climb. Very good. Definitely recommend for everyone.

Be prepared to see wildlife!

Great place to run. Lots of challenging trails Trails are well marked.

They don’t call it dreaded hill for nothing.

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