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This was a very strenuous but rewarding hike. We started at the Waddell Beach, climbed the Skyline To The Sea Trail and the Westridge Trail, all the way to the Chalk Mt. Summit (1,609'). We then followed the Chalks Rd, Canyon Rd, and the Anderson Landing Rd to the Sunset Camp. From there we decented and visited the Golden Falls, the Cascades Sliver Falls. we continued on the Berry Creek Falls Trail, West Waddell Creek and the Skyline To The Sea Trail back to the beach. Total distacnce was 20.6 miles with elevation gain 4,000 ft, the steepest grade was 47%. It took us total 9.5 hours to complete the hike. It felt really good afterward. Beautiful views from the mountain and the falls.

Great hike. Took a little under 4 hours to complete. We went clockwise, I think that was easier with the elevation climb. Saw tons of banana slugs and salamanders (or newts?). Go early, the park fills up fast.

Definitely a workout! As for someone who isn’t in that great of a shape, it proved a little difficulty. There is some areas of incline and boy did it kick my butt. But I’m glad I decided to do this trail. Gorgeous falls, redwood trees and banana slugs! Took us about 5hrs w/a lunch break.

I did this trip in early April with three other guys. The two days leading up to the trip, there was a decent amount of rain, so there were puddles, and the creeks/waterfalls were really flowing compared to the normal dry landscape of Big Basin.
With breaks included, it took us three hours to get to camp. I’m sure we would have shaved off a lot of time if we kept going the entire way through. There are two sections to set up camp. Campsites 1-6 are right in front of the outdoor bathroom and you have to go down a slight hill to get to campsites 7-10. We stayed at campsite 1 and had two other tents near us.
Once we set up camp, we ate lunch and continued the loop to see three of the four main waterfalls. I would highly recommend taking the full loop on day two. It took a more time to complete, but the views were amazing.

Fantastic trail. Beautiful waterfalls and awesome redwood trees all along. Carry lots of water. Not for beginners though.

Great Trail

22 days ago

Totally family friendly. My 5 and 6 year old daughters completed this hike in a little over 5.5 hours. Beautiful scenery and trails. The falls were flowing great after a week of rain. Came across a turtle, banana slugs and “troll” rocks close to the falls. Great hike

Just finished this hike today in under 4.5 hours. I enjoyed it but I do not think I will ever do this trail again or recommend it. While the falls were great, the overall trail felt repetitive.

Its tricky so pay attention to your map/gps on alltrails app. I took the wrong route and ended up uphill and I did 16 miles roundtrip in 7 hours. I was soooooo tired I couldn’t handle it anymore the last 3 miles. Falls are gorgeous!

Also if you take the skyline trail you will see a gorgeous treehouse. Would do it again. Take lots of water/electrolytes for the boost.

AMAZING VIEWS!!! The hike had its moments with a few hills , but for the most part the hike was pretty easy. It took about 4 hours to get to the falls and backs . 11 miles

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I have ever done.

Many were saying to do this hike counter clockwise. The Ranger said to do it clockwise because of the stairs at Silver Falls. Glad we listened to the Ranger and went clockwise. Those stairs are steep, and glad we went up them instead of down. There was a sign warning of a strenuous 6 hour hike ahead at the beginning. I really didn't think it would be strenuous for me since I hike every weekend, but boy was I wrong. It was a little strenuous, especially the last 3-4 miles. My legs just ached at this point I really just had to push through. Beautiful hike and I would totally do it again. Took us about 6 hours, including a long hour break at the falls to eat and take pictures.

1 month ago

One of my best hikes. Go during a weekday so you’ll have the trail for yourself - I barely saw anyone during the 3.5 hours I was on the trail. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail. NO restrooms were seen so keep that in mind.

This trail was challenging but very much worth it. Though it's marked as a 10 mile hike, my Apple watch indicated it's closer to 12. Allow yourself a good 5-6 hours to complete depending on your pace. When our group did the hike, we had to plow through it because we had a later start, plus it was raining and hailing pretty hard -- which made for a memorable experience. The views of the towering redwood trees are incredible and the waterfalls were running strong, you really feel like you're in another world. I would definitely come back and recommend for those looking for a good moderate-difficult hike!

Gentle rise in elevation. Very peaceful

Background info: I am not at my fittest but I love a challenge and I KNOW I can handle these types of hikes. I went at the end of February during a relatively dry winter in the morning (started at 8:30 AM and finished back at my car at 1:45 PM. I brought plenty of water (including a filtration system in case I ran out) and plenty of snacks.

The hike: First, starting off in the morning is such a smart thing to do as you avoid the crowds. I noticed toward the end of my hike the trails started to get more populated and I had to dodge people coming down as I went up. I love hiking to get away from the city and people so I enjoyed the first-half of this hike. Due to closed trails, this route took longer (but it was expected after reading other reviews). Yes, there are times when the incline gets you huffing and puffing (at least me), but totally doable. I enjoyed traveling along multiple water sources due to comfort and security should I run out of water. There is a sign that recommends you bring at least 3 liters of water for the entire duration but I think that is playing it safe. At one point you dramatically burst out of the trees and shade and end up exposed to the elements along a cliff. Personally, I enjoyed this area as it gave me the opportunity to soak in the sun and relax for a quick minute. I didn't take many breaks so I was able to complete this hike relatively quickly. I don't believe this hike is "family-friendly" but it is appropriate for those who can care for themselves. There are times where a parent having to watch for their own safety in addition to the safety of their child makes it not suitable for young children. I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Amazing hike! Lots of up and down so you get some elevation gain on your way out and your way back! Ended up being about 18 miles total but definitely worth it!

Great hike. Do it early to avoid the crowds.

Waterfalls were beautiful even without much rain so far. I would recommend starting this hike early in the morning. The redwoods were amazing.

2 months ago

Great hike! Great work out! Lots of people on the weekends. Parking is difficult and had to park a mile out. Waterfall was low on water :(

It’s a great hike I did today and the falls are amazing

2 months ago

A great 10.5-mile hike through the redwoods that seems more moderate than strenuous except for the distance. Elevation gains are gradual, so even though the total gain was 2,400 feet it seemed less. The climax of the hike is a series of small falls that make up the silver falls and the single long Berry Creek Falls. Since they are roughly half way around the loop they offer a respite and have areas to enjoy a picnic. We went in February and only saw two other people along the hike, but I imagine in the spring and summer crowds may make that a little less peaceful. While the distance is listed as 9.5 miles it was actually 10.5 as a section of the skyline-to-the-sea trail was closed and the detour added about a mile. It does not look like the closed section will open anytime soon. The path was well marked and mostly dirt. Any type of shoe will be fine for this hike.

This is the biggest camping area ever I been before , Big basin Redwood is amazing place to camp or hiking place, me and my family come here almost once month and each time we reserved for three nights, my kids always enjoy in the amazing forest.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! We did the 10 miles loop and saw so many water falls. It was well worth the it. Girls trip!

Some sections were closed so it ended up 10.3 miles

We did the sunset trail to the falls I recommend the way

on Berry Creek Falls Trail

2 months ago

This Trail could be rated as Moderate and not Strenuous as there is not much elevation gain and drop but gradual climb and descend all along. It was really a surprise to come across 3 falls with abundant flow.I did get to spot Rainbow in the Berry Falls which is the last falls I came across in the hike. I started at the Big Basin HQ went counterclockwise through Skyline Trail - Sunset Trail - Berry Creek Trail - Skyline/Sea View Trail - HQ. This forms the loop. Apt Season for this hike would be in Winter as it is highly pleasurable and you don't get to feel tired. The distance covered came up to 11.3 Miles. This is one hike that everyone should attempt at least once and is absolutely children and family friendly.

3 months ago

Amazing experience..trail runs along 3 burbling falls and the creek is always there to keep company.. I started on sunset trail and finished on skyline to sea trail..elevation changes are moderate..distance per the park rangers is 12miles, manageable in 5hrs at moderate pace with 3 short rests. Did not find water, restroom on the trail so prep before u enter. almost the entire hike is under shade so trail will be dark early in winter; start early to find easy parking at hq..walk alone to experience the silence.. try to align ur hike with a recent rainy / foggy spell to make the best of the forest.

Loved the trial. Awesome place! Awesome trail! Great environment

Nice hike, took us about 4 hours. Gorgeous waterfall, although there weren’t all that great of views outside of that, and part of the loop is closed.

3 months ago

One of the most satisfying hikes I've ever done. Agree with the counter-clockwise loop. Moderately trafficked, but for good reason. I've rarely had such close access to such cool falls. Was lucky enough to visit after a rain.

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