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Tons of mountain bikers you have to jump out of the way for! Also I recommend going with a group. Mountain lion was spotted here less than a week ago and historically they loooove it here (overgrown forest and water sources). Just to be safe, you never know!

2 days ago

Did the red rocks trail on Saturday. The park re-opened, but the ranger at the beginning was reminding everyone to keep alert and be careful. Starting at 7am, we saw a handful of hikers and several groups of bikers. Red rocks was empty to take pictures. On the way back from red rocks, we ran into minimum 50 hikers and lots of bikers. Trail is pretty shady, and level. We parked at the entrance near Ralph’s, hike was around 4mi and took us about 1.5hours (not including pictures).

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Thank you Sara for signaling that the park re-opened!

Nice trail, lots of shade at the start. No shade and some small inclines going towards view point

Easy walk. Quite scenic.

The trail is open. There was a ranger at the trailhead warning people about recent mountain lion sightings. The latest was on 6/22/20. This after an attack earlier in the year (that animal was euthanized). This is a fairly popular trail. Somewhat crowded, but not completely overrun. Only one group of hikers who felt like they needed to bring their boombox for everyone else's enjoyment. How boring it would have been to just be surrounded by the sound of nature. I would say about 1/2 the hikers are wearing masks. The rest apparently could care less about you or vulnerable people. They are probably more dangerous than the mountain lions. The trail is fairly easy to keep some distance from people, but there are some tight spots. It's a nice hike overall. Pretty short and easy with the canyon at the end for motiviation. Lots of tree cover / shade most of the way up and a but of running water. Great for families / little kids.

The trail starts off as easy then you go through Mustard trail which is difficult before you get to the moderate trail to Lookout

did the trail today. although a mountain lion has been seen in the area it is now open. a biker informed us that there are mountain lions near the red rock trail area. the trail is used by bikers but I did not find it a problem. enjoyed the hike

Great family hike! A little more than five miles to the rocks! Wide open for the most part! Not too much water, a lot of bikers.

8 days ago

My favorite hiking trail in Orange County so far!

I would recommend getting there early before 8am. I got here at 7am and it was perfect for family & friends, also kid friendly. As we came back down a lot of traffic & mountain bikers.

Ranger was at trail head letting folks know it was closed due to recent mountain lion sightings.

Went 2 weekends ago. The trail ends at such an epic and surprising spot! (Please stay on the path to preserve it for future explorers! )

Very kid friendly. Parked in the shopping complex but we actually went shopping. Super busy!

Nice easy hike. Went early afternoon and encountered a ton of people on the trail. Try coming early morning to beat the crowds.

Just visited today. Can confirm trail closure.

1 month ago

closed due to mountain lion sighting on 5/29/20

Great trail. Just note there was a mountain lion spotting so they’re closing it down until June 6 or so.

Mountain Lion sighting recently caused the red rock canyon trail to be closed. Still plenty of Mountain Lion sightings on neighboring trails, so be vigilant at this time of the review.

It was not a difficult trail but not very pleasant due to the extraordinary traffic noise and very few trees shade It wasn’t a normal Riverside walk as the river bed was mostly dry

Very nice trail! We got there around 7 when it opened and we were the only people on the trail almost the whole time, but it started getting busy in the parking lot when we were leaving around 8:30. Super calm and fun trail!

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