Me and my family had a great time in this place. Every trail is marked with difficulty level (green,blue,black). Drove my Chevy Colorado z71 4x4 and had a great time. Recommend it.

the trails are no longer there due to development

There's no trail markings and basically no trail. It's hard to tell if you are in the "park" or trespassing on someone's farm. And then there is the homeless encampment that was quite frightening to walk...I mean SPRINT...through. Don't go!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Name is misleading, nothing to do with Hollister Hills, since it's right in town. Easy walk, nice run and repeat trail. Nice views of Hollister, and has potential if maintained better. However, the back side of the trail once you pass beyond the water tanks has homeless dwellings that are unavoidable. Go with a friend if you aren't comfortable being out and about alone.