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Cool walk, but trail quality is not all that great

Or would be hiking. I’m sure the trail is beautiful but it’s $6/day to use this area, even with a Recreational Lands Pass (its some kind of special recreational permit). Sorry, but there are lots of beautiful places around here that are free. We got out, got right back in, and won’t be back.

Biking Review: HORRIBLY marked and poorly maintained trails. Easy to very moderate with gentle grades. Have a lot of patience to figure out where you are riding. I agree about the tick warning.
If you are concerned about legal presence you must buy a ticket--which is NOT available at the park. I got lucky and was the only vehicle there and did not get a violation ticket. Check online for info. This link may help. https://www.nps.gov/whis/planyourvisit/upload/Mill%20Creek%20Keeper%20FINAL.pdf

This was a great little trail. It wasn’t busy at all when we went in the morning; we were the first ones there.

There are some areas that are gravelly, where you need to be mindful of how you step, but not too bad.

The trail is a pretty good grade up and we had to take a few breaks but it’s really not too bad.

If you have issues with mosquitoes, you’ll want a big repellant. They were a nuisance on this hike.

The waterfall is a cool place to explore.

Great hike , great little falls at end enjoy

We enjoyed our hike and were rewarded with a nice break of the waterfall after a hike up the mountain. The path was easily marked. Needed to remember the bug spray as the mosquitos made the trip a bit unpleasant when we stopped for a break.

2 months ago

beautiful hike but does have some steep inclines on the way in. had our 4 y/o and boarder collie with us and they both managed fine but we walk 3 miles daily. the falls are gorgeous and the stairs next to the falls allow you to see the upper part with a little climbing

Great hike. Definitely all uphill on the way in but there are benches if you need to rest. The first 1/4 is mostly in direct sun but then it’s nice and shaded from there on out. The trail itself is very well maintained as are many of the trails around Whiskeytown.
The end was DEFINITELY worth it!

Awesome, beautiful and shady trail with benches along the way...

I feel this trail is a bit more challenging than moderate but the trail is well maintained. It was also closer the 3.5 miles round trip. The entire trail is beautiful but the real beauty starts about the last 1/2 mile or so when all of the waterfalls start getting bigger until you reach the large waterfall at the end. So worth the hike!

Easy Little hike up! Great for dogs and humans alike!

Be prepared for a lot of poison oak everywhere! Pretty views of the lake and still many wildflowers are about.

Excellent hike! Definitely not moderate if you’re not in shape (Was with people who aren’t in the greatest shape and they made it about halfway). Also, it’s more like a 3.5-4 mile hike. I’d say it would be more of a harder hike due to the steep inclines. Some areas are wet so I’d be careful it might be a little slippery. It’s dog friendly! Absolutely beautiful views! Stunning waterfall and we’d definitely do this hike again! Well worth the hike!!

Beautiful view! Great walk/hike for beginners! Gradual incline, Dog friendly, kid friendly, and family friendly. There are some great places for swimming! Some isolated beaches for a nice picnic. All in all We’d do this hike again!

Interesting quick side trip to see some historical buildings. Spent maybe 20-30 minutes walking around. Watch for ticks and mosquitoes!

4 months ago

Great trail with awesome views... very surprised with the negative review. The trail is very good with clay and rock base and very firm footing with awesome views of the lake. Far better than most... The only possible negative for me was the 1st 1/2 you're hearing the noise from I-5 but the positive is it's very close. The backside of the hike is across from probably the largest fresh water marina I've seen. The main dock was way over 1/4 mile long. Also surprising was how different the growth and type of trees from the north and south side of hike was. I did another trail just a couple of miles away called Waters Gulch. Didn't notice a fee box so hopefully a ticket won't follow me home...

Beautiful trail, pretty shaded. The fall is absolutely gorgeous, hiking to the falls is almost uphill the entire way but the trail is well maintained with resting benches if needed. Took my dog and she did great :)

We were only there for an hour. And there was no way for anyone to keep track of the fees. So we ran onto the woods. Beautiful. Probably would be sketchy with kids or older people. There were a lot of lizards on the sunny side. And you’d prob want to watch for other possible reptiles. Great views of the lake. A great trail to stretch your legs on, if your on a long drive. We were traveling back to WA, from CA, and is was right off the freeway. Quick access on, and off. If you have charcoal and food, you could bbq at the pits that are available. Picnic tables and all.

Very shaded and nice along the lake.

5 months ago

The trail is smooth and well maintained. It was chilly but protected from the wind. It was absolutely gorgeous and we’ll certainly do it again! BTW it’s pretty much all uphill on the way in. But we did the 1.5 miles in 33 minutes with plenty of stops for pictures :)

Excellent trail, a few challenging hills, and great waterfall at the end. Well maintained. Took a 2-year-old in a stroller, there are a few spots where that becomes difficult, but nothing impossible.

According to the sign at the trailhead, this trail is closer to 3.5 miles, but it’s worth it! We went on a Sunday morning and the trail was deserted. Well maintained, well marked, and beautiful the whole way

Be warned $6.00 day use fee.
Hike is not worth the money.
Poorly maintained monotonous trail that is narrow, so much so that many times your outside foot is perilously inches away from the steep banks down to the lake.
No shoring has been done to make the trail safe,.
You will be hiking under the Forest canopy with a photo worthy view opening up maybe 3 or 4 times.
We won’t be back when there are so many other safe and free trails with much more to offer.

Great hike, stunning falls!

This place is magical!

6 months ago

Couldn’t get to the trail head when I tried two weeks ago. A large tree had fallen across the road about 3/4 of a mile past the end of the pavement. There was no warning because you can’t see it until you come around a turn so you’re stuck. Cliff on one side, mountain on the other. I had to back up on a narrow, twisting road quite a ways before finding a spot to turn around. Scary! I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you know that tree has been cleared. Mtn bikes can probably go under the tree but cars and horses can’t.

beautiful right now! green and gorgeous. Wasnt too difficult except for a couple uphill stretches. (I am not in the best shape right now haha) But it was relatively easy.

6 months ago

Great hike around the lake. Shasta lake was about 50’ down. Still beautiful!

This was a very easy hike. No incline...I would consider it more of a walk but it has nice views of Shasta Lake the entire way.

7 months ago

Day fee site (as of Dec 31, 2017 $6 fee cash or check only).

Beautiful hike. Moderate incline. Amazing lake views.

The South side of the trail has road noise for about 1/2 mile and the North side has docks and house boats for the first 1/4-1/3 mile (although in the summer I assume the docks are clear and less noisy as people float the lake). Quiet and glorious views fill the middle 2 miles of the trail.

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