Nice uphill climb with a great view at the top! It was super dry, so no waterfall. But super pretty nonetheless!! ♥️

A nice hike up hill the entire way but the view is worth it, no waterfall, dry and dusty!!

Short but steep trail- I wouldn’t do this trail in the heat of day, but the view at the top is worth the hike.

Love it! Great for a quick trail run with a good elevation workout and lots of shade! Parking is super convenient and free!

It is a short sweet hike with a lot of elevation gain. Love it

A great hike with a lot of up and down hill. A decent amount of shaded areas with some sunny. Lot of things to look at along the way. A decent crowd of people walking around

easy, shaded, and great for a sunset hike!

Great summer trail lots of shade not hard. Also not crowded. Beautiful for the middle of Silicon Valley. Views of San Jose all the way to Palo Alto from top of lookout trail.

Short hike. Easy for kids. Nice view. Lots of shade

hike uphill was not enjoyable. there are much better hikes nearby

hiked in the rain, went searching for waterfall and could not find any water... :(

Good one for a quick hike with family...

Monday, December 25, 2017

It is one of my favorites trails. Always enjoyed the beautiful garden and scenic trails.

Love this trail that rewards you with a majestic view of South Bay...

an easy trail. the plus side is you get to
stroll on the beautiful Villa which has outdoor concert on summer nights.

Went hiking with my 4 year old. It was a little strenuous going up to the lookout, but so worth it! The parking was confusing, but again worth it.

Too short and too close to civilization! It's a teaser. at first you think oh this gonna be a nice quiet away from all the noise kind of hike but then you get surprised when you see cars during the middle of the hike and next thing you know you have to turn around. This is a good home for and older crowd.

Went in March 2017 with another family on a weekday afternoon, only saw about 6 other people. The kids enjoyed the hike and the view at the top was great. It's mostly shaded and we enjoyed the creek and wild flowers, and I saw my first Trillium of the season.

Great views, moderate difficulty.

Went here to explore and hike and was very happy.

Short hike to get to an incredible view. You can see all of Santa Clara County and there are a couple benches at the top.

It was super fun! Would do it again!

I was a very nice hike we did not go all the way had lots of things to look at with the house and the stadium. There also was a rose garden that we saw on the way driving out but not sure if you can go in. It's a great place to hike and bring your kids or have a picnic.

Very nice trails, signs are a little bit confusing if you don't have a map.

Perfect first CA family hike.

We did the Lookout Trail. Good signage, clean trail(no dog poop) not crowded. The trail is in shade so trekking in high sun is ok too. Moderate uphill climb.

Nice trail, beautiful view.

Very nice trail ☺️

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