The purpose of the Verdugo Mountains property, in Los Angeles County, is to preserve and protect as urban open space a remnant of natural lands located near the city of Glendale in the north portion of the heavily urbanized Los Angeles basin. The property, a geologically detached piece of the San Gabriel Mountains, offers vistas towards the main range and contains only a moderate level of its original biological diversity. The park is operated by the City of Glendale.

I was torn between a 3 and 4 rating, but opted for a 3 based on the condition of some parts of the trail. This area was aggressively defended during the La Tuna Fire and fire breaks were cut all about the trail. Now erosion is starting to take its toll. Dont be fooled though, this is a cool trail and offered some pleasant surprises. Seeing the burn area recover up close is absolutely fascinating. I would absolutely suggest this trail, but I would give a heads up on two items. First, the trail head does not originate from the Theodore Payne Foundation, but from about two blocks away. Second, be ready to work right out of the gate because 70% of your elevation gain is in the first .2 miles. l made the conscious decision not to bring my trekking poles and regretted it almost immedately.

Great views of Sun Valley. About 3 months ago this hike was hit with a massive wildfire. The soil is a bit lose but still worth the hike.

This is a challenging trail - it has multiple sections of uphill/downhills and is very long. A significant portion of the trail has been bulldozed to stop the fires - definitely take hiking polls because the loose soil under your feet makes it pretty dangerous and difficult to hike ! Almost all of the trail is exposed to direct sun so sunscreen and hat will help you a lot. All and all it’s a great trail for advance hikers ...

The first 0.3 mile the trail has been turned into a gully by rain, steep exposed rock scramble up and a careful pick-your-way-down. If you're looking for views, there are many more attractive trails around LA area. This one might be better in spring with the possibility of wildflowers.

First time hiking, so cant really compare it to any other trails, however it was definitely worth it. Not a lot of people there when I went so its nice and quiet with great views from all angles, and a few horseback riders as well. The scents of the plant life is like nice perfume. The houses right along the trails are nice, and the people seem friendly. Its rated as easy, which I found it a bit difficult but could just be me being a first timer from Chicago. definitely going back