Hours: sunrise to sunset

18 days ago

Beautiful area filled with easy hikes for the family. You could spend most of the day here. They have a nice visitor center with clean restrooms inside. There are plenty of picnic tables and port-pottys throughout the park as well. Stop in the visitor center and grab a couple of trail pamphlets that explain the history of the park.

If you can go in the spring, it’s awesome to see the rock formations and great views covered in green grass and flowers.

22 days ago

Spectacular scenery, very kid-friendly, with lots of easy trails winding through the rocks. Don't worry about following the route. If you're enjoying the park vorrectly, your track should look like a drunken bloodhound's. Wander, climb some rocks, enjoy the views!

Good hike overall; the rocks are awesome and the history is cool to learn about. The trails are pretty easy to follow and parking is almost always available. There are crowded sections, but as you meander along this trail, it thins out.
There are some cool spots to climb up some or the rocks and play around a bit.
Would recommend this as a nice day hike, and would also recommend stopping in the little towns nearby for some great diner food!

Perfect for beginners and family outings.

1 month ago

Pretty cool/easy hike! I came on a Wednesday around 1p and it was practically empty. I would consider myself a hiking novice (I own no hiking shoes and have terrible direction, but have an athletic background that makes my endurance for hikes pretty good); that being said, hiking up those nice rocks are pretty easy and quick. I was only here for about an hour with my two shibas as there was another doggie barking at them on the actual trail. My dogs fared well, I kind of just wandered around what was in the main lot. Maybe next time I'll try to locate some real trails - I saw mention of a cave? My two medium dogs did fine; they've hiked up to 5-6 miles before so this was more like a very long walk for them. The rock formations are beautiful! Really cool and not too far from LA.

amazing, beautiful!

I hike this trail frequently with my dog. It's our favorite place to hike in our valley. She's more of a mountain goat than a cattle dog, so she loves going off trail to do a little rock scrambling.

2 months ago

Great family hike,lots of trails. The scenery is beautiful, weather was 79 degrees. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks., easy hiking unless you’re climbing to the top of the rocks. Enjoyed the drive there.

2 months ago

Easy hike with lots of paths. Very hard to get lost, longest hike will take around 2.5 hours. Great for kids and families. Nice place with great views of the rock formations.

Good for an adventure :) lots of small paths leading in lots of different directions but very difficult to get lost.

Beautiful place to explore with family.

2 months ago

Pretty nice hike with little human traffic - especially if you go in the early morning. There are multiple parking lots within the hiking area but they open at 8AM. If you decide to go a little earlier, you can park on the side of the road and just shimmy your way through the gates.

Once you get to the rocks, you can choose to climb it peer down and get major vertigo (i did - but it was worth it!). Aside from the main attraction (the rock), there are other trails you can take and go on your own little adventure - just don't get lost.

Overall, a pretty nice hike that's not too difficult at all! I recommend wearing a power rangers or star trek cosplay on cause this is where they actually shot some of the scenes for those shows. I was expecting to see Zordon but realized he died in the first movie. :(

Awesome Amazing Hike! Beautiful views ! I recommend Hiking shoes!
I will def be going back!

2 months ago

Such a beautiful place to explore! Fun on trail and off!

3 months ago

My friends and I got there around 10 AM today and there were very few people on the trail. We took the trail from the parking lot on the left side of the entrance, behind the rock where there are a few picnic tables. Spotted the cave way off in the distance. Surprisingly it was not difficult nor did it take a long time to get to it. The photos from the cave came out amazing. Next time we will try to reach it a shorter way, from the metal gate on the right side of the access drive, just before you get to the big parking lot. Find the creek bed and head left. You'll see the cave on the right eventually. Total loop to cave and back around 4.11 miles.

This is one of my backyard trails. There's wind, some Poison Oak, some reliable water sources, excellent trail angels, and a few water caches that are well maintained. Check the water report at pctwater.net for the most up-to-date information. See you on trail.

Interesting little place. Especially if you can find the cave.

4 months ago

Hiked Pacific Crest trail to the 14fwy tunnel then the Foot trail. Turned it into a 6.5 mile hike.

I went to where the coordinates took me and the ranger couldn’t tell me where this trail started and there were no signs for it. He recommended taking the PCT til I got to the Hwy14 tunnel.
Great views til the tunnel, not very challenging. I went past the tunnel, the only view is of hwy14.
I went back and wondered the foothill trail and saw some more great views.
Made it into a 7.5 mile hike, just depends on how far down the PCT you go and how many directions you wonder on the foothill trail.
Biggest complaint was all the horse poop.
Tip- park in the 2nd lot to the left, that’s the easiest spot to start the PCT & you can get right back to it from the foothills.

5 months ago

Family friendly and dog friendly park. there are several trails to take. some paths are not well marked so you can easily get lost. hardly any shade so bring plenty of water, snack, put on sunscreen and hat. it was windy today, 65-75 degree weather...perfect for this hike.

Just like the movies!

5 months ago

This is unlike any place on earth. The landscape looks totally alien. The trail takes you through all the different landscapes and it is easy to leave the trail for an excursion. You can also connect to the Pacific crest trail from this trail. Loads of fun, especially in the spring time.

Very touristy. Tons of trails to follow.

So many trails to explore flat or climbing over the rocks. Go to your left from the lower parking lot if you want to reach the “caves” otherwise it’s a very long way either up and over or around.

5 months ago

I don't think the map is accurate, but we still had a really good time exploring and making it up as we went along

love it.

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