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The Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area in northern California. It has a total of 203,587 acres (82,389 ha) of land, which is divided into three units, Whiskeytown, Shasta and Trinity. The recreation area was established in 1965 by the United States Congress. The National Park Service manages the Whiskeytown unit. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest surrounds the Shasta and Trinity units, so they are managed by the United States Forest Service. Recreational activities available include camping, fishing, swimming, boating and hiking.

This hike is in the national recreation area, so be sure to pay your entrance fee.

Drove my 2WD crossover up Berry Creek Road, which quickly became a one lane dirt/gravel road. It was a relatively easy drive. I ‘dropped a pin’ on Google Maps and guided myself to trailhead. There are a couple turns along the road. Once you get to the trailhead, you can’t drive any further. The trailhead has a single vault toilet and space for maybe 10 cars.

It’s a gradual climb throughout the hike. There’s a couple minor runoff crossings and a couple bridges. A wooden bench is located near a spot where you can see the lower falls. The waterfalls are in a small canyon and are beautiful. Metal railings and chiseled steps guide hikers around the otherwise sketchy sections. We made it to the last waterfall and turned back. We brought single hiking poles which helped descend some of the steeper sections towards the end of the waterfalls. Great hike & beautiful destination.

According to the sign at the trailhead, this trail is closer to 3.5 miles, but it’s worth it! We went on a Sunday morning and the trail was deserted. Well maintained, well marked, and beautiful the whole way

Be warned $6.00 day use fee.
Hike is not worth the money.
Poorly maintained monotonous trail that is narrow, so much so that many times your outside foot is perilously inches away from the steep banks down to the lake.
No shoring has been done to make the trail safe,.
You will be hiking under the Forest canopy with a photo worthy view opening up maybe 3 or 4 times.
We won’t be back when there are so many other safe and free trails with much more to offer.

Nice trail with some great views. Too bad some bicyclists think they own the trail. Most of the trail is a narrow single track. On the steep portion toward the top a bicyclist came out of nowhere and I had to jump off the trail in fear for my safety. I yelled to my wife and child behind me to get off the trail since they were around a blind corner. The guy only sped up with an obvious disregard for the safety of hikers on the trail. Next time it happens I intend to take a defensive posture and stand my ground. There might be a collision but at least I will protect my family. They shouldn't let bikers on the trail if this is the way they are going to act.

Great hike, stunning falls!

This place is magical!

20 days ago

Nice little workout yesterday... had the trail to ourselves, beautiful weather, the streams were all pretty low/easy to cross, trail is in good shape/well-maintained with a couple of passable downed trees. The road to the trailhead is closed for winter so that’s an added mile or so of mostly uphill hiking, totaled about 8.25-8.5 miles round trip all said and done, did it in about 4 hours with a break at the top for lunch. Nice 360° views from the peak. Lots of ticks!! Probably stopped and pulled at least 20-30 out of my dog’s fur throughout our hike.

Be aware that Whiskeytown’s day use fee is now $20(!!), or you can buy a 1-year access that includes Lassen for $40.

22 days ago

Not much of a hiker but this trail was extremely fun and beautiful views from the top of Kanaka peak

beautiful right now! green and gorgeous. Wasnt too difficult except for a couple uphill stretches. (I am not in the best shape right now haha) But it was relatively easy.

1 month ago

Went in mid-January as I like to avoid the heat. Saw very few people on the trail. Maybe 2 or 3 other groups. First time raking my dog hiking and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I am not in shape but there was only one incline that's was difficult for me. This trail was right up my alley. The whole time you're surrounded by moss covered rocks and trees that lent it a very ethereal or old world feel.
only thing was that this trail is very confusing. We were hoping to make it to brandy creek falls and didn't realise that there we two separate trails. We were on the lower half of the trail and didn't realise that if we had driven further up the road we would have cone to the entrance for brandy falls trail. On our way back we ran into a father walking with his two small boys who had the same confusion we did. The lower trail does lead up to the entrance to the falls trail if you wanted to do both though. We'll be returning real soon to make the hike up to the falls.

Great hike around the lake. Shasta lake was about 50’ down. Still beautiful!

This was a very easy hike. No incline...I would consider it more of a walk but it has nice views of Shasta Lake the entire way.

trail running
1 month ago

#tenlegstosunset Going to try to make notes every hike. Yep, I list them as runs because the Relive app doesn’t like hikes... (if you haven’t downloaded Relive - it’s free - you should!) The days are very short in NorCal this time of year, and as a late afternoon crew (me, my dogs Murphy and Billy) find ourselves finishing in the dark all too often. A beautiful moon today. Saw only one family (including young mom w baby on backpack!) and no critters. Dogs wrrr confident and stayed close, even Billy ran out front. We didn’t need leashes tonight, but always always always have them. This hike, if you don’t know, is gorgeous and super easy... or challenging if you run it. 500 vertical gain to the falls and plenty of climbing and searching once you get there. It’s getting into winter, so he advised there will be slippery everything, especially when you get to last quarter Mile before the The falls. If you run this one at night, note above and since it’s nice and wide and daily well travelled, note that night time even w a light could offer some loose rock dangers. I just follow Murphy.
Lights for all... knees a little achy and still dealing with a pinched nerve and weakness in my back and shoulder... Feels good to be alive:
Rocking new U2 today and classic rock on 103.1 going down hill. First time driving new subaru on a dusty dirty mountain road! Yes!

1 month ago

Day fee site (as of Dec 31, 2017 $6 fee cash or check only).

Beautiful hike. Moderate incline. Amazing lake views.

The South side of the trail has road noise for about 1/2 mile and the North side has docks and house boats for the first 1/4-1/3 mile (although in the summer I assume the docks are clear and less noisy as people float the lake). Quiet and glorious views fill the middle 2 miles of the trail.

We really enjoyed this trail today. Easy hike with incredible views.

Beautiful trail- felt a bit strenuous, but I’m also 8months pregnant. Beautiful creek, mines, and vista views!

It’s a relatively flat route, really nice views of the lake and surrounding hills!

2 months ago

Just Beautiful. While it is rated moderate - I would say moderate for those that hike regularly- but can be challenging if you’re not in shape there are several inclines that are steep - but I would not say hard or difficult. It was well worth the hike in and back during the fall cooler temps was refreshing. It is a workout for sure. Took tons of pictures and video of the sites. Just gorgeous.

Another beautiful whiskeytown waterfall! Well kept trail, a little slippery in spots, but a great hike with an amazing payoff at the end.

3 months ago

This hike was so worth the three hour drive!! Absolutely perfect weather!! Some of the most beautiful scenery!!! The trails are clean, very little litter! People are super nice!!
I’d love to do this again!!

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