Main thing is about this trail is the views and the park.

I would not try running on this trail since its concrete all the way up.

trail running
18 days ago

Great place to get any level of hike and great views at each point.. There's a flag at one point and it's about 3.5 miles you can pass that and catch the pavement road to make it easier coming down.. By doing that you'll get a double treat cause you'll come back to a bench..

Short but very steep hike! Great work out, definitely feel the burn! Parking is a pain and lots of people. If you don’t mind parking far from the trail and crowds (I don’t mind) this is great option. Forever my favorite hiking trail!

21 days ago

Great trail!

The paved route is a moderate for beginners due to the incline. The steep dirt trails work the legs and definitely get your lungs working. Would suggest a buildup to the harder routes. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to make it to the top of the ridge. All in all a very good trail with the park at the bottom to crash on afterwards

1 month ago

This is a very easy trail!!

1 month ago

very nice place!

Great workout. Nice views. Well maintained.

This is a great place to run or hike. Today i did the trail to the flag and passed that to the pavement road and took it back towards the bench to my starting point, not sure why my recording went crazy after my start point but although i can do 25 miles it wasn't that,i think more like between 10 to 15.. either way i run this trail often and recommend people to pick up after you dogs and take the bag with you.. lol

Es una ruta excellente porque puedes escojer por la tierra(muy dificil) o el cemento (mas lejos) pero ambas son un super ejercisio.

1 month ago

A great workout hike!

2 months ago

Great hike take dirt road (if experienced ) straight up .. Amazing views of San Fernando. Valley and Santa Clarita Valley Along the ridge line . A lot of trails to choose from Especially once you are at the top . .

this hike is not as tough as I thought but it was foggy so we didn't get a very good view

2 months ago

Really nice , i try 2 times before to go all the way to the top but today i made it to the flag , amazing views , i will do it again ..

2 months ago

Steep incline, pretty tough hike but definitely worth it. View is amazing from the top and just be careful when coming back down!

3 months ago

You know your at the top when you see the “keep hammering” rock

Hard and fast !

I come here everyday! I’m starting to challenge to myself to the top, I love it so much. Just afraid to encounter a rattle snake lol

This is one of the hardest hikes in the SFV all the way to the top then to bottom equals 7.8 miles. I've done this more than 15 times and love it. I'm an athlete and my best time on the 7.8 mile is 1hr 38min. It's a must try if your a competitor. Go ahead and beat my time.

4 months ago

Exhausting but so worth the view and sunset

it's one of those do it all trails there's paved Road and there's different degrees of hiking all the trails are very well-marked impossible to get lost and some trails are easier than others but they all meet up at the same place and when you get to the top the view is amazing you can see the entire Valley from there

It's a difficult hike but you get a full workout.

Great challenge that won't take 5 hours to complete. The initial hill makes you feel accomplished at the top and gives you an extra surge of energy to keep going.

Love this trail

Good cardio workout

so awesome

Really steep, feels good to finish

Avoid the sun, go early in the morning; it's a great way to start your day!

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