In 2008, the 210 acre Weir Canyon Wilderness Park was incorporated into Santiago Oaks. The annexation created a trail system that spans from Irvine Regional Park through Santiago Oaks to Weir Canyon in East Anaheim Hills.

I loved here! My son and my dog were leading the way. It’s peaceful and quiet and we got to see amazing views and clouds...

Nice views! Recovering from the fires a few months ago. Not as many people for a Sunday morning.

1 month ago

The OC Parks web site says this trail is now open. A few signs 2 miles in (northeastern most portion) say it is still closed, but that may be for people entering from that remote location and those signs simply have not yet been removed.

The trail is very stark and surreal after having been burned in the Canyon Fires. Only cactus and the largest trees and bushes survived, and the only wildlife are birds. Hopefully nature does its job and rejuvenates the wildflowers this spring. The rain from 2 weeks ago finally helped new grass sprouts everywhere, a uniform 2 to 3 inches. Weekly visits may be fun for my son to watch nature rebound and return.

According to the revised map from OC Parks. The Weir Canyon loop is open.

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5 months ago

This trail is amazing. You can do an easy one mile loop or you can connect Weir and Santiago trails to do 10+ mile strenuous runs.
The 4ish Mile Weir loop gives you everything you could ask for in terms of terrain with constantly changing scenery ( huge plus ). This is a moderate trail run for a newer runner where technique can really be worked on. If your looking for an added challenge and/or additional mileage add on the loop to Robbers Roost.

Great hike.Easy as well my only major recommendation would be to get an early start on this hike maybe 7-8am because there is no shade throughout the entire hike.There are lots of twists and turns and snakes !! beware of rattlesnakes they could pop out of nowhere .Regulars here say they will see multiple rattlesnakes on warm days .I myself saw one with my fellow hiker .Other than that Enjoy !

Beautiful hike with an early 8 AM start time. The trail includes lots of ups and downs with twisty paths, We went counter clockwise. I was thankful I brought my poles. They were useful for the steep down hills and up hills. Dogs are allowed on a leash, but the trail is exposed to sun with no shade to speak of. They may get really hot if there is no overcast skies as there was today.

Pretty simple, lots of uphill. The markers confused us a bit, bc there's a Weir Canyon, and an Old Weir Canyon trail, but it's so open, and you can use the mansions around you as markers, so getting lost isn't something to fear.

10 months ago

Another great time on the trail. Now that it's warming up make sure to take plenty of water and a proper hat. I went for a noontime walk & drank a grip. More than I did just 2 weeks ago. Snakes are also out so be mindful of the trail.

10 months ago

Nice workout! Flowers were in full bloom and lots of greenery! Lots of up and down hills so a bit challenging however would go back again anytime! Did the loop counter-clockwise and passed quite a few people going the opposite way, so we'll try clockwise next time.

Easy? It depends upon your fitness level. Mine isn't great with hills and there are lots of ups and downs. This trail may have limited elevation gain but that doesn't tell you that you may be repeating the same elevation gain! It's sunny with rarely any shade but such a feeling of being out of the city when on the inner side of the loop. Despite my challenge for the hills, I enjoy this trail. Close to N OC but a real sense of hiking.

Nice hike with great views. Just enough of a incline to get ur heart rate up and alittle bit of a sweat going. I would recommend this for sure!

Nice local hiking trail. Clear path. It is a bit over taken by mustard plants right now but otherwise a great hike!

10 months ago

This trail is hella fun. An easy walk for any beginner. There isn't much of elevation, a few switch back climbs here and there but a great trail all around.

Great trail if you can't get out of town. The flowers right now are beautiful so be sure to take your camera and allow extra time to take in nature.

Nice hike but little shade. Bring plenty of water.

Great easy hike, lots of green nature, amazing views of OC! Easy for beginners, bring a few bottle of waters follow the trail you will circle back!


11 months ago

Easy trail. Take the "old" trail split if you want one quick challenging steep climb. Otherwise, stick to the left to keep it easy. It is especially beautiful after all the rains with its tall green grasses and wildflowers. A few impressive lookout spots/views as well. I also enjoy that it's a loop, so you don't have to backtrack the way you already came.

I can't imagine this trail being as enjoyable in the hotter months though, when most of the vegetation will be brown and the trail dusty. Hence only four stars.

11 months ago

Easy and convenient trail. Very nice a few weeks after rain, when everything is green!

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