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The Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area in northern California. It has a total of 203,587 acres (82,389 ha) of land, which is divided into three units, Whiskeytown, Shasta and Trinity. The recreation area was established in 1965 by the United States Congress. The National Park Service manages the Whiskeytown unit. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest surrounds the Shasta and Trinity units, so they are managed by the United States Forest Service. Recreational activities available include camping, fishing, swimming, boating and hiking.

We did this on a very hot day, 95+ degrees. We were thankful for lots of shade. The trail runs along a creek, with several spots where you can stop and splash water on your head (or on your dog). When you get to the top, there's an easy place to go wade in the VERY cold water at the base of the falls. We saw one guy strip down to his bathing suit and take a dip... brrr! Overall, nice scenic short hike. Limited cell reception.

9 days ago

#tenlegstosunset Dogs loved it but wanted more! Nice long drive to what was once I'm sure a local secret spot! Super short easy hike and gorgeous water worth exploring next time. I plan to combo this with any other hikes out this area - or better yet, bring friends! Went late in the day to avoid heat but the water was so cool and the hike so short, next time I must come when it's hot to swim and use tree swing!
Beware Bambi and friends on the road coming in - lots of em! And the blue posts are the only sign of the trail head.

Fun nice hike! Mostly uphill and beautiful. 2nd hike up and enjoyed it as much as 1st.

Nice hike, shady so cool even though it was warm out. Ran into a bear on the trail headed back to the truck. Buddy just froze and said "Big Bear". The bear took off up the side of the hill. Looking forward to doing the hike again.

great short hike for all

It's a good hike.

easy hike and a rad place

The road up was a little scary but the hike itself to the falls was flat and easy. We had the falls to ourselves and it was beautiful. There is a nice little pool to swim in if you like cold water. There is also a smaller pool a little ways down that was perfect for my toddler to splash in.

Lots of ups, but nothing too difficult. There are lots of rest benches if needed. Dog friendly and a beautiful waterfall at the end. You need to climb the trail directly to the right of it to see the whole thing because it is massive.

The last half mile is like one continuous waterfall. It was nice and cool and beautiful.

Enjoyed this nice little lake hike. Pretty view the whole time