Absolutely LOVED this trail!!!!! Saw only one other person on the hike. Amazing views where ever you are. The signs are just a bit confusing but its a loop you will get to the end eventually haha... definitely will go back.

2 months ago

trail running
2 months ago

3 months ago

Beautiful! Super steep. Kicked out butts. Will be back for more.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Steep, as are so many of the trails around Ojai. No, I take that back: Kennedy Ridge is really steep. But it's mostly ridable, depending on your fitness and comfort level. Connects now with Camino Cielo and the Ocean View Trail, thanks to a lot of hard work by some really dedicated volunteers. (You guys rock!) This is not a fun and flowy on the way out. More so on the way back. But you'll pay for your downhill pleasure.

5 months ago

Steep trail but rewarding views.

Great hike. Incredible views. The distance shows a little short, my fitbit came in at 6.75 miles.

This is a hike for any hiker, you can make it as hard or as easy as you like just remember this is Ojai and can get pretty warm in the summer. Bring water and make sure to drink it as well :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Really incredible views of the Ojai Valley, fragrant, and gorgeous. Lots of wildflowers when I went in February. The ascent was kinda grueling but flattens out once you reach the ridge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Great views and nice trail, but there always seem to be plenty of biting bugs that really make this a not so pleasant area to visit.