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A narrow red-walled chasm, boulder-strewn Redfield Canyon lies bound by tall cliffs pocked with eroded caves. With a bit of exploration you may find cascades and deep refreshing pools hidden in side canyons. Some small canyons in the area contain perennial streams. In the eastern portion of the Wilderness, Galiuro Escarpment rises impressively, an example of the fault-block development for which the Basin and Range Province is known. You'll find no established trails here, but the canyons are suitable for hiking. Over the years photographers have been drawn to the scenic, water-rich side canyons of Redfield. A substantial portion of the western half of the area is privately owned; you must obtain permission before crossing it. Park closes at sunset.

I went hiking on Monday early morning. It actually was a bit crowded with bicycle riders.

Great hike Good views from various points along the hike. Wide trail. Awesome trail markings. Can't get lost. Dreaded hill was a good cardio hill too.

Much steeper than anticipated from Mustard Road to the top of Vista Outlook. Definitely a solid workout. There's a single picnic table at the top with a lot of great views. Too steep of a hike for my younger kiddos but worth it as a solo trip and workout.

Loved the views!! ♥️

Fun hike, really busy. Watch out for the mountain bikers, most don’t have bells. The red rocks were incredible! A must do.

Very crowded, they shouldn’t allow mountain bikers at peak dates and hours because of the big crowds. Easy trail, good for kids, nice views and climbing at the canyon.

Went on a Saturday and the trail was packed with hikers and bikers. You park near a shopping center where there are designated spots for the wilderness park ($3 To park in a spot). The first part of the hike was easy just make sure you watch out for the bikers and keep to a side. Once you are on the way up to the Vista outlook point the trail becomes very steep. It’s a great workout. Many other trails at this park that you can take.

Great little hike , great for pictures ! Very popular spot.

Ran this trail to the Red Canyon; very nice trail for beginners. Hot during the summers and not a lot of shade once you work your way towards the canyon. Bring lots of water

Great trail after you get past the initial intro hike to the actual “Red Rock Trail”. The hike is fairly easy, about 4.5 miles from the entrance, all the way through and back from the end trail point at Red Rock. The initial trek from entrance to the Red Rock Trail can be a little overwhelming with the amount of bicyclists riding back and forth. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the trail and there was plenty of wildlife to observe throughout the hike. The hike gets 4/5 stars solely based on the amount of bicyclists and the fact that dogs are NOT allowed. We would definitely frequent this trail if we are short on time and want to get a good hike on over the weekend.

Billy Goat has become one of my favorite trails at Whiting. Difficult and technical at times. Steep uphills as well as downhills. Can be slippery from the sand and loose gravely rocks. No shade so keep that in mind during the hot afternoons. I bring my poles with me for this trail.

Borrego is your starting point for many of the connecting trails. The trailhead for Red Rock can be a bit hard to find off Mustard, and is easily confused with Cattle Pond. Red Rock is a .5 mi single trail that is fairly easy and very much worth the hike.

Borrego is a fun and easy single trail. Mustard to Vista, on the other hand, is a steep and moderate fire road which has zero shade. Best hiked in the cooler time of day. A good workout.

Finally made it to the red rocks, easy trail. Hubby and I had a great time making this hike.

I like to see why people rate trails the way they do because it gives me an insight to what the trail is like.

The trail is approximately 4.4 miles out and back, and is an easy trail. If you go on a busier day watch out for bicyclists.

The trail starts off on a dirt path among a residential area. Then the dirt path becomes a path of sand in some areas. About a mile in you can’t see houses anymore. Make sure to grab a map at the trail head as there are other trails that connect to this one. If you don’t grab a map that’s ok because halfway up the trail there is another map posted and there are markers along the way to help you stay on the right path.

We really enjoyed the hike because it was easy to hike with a one year old. The trail is nice, different and interesting because of the change from dirt to sand to red rock. It’s also clean. The only thing I didn’t like very much is having to share it with cyclists. Also, note that dogs are not allowed on this trail and that there is a $3 fee at the parking lot.

2 months ago

You spend the entirety of this fairly straightforward hike constantly fluctuating in elevation, oftentimes over steep and occasionally treacherous terrain, but it's a great work out and the more technical hiking along Billy Goat Trail can be a lot of fun if you're up for it.

I recommend hiking past the far end of the loop and continuing out to Vista Lookout. It adds about a mile and a half onto your hike, but you get pretty cool views of the canyon's sandstone formation.

Went in December in the morning and the weather was perfect throughout. Be mindful of the mountain bikers that frequent these trails. They get a kick out of the downhill sections of the hike and can round the corners pretty quick so stay alert.

Entrance is gated off from where this map takes you, but up the hill about a minute there is a small white cement wall with a trail leading to dreaded hill peak. Beautiful to watch sunset! About a mile hike up, which was pretty easy. Beware of bikers and rattle snakes!

3 months ago

Saw a snake crossing the road! The Hill is a fun short workout and you get to enjoy views of the desert.

One of my favorite trails in Orange County! Much of it is shaded by Coast Live Oak, Willow and Sycamore trees. The Red Rock Canyon is awesome.

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