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The Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area in northern California. It has a total of 203,587 acres (82,389 ha) of land, which is divided into three units, Whiskeytown, Shasta and Trinity. The recreation area was established in 1965 by the United States Congress. The National Park Service manages the Whiskeytown unit. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest surrounds the Shasta and Trinity units, so they are managed by the United States Forest Service. Recreational activities available include camping, fishing, swimming, boating and hiking.

3 days ago

Amazing hike and worth it! Appreciated the benches for rests on the way up because they are needed. When you see the fall continue to go up the steps it's much bigger than what it first appears to be. Even in super hot conditions it isn't too horrible because 90% of the trail is shaded by trees and makes it much cooler than it really is. The water is also very refreshing if you need to splash some on your face to cool off as well.

it was a good hike wish there was an easy way down to the lake but ir was fun

trail running
9 days ago

nice uphill hike.

11 days ago

Well groomed trail with a decent amount of shade. It was definitely designed for mountain biking more than hiking, but it was beautiful nonetheless. Pretty good incline- gets the heart pumping!

15 days ago

I started this trail at the trailhead down by Brandy Creek Beach which made it 6 miles, maybe a smidge more. Honestly, if I had known there was a road that lead closer to it I would have done that.
A man that worked there approached me about a bear, which I always say I want to see, but being alone and realizing it might actually happen had me pretty on edge! haha I walked with my taser the entire way and did not see a bear. I would like to go back with a friend and then I won't worry so much.
Some of the trail was getting pretty overgrown, worst of it was a short stretch after Brandy campground. One of the trails was missing its marker, luckily I had a map. :)
This was definitely my most eventful hike. Decided to walk up the side of the fall and see if I could find a way down next to it. As I stood there, debating if I could make it down AND back up, the really soft dirt came trickling away from my boot. Luckily a fallen tree was near and I was able to push off and scramble back up (Like Black Sheep, except my tree held strong lol)! Whooo, I would have been bruised and wet, but fine, but idk if my camera would have survived.
THEN, on my way back down from that, I scooted over to let some people by and slipped on a wet rock and landed hip and elbow first, hard. haha Idk if the trail liked me, but I still enjoyed it!

Well my phone sucks and doesn't track me correctly, but the trail was so lovely! I think I am giving it so much love because it rained and it just made the experience...spiritual.
I really struggled bc I am out of shape and had just walked 6.5 miles on another couple trails, but there were lots of young kids and many older couples.
Definitely worth the walk since it is so short.

16 days ago

Really neat place to stretch your legs. Lots of untrusting things to see. Very easy walk.

This is one of the most beautiful falls. The hike was super easy and I packed in my little one. The long part was the drive off the 299. It turns into a single lane dirt road. Watch your Google maps or you may miss it.