Amazing views!!

August 19th 2017
This trail is in a very nice neighborhood. It's an easy hike that takes about an hour 15 min if you stop to look at the views. You can't see the parking lot from the street. it's uphill just follow signs for the Summit hill restaurant. The view is fantastic it's definitely worth seeing. Unfortunately 1.5 miles of the trail are along big streets. They did a great job however with the trees on the side of the road they give lots of shade so even on a hot day like today it was pretty bearable. But it is still a big street and all you can hear is cars. After that the trail leads through a very nice upscale neighborhood (pretty houses to look at and some views but not much untouched nature). only the last quarter of a mile of the entire, almost 3 mile, hike actually leads through pure nature which is mostly dried up brush during this time of the year. It will probably be really gorgeous during winter or spring. All in all if you want to see Nature don't hike here but if it is mainly about walking and working out this trail is lovely.
Oh and also there are no restrooms.

4 months ago

Clean trail. Easy for the most part except the last hike up Bastanchury