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A narrow red-walled chasm, boulder-strewn Redfield Canyon lies bound by tall cliffs pocked with eroded caves. With a bit of exploration you may find cascades and deep refreshing pools hidden in side canyons. Some small canyons in the area contain perennial streams. In the eastern portion of the Wilderness, Galiuro Escarpment rises impressively, an example of the fault-block development for which the Basin and Range Province is known. You'll find no established trails here, but the canyons are suitable for hiking. Over the years photographers have been drawn to the scenic, water-rich side canyons of Redfield. A substantial portion of the western half of the area is privately owned; you must obtain permission before crossing it. Park closes at sunset.

19 days ago

My 3.5 year old, 7 year old, husband and I completed this hike. It was a few weeks after the rain so a bit muddy in places, but fun! We packed our lunch and ate on the red rocks and then headed back. With little legs it took us close to 4 hours with a short lunch stop round trip. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!

We took our 2 toddlers in the jogging stroller. While the second half was definitely harder, it was still doable with a great payoff of nice views. If taking a stroller I suggest going early to avoid crowds, going back when it was more crowded proved difficult managing the double stroller with crowds.

Nice hike, very easy to get through and plenty of nice scenic spots. Met plenty of fellow hikers on the way. There was a gate that said the path was closed, but people went anyway (might have been temporarily closed). The pay station was broken, so I just parked at the nearby Ralphs. It was muddy and a bit rocky when I went. The red rocks were worth the trek.